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9/11/2021 c47 feiajnchrhhhrrr
Dang I wanna see Mikoto Level 6 again :)
9/11/2021 c44 feiajnchrhhhrrr
So she CAN eat oranges! :) Nice! I really like this story, so I hope you can upload sometime this month. You don't have to, though. I gotta say, though, you have some VERY impressive stats. Gee, all of ur reviews, favs and follows are in the thousands. Nice!
Keep writing! I'll just be reading the other chapters as u do ;)
I'll review later in other chapters too
Love your work, don't stop! Hope you have fun writing!
9/8/2021 c129 A certain reader
Plzz update Darkbetrayer it's been 6 months now
8/26/2021 c63 2TheDarkPublisher
If you’re looking for an illustrator you can try with ‘bitbitbit11’ he did the illustrations and character designs of A Certain School Secret. His designs are pretty cool and he’s a fan of your story you could ask him I think he would be happy to help work on this story.
8/7/2021 c1 Guest
Because he is fuck buddy who has come to fuck touma bastard bl fuck yourself
8/6/2021 c129 Vegitta
Me encantó esta historia se quedó en el mejor punto de la historia no sé si seguirás actualizando pego gracias por esta gran historia
8/2/2021 c1 thegamersport7
Hey DarkBetrayer I love this fanfic, every chapter so far.
7/28/2021 c1 6brasheril-holmestalentsmaster
Dude, please post this on AO3 too.

This story NEEDS the attention and recognition it deserves.

If you do I promise I'll leave a review every chapter!

A story like this deserves no less than that.
7/17/2021 c89 2TheDarkPublisher
I’m imagining an epic scene of Touma being worthy of Excalibur and wielding it in a sword fight against someone powerful. That would be awesome.
6/24/2021 c44 Type-A-null
Nice story
6/7/2021 c129 10xellos540
Hello. I have finished reading this fic, in fact I'm like half-through my second read. I also should mention I'm an ignorant, as what I know about Toaru is from youtube and wiki. I have literally touched next to nothing of the novels, manga or anime... but I know the general works. There's a chance this will make your opinion of me low, but I don't like to pretend

Anyway, I wanted to review it many days ago, but I found it very difficult due to my review style. I tend to write long reviews, which is taxing for me. On the other hand, I really wanted to let you know what I think about your story, so I kinda decided to write a short review and then maybe write a longer review and attach it to one of the earlier chapters.

So anyway... this story is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-! I guess DarkBetrayer Amazing works as Toaru inside joke here. Anyway, as a person discovering Toaru and liking many ships, this is very, very, very good. There are so many girls, so many details, so many connections between characters, so many reactions. Granted, the status quo raises its head for a while, but Touma had discovered girls like him and even agreed to date them.

Too freakin' bad we have stuff going on, so Lessar's pending join request is put on hold (why hasn't Touma simply let her join when he found her explaining the harem to Index and company again? Seeing how Lessar acts when she's actually allowed to hug and kiss Touma could be VERY interesting). Similar goes for Seria and Mitsuari (if that was her name).

Anyway, this review is already longer than I intended, so I want to REALLY commend you for letting it happen. The points about Touma not wanting to alienate girls and being hesitant about harems are very relevant. I also know a lot of stuff had to happen, still too bad we (well, others, I'm new here) had to wait so long... and now there's been no updates since early March...

I really, really, REALLY hope you're not abandoning this story. It's the best thing since sliced bread or maybe longer still.

I mean, we have Misaki with restored memory.

We have Mikoto being honest(ish).

We have Saten being in (and I like how you portray her nurse-like quality) and leveled up.

We have Lessar being Lessar.

We have Seria on the move, Mitsuari being a thing at all.

We have Agnese have freaking CONFESSED (one thing I don't like is that we don't see how the letter looked like, I sooooooo want to see it).

We have Oriana, we gave some of Aisa (being relevant for once). We have freaking Carrisa being a major thing and (kinda) having feelings for Touma. We've got delicious foretaste of Othinus (THAT should be goooood). We have at least two Sisters close to Touma and thousands more confirmed to w

We have Index buying how-to-get-a-man magazines and admitting Touma will marry her-I mean "someone" when he's older xD. I really like that Index is one of the interested parties.

We have Leivinia... though I'm not sure if she's actually interested romantically or is just wanting Touma for his usefulness... then again does Lessar have ACTUAL romantic feelings for Touma? With harem solution it'd be kinda weird for her to insist she's just here to take him to UK, when all 3 girl in Touma's harem are science side girls.

We have freaking Kaori freaking confirmed she actually freaking likes Touma (with different fics and source material I was never sure).

We have Frenda being a thing... and then not stopping being a thing... and liking Touma!

We have freaking MUGINO (I somehow don't like "Shizuri") being around Touma... and admitting she likes him. I mean when re-reading I noticed Mugino kinda realizes her feelings rather early on (plus there's drunk hotel lobby, then she realizes it again clearly after Kakine). I wonder how she'll act from now on, as her situation is similar to Carissa (though she doesn't betray Touma's trust and doesn't know about the harem being a thing. I mean actually active going-on tested thing)...

Then there's Hanabi. I'm not the most thrilled about her, but why not.

Of course the above girls also have some issues I wonder about.

Like Kaori being... or not being there at all...

Like Carissa having trust problems with Touma (it kinda feels as if Touma trust issue was triggered by Stiyl and Carissa instead of being purely cause of Leivinia).

Like Agnese's letter not being answered yet (she'll be SOOO pissed).

Like Touma not understanding who Matsuari is (I don't know how is it in canon. Misaki I get, Seria I "get" too, but why does he not remember Mitsuari)?

Like is Index going to be part of the harem?

Then we have some other girls.

Like what's going to happen to Kuroko now (and Uiharu too)? I don't have much against Jason (though in real life he'd piss me a lot), but there's something about Kuroko falling for Touma that's irrestible for me, despite I'm not super fond of her normally).

Like what about Hyouka? Having her like Touma would be interesting too.

Like what about Vento? I kinda realize it might be considered bizarre... but if there's an infinite possibility, then even infinitesimally possible pairings should be considered, no?

Like Seiri. What's the deal with her. Like having her be interested in Touma would be very nice, but she's ambiguous as always... I can't tell if you want to push her towards Touma, Accelarator, Shiage, Jason, (Kakeru?), Motoharu or *grimaces* Aogami. Also, I feel you're not going to play it out like this, but Seiri remaining unaware of what Touma does is tough to swallow... a guy can dream, right? Also makes me wonder about Komoe...

I also like that Accelarator gets his own harem, but I do wonder if Estelle and Worst are going to be interested (I think I saw some small hints from Worst) romantically or not... I also wonder if Shiage will get anyone else.

Okay, this is already like 5x longer than I intended it to be. I'm sorry I'm only focusing on the girls. There's a TON atop TON topped by TON of details in your story that I LOVE and that even someone like me, with fragmentary knowledge of the canon plot, can notice and appreciate. When I get the time and I managed to note them down, I'll try to write another review where I'll put those on.

This review fails to properly convey what I think, but in short, you're one of the GREATEST writers I know and the sheer length and scope of this is amazing (and I'm saying this as a person who has written a multi-story series of 700k words so far for another fandom).

I don't know why there weren't any updates recently. I don't know what's happening with your life, your free time, your ideas, your motivations. And I can't force you to post and I don't even have the right to demand it. But I want you to know I'm very glad you've written this and that I've found this and that I've enjoyed this. If possible, please don't abandon this infinite possibility.

May you stay safe, well and happy.

5/19/2021 c91 Spirito1987
Ah st. Mikoto just attracted Aiwass' interest
4/24/2021 c129 123ABIR123
This story is amazing please update soon
4/22/2021 c129 4Master Knight Trolling
Well of course Clarissa would get pissed if Touma ignored her calls, but she's not in her country and Touma isn't one of her citizens, meaning that she has no real authority outside her own country nor over him. I'm really wanting for the moment Touma snapped and reminds her of this.
4/15/2021 c129 Omega73
awesome I can't believe this story is still continuing great work man
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