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for Brother's Reunited

5/8/2020 c13 2yarnfan4life
Love it please write more
4/7/2018 c13 jjgeraghty
Loved the story! I always thought he would be good if the Mirakuru wore off!
2/10/2017 c13 1sayasage
I like it...good job!
extremely well written and the bromance is so good!
10/18/2016 c13 bellapom
I loved this, thank you for sharing it! I miss Oliver/Slade brothers.
12/27/2015 c13 Roloin
Have I said it already?
I love this story I read it for about 20 times now. :D
It is just so great! I love it when people decide to life for others, like Slade kind of does here. Not so much but he puts himself in the line to protect Oliver I totally love it!

But to be honest I kind of don't really like the ending... There is not enough story after the fight, like what is happening to them after the fight. What does the city? What is Lance doing in this killing? What happens to Slade? There don't have to be , much just a little bit.

Also I have a question for you. At the beginning of Chapter 11 in the Notes you refer to a Story called "Lessons Unverserve" is it the original Name? I cound't find it "
Sorry to bother you with that

I hope to read more from you (to be true I'm reading Phoning Home and I loooove it)


PS: Sorry for the englisch, I'm German :3
12/17/2015 c13 Guest
Wow the story is amazing really enjoyed it
11/8/2015 c13 Revenant-Commander
I didn't used to like shorter stories like this, but I've come to enjoy them. I love the Slade-Oliver dynamic, always have. That's why I was so disappointed in 3x14... If Manu Bennett ever comes back as Slade, I hope they give him a far better storyline!
7/15/2015 c13 262Phillipe363
Well this is a very satisfying chapter. I enjoyed it for sure. I like how Slade just flat out beat Ras A Gul and for good as well. Some men deal only in extremes. It's naïve to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.

That for sure fits Ras A Gul. I actually had to chuckle at Slade's new mask because well it reminded me of Christmas colors.

For ideas for continuing this story I think I have a few. I'll send you PM on the return one.
7/12/2015 c12 Phillipe363
Well this is an brief, good chapter. I liked how Quentin was able to surprise Slade. Judging from what Felicity said at the end well things are going to get good but uh oh joy. Ras A Gul really needs to be stopped.

I'll be back for more.
7/8/2015 c11 Phillipe363
Well this is an enjoyable chapter. Hey weirdly we updated on the same day.

I've noticed that if Slade's around Oliver tends to be more open about his past. I had to chuckle at Oliver moving behind Slade.

Another thing that I enjoyed was you making a reference to the owners of the Chinese place. It really does help make the city seam like a real place and people that live in it.

Nice job on bringing Quentin back into the team.

Keep this up because I will be back for more.
7/3/2015 c10 Phillipe363
This was very well done. I enjoyed it a lot. Has the correct blend of seriousness and being a bit light hearted. Also I could totally see Slade doing these things.

Why can't your write Slade for Arrow? I needed this after the news that Manu Bennett is not coming to Arrow due to how they handled Slade's character in season 3.

I'll be back for more
6/26/2015 c9 Phillipe363
Very good chapter. I enjoyed it. Slade is really honest and as we all know keeps his promises. I like how Slade helped Oliver through his fear of water.

I look forward to the sparing session where he beats Malcolm.

Keep this up because I will be back.
6/21/2015 c8 Phillipe363
Another good chapter. I enjoyed it a lot. Which it comes to hurting the Queen family Slade's got nothing on Malcolm. I'm glad Thea's kind of coming around. One thing I've noticed is Slade is actually a bit more talktive about like the island than Oliver.

So yes this very good and I look forward to more.
6/16/2015 c7 Phillipe363
Oh Roy and Slade bonding this was a very enjoyable chapter. I really like how you had Slade know from the start it was explosives and kept watch over Oliver long before he ever got to the fuselage. It for sure explains why Slade never killed Oliver even after the two or three times he said he was going to when they first met.

I agree for sure with Slade of why exactly are they keeping Malcolm around regardless of whether or not he's Thea's father. *(A major problem I had with season 3 and especially after the truth about Sara's murder) Slade's also right it's far more than just Oliver they hurt but him to. I'm sure Slade could figure out a way to make Malcolm go bye bye quietly if he really wanted to.

Anyway I'll be back for more.
6/13/2015 c6 Phillipe363
Very good. It's funny for sure and I could just imagine Slade doing the failed this city line. Poor Oliver he had to knock the guy out because he couldn't stop laughing. No not really because look at the bright side buddy when was the last time you laughed in the past 6 years? I can't recall that many.

Keep this up because I will be back for more.
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