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for Star Wars: A Shift Of Normalcy

5/25/2020 c8 3StressfulNowWritesFanfiction
i...need... more! that was a good cliffhanger.. FINISH THE STORY PLEASEDONT LEAVE ME HANGING!
11/9/2017 c8 Grubkiller19
I really like this story. I hope that you date it soon.
11/9/2017 c8 Guest
I really like this story. I hope that you update it soon.
4/28/2016 c8 RG
WTF?! How is any of this related to Assassin's Creed?
4/25/2016 c8 12ROCuevas
This was quite good work.
2/23/2016 c7 1DuskDragonDeltaxd
i relly want you to continue this story it epic even if you stoped writeing it 5 mounths ago
8/19/2015 c6 GruffMage7653
I am really enjoying this story so far, it has a really different idea of what Ahsoka is going through and what her opinion of the jedi and the republic is, and you have gotten her emotions and thoughts in such a way that I can feel the tension between Ahsoka and the council.
Keep up the good work and keep this story going.
8/11/2015 c6 12ROCuevas
Well now things are about to get quite good.
8/11/2015 c6 8TheForceWithinUs
Just took a look, and it looks pretty great! A quick note: Try not to start dialog with pauses like "... And then the speech." When you start with dialog, you can just use spaces or etc to show the suspense. I'll keep in touch. Good work, friend.
8/10/2015 c5 TheForceWithinUs
Good job. I like it a lot, even though I'm not fond of Lux. Don't worry, it's well written, as well!
7/19/2015 c5 12ROCuevas
Can't wait for the next chapter. :D
7/15/2015 c4 14Lewascan2
YES. All of my yes!

I am loving how this is going. I can just TASTE the tension between our favorite Togruta and the Jedi Council.

I always as well love seeing the manipulations and plots of Palpatine. Mwah hah hah! lol

There really aren't enough good stories in the dark Ahsoka category.

And as I always say (more or less): Keep on writing! :D
7/12/2015 c4 thor2006
Nice work. Keep it up
7/11/2015 c4 12ROCuevas
Quite great work.
5/28/2015 c3 TCWRules
Can't wait for Chapter 4!
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