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1/12 c31 5OracleGuessMe
okay i love this fanfiction, it has some unrealistic loop holes i guess but i dont mind. the whole break up baby think cut me so of guard i was so hard sobbing. I was so bad feeling but u managed this so well. i loved how u just made it about them loving each other no matter what. also i love u made dean like that i dont like him and now at least is more obvious. I liked Tristan a lot and i am also happy u made them a couple. That u still gave logan a appearing was quite nice and the fact that emily and Richard came around somehow was nice. also the paris likes jess thing was funny. So many things i liked and loved because it made this fanfiction so great.
1/12 c20 OracleGuessMe
what no no no no no
10/23/2017 c31 rachel625
Loved reading this story so much! It was suspenseful and kept me on my toes in anticipation of what was going to happen next! Thanks for sharing!
9/13/2017 c31 23Rori Potter
Amazing! Update soon.
8/13/2017 c31 TruthfulLies94
Just found this story and it's great! Can't wait for the next update! Hope you're able to kick life's butt into gear soon :-) Thank you for sharing!
5/26/2017 c31 Ruby8680
I love this story i like how you have put so much from the show ion it but changed just enough to make me wish it was really like this.
2/13/2017 c31 SarahJoyGrace1983
Dear NZLouise,

I just found your story, so so enjoyable.
This life can be sooooo freaking hard, but you are really good at this, please come back and continue your story and give yourself and us your readers a chance to smile & LL's Happy Ending.

Thoughts & Prayers coming your way.
1/29/2017 c31 kpop381
Please say you haven't given up on the story! They need their happy ending! Such a great story can't end like this.
1/28/2017 c7 kpop381
Damn I'm crying like a baby! I LOVE that Luke demanded Rory stay with him. He did exactly what Lorelai would want him to do. Just didn't think it was possible le to make him a better guy but you did it!
12/6/2016 c31 1mintgreenclarity
Okay, normally I hate having the flu because it makes me bedridden. Today I didn't mind so much, as I read this whole fic in one day. I loved it, and I hope you'll keep writing. I understand you need time for yourself right now, and take all the time you need, take care of yourself. I know we don't know each other, but if you ever just want to vent, or talk, PM me, I've been there. Chin up, you are amazing!
11/11/2016 c31 Guest
I really like it
11/5/2016 c31 Droolia
I love the idea of a surprise engagement party and can totally see the town pulling one off in their honor. I hope there aren't any April surprises that will show up between now and June 3rd.
10/27/2016 c31 6Tempe4Booth
well done well written and you redeemed June 3
10/27/2016 c31 brektpot
You're a great writer! Love to follow your story! Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
10/23/2016 c31 3gilmoreintraining
I hope this isn't the end. I love the story though. I have just been behind on my reading.
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