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10/9/2015 c23 LC42
Nice chapter. So glad Lorelai relaize how se is hurtig the 2 people she cared about. Chris is a douch who cant do anything his self. I would be upset too like Rory is about how her dad saidhes going to be their for this child. I hope Lorelai and Luke works things out. Cant wait to read more. Oh yeah Emily and Richard helping Loreai out was really nice.
10/9/2015 c23 45DSLeo
And now to find out how Luke deals wit his ex having a child... while he doesn't. Ouch!

I like that you tried to have people talk Lorelai out of blaming herself for being horrible and so forth. People doweird things grief, whether it's a miscarriage or a parent or a friend. All that anger and wishing and needing explanations that aren't always there, ugh! A lot of people do in fact break up over fertility issues, b/c a man wn't b with a woman who can't conceive or the woman's need to be a mom is so huge that she on't be with a guy who has issues... So this with Luke-Lorlai is not outside "reality".

Chris needs to grovel to Rory about being such a loser dad to her, IMO, but I hope he will in this story go ahead and man up.
10/9/2015 c23 Chloe
Yes Rory/Luke talk in the next chapter, update soon
10/9/2015 c23 alittlemystery
I love Rory and Luke! Lorelai is getting on my nerves haha
10/8/2015 c23 26junienmomo
Man. While I love that Rory is reaching out to Luke, it really bugs me that Lorelai is so stupid. Her not even trying to find out where he is bugs me. I mean, she was just talking to Rachel, who may have a good idea of where he goes. Luke is a man of discipline and habits. If he's not at a place where he went as a kid, he's probably at a place that he's been going to for decades. Lorelai knows that Caesar can't handle everything, why wouldn't Luke leave a contact number? This is so similar to the stupid Lorelai of the show. It makes me wonder if she really wants to see Luke or if she still believes that she's not enough for him, even though she can't believe for sure that she can't get pregnant.
Stupid, stupid girl.
9/30/2015 c22 Hewe
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH! 3 I feel like Rory right now DD: hahaaha
9/29/2015 c22 17Austennerdita2533
I've been waiting for Rory to break down. She's remained silent and introverted about this entire affair for so long now that it was time for her to react with outward disappointment and despair. I like that Tristan is one of the first people she turns to for comfort. He's been there for her a lot throughout this fic and it's nice seeing that loyal, compassionate side to his character. I often wonder what's going on in his life, though. I know he loves Rory and is doing his best to be there for her, but what does his family think of her? Do they approve? Do they notice/care that he's been injured or that he's dating someone?

I like the idea of Rory helping out at the diner. I know that on the show she doesn't exactly cook, though she seems to be more capable of throwing together food than Lorelai, but it's nice to see her finding ways to spend time with Luke. The poor thing is bereft with grief at the prospect of Luke's departure from their lives. She's grown accustomed to his constant presence and now she can no longer remain silent about Lorelai kicking him out.

Lorelai and Rory's fight at Friday night dinner reminds me of a similar moment they shared on the show. I like how you paralleled that. I'm curious to witness Emily's further reaction at the news that Lorelai broke up with Luke. Will she drop the subject entirely? Or aim to fix her daughter up with a more suitable man? I like the twist of Rachel getting pregnant with Christopher's child. I'm interested to see how Lorelai will react to the news, particularly with Luke appearing to leave at the end of this chapter. Where is he going? Hopefully just a camping/fishing trip to get his mind off things? Lorelai needs to wise-up soon and go after her man!

Cool chapter, lovely. Keep at it. :-D
9/27/2015 c22 3gilmoreintraining
Aw, poor Lorelai. I can't wait to see how you get them back together and I hope Rachel's announcement doesnt' drag Lorelai all the way back into her funk.
9/24/2015 c22 Nancy
So sad that Luke, Lorelai, and Rory are each in their personal realm of despair. I don't understand Lorelai's reasoning at all; these three are so devastated and Lorelai's thinking / behavior has NOT helped any of the three of them. Luke and Rory each need their own support system to get through this and Lorelai's action has cut apart the closeness of Luke and Rory. Each of them three of them cares deeply for the other two, but their seems to resolution until Lorelai herself comes to grips with her feelings and the reality of this situation. Rachel - now that is going to be some conversation to have with Lorelai. Lorelai has just lost a baby; Rachel was the one who got the pregnancy test for Lorelai so she should have a clue as to what is going on; Christopher the slime as a to be father again - sorry, but that is SUCH A JOKE. He is the same irresponsible and selfish person as always. Poor Luke, all alone, and has now taken off to wallow in his personal pain and misery. Hope Lorelai gets a grip soon. Maybe Emily / Richard could give Lorelai some help in sorting about the situation. Hope the best for Luke and Lorelai and Rory. They ARE a family and they deserve to be happy AND together. Thanks for writing and sharing. More soon please.
9/24/2015 c22 8Caraline Fisher
You're so mean stopping there!
9/24/2015 c22 26junienmomo
What IS it with Christopher? Do 'his little guys' have egg-seeking GPS or something? He gets near a woman and bam, she's pregnant. He ought to have a warning label: "fertile but irresponsible"

Rachel. That is going to be a hard conversation for Lorelai. Too bad that Emily (apparently) didn't hear the cause of Lorelai throwing Luke out. I get the feeling that Emily, who had to recover and yet stayed married, has something to say that Lorelai needs to hear.

Also, Rory needs to stand up for her relationship with Luke and not hide it from Lorelai. That will reinforce just how much Lorelai has hurt the people she supposedly loves. And Luke needs a relief valve for his despair.
9/24/2015 c22 Chloe
Yes I love Rory/Luke father/daughter fluff, update soon
9/24/2015 c22 45DSLeo
OK, first of all, what idiot twit twerp nimrod thinks "a few weeks" is enough to mourn a lost pregnancy?! OMG. Three of mine gone, no more for me, that's *years*, okay? And a very real fear, a very *real* concern your husband/lover will not stay once it turns out you cannot have kids-or won't stay through future losses-Lorelai is being rational, and Rory is being a *brat*. Also, not realistic Lorelai wouldn't realize how Luke took care of Rory, we were told that in a previous chapter, but I'll let that one slide in view of Lorelai's depression. Yep, I'm ranting. I lost all chance at kids. I was freaking out every day for three years after that dx that my husband would leave for someone who could give him kids. That is a very typical fear in that situation, particularly if the man has expressed interest in having kids. I offered him an out more than once. We argued. I felt guilt. He felt irritation. We talked adoption, etc., the whole deal. Lifetime Channel Movie stuff.
As for Rachel, and Luke not warning Rachel about pregnancy? That is freaking cruel. Chris and someone else get to have a baby, slap in the face for Lorelai, Luke has left town without a note, yeah, life is often hard, but that? C'mon. I hope you give Lorelai the maturity and character to be happy for Rachel (if that's what Rachel wants, of course!) and to offer solid advice on Chris's shortcomings. While some envy and upset will be normal for the situation, it may actually prove healing. Anger or upset over *that* can become a way for the grief over her own loss to fully express itself.

Just my humble opinion. Sorry. I get touchy on the subject of how people portray miscarriages. Been there, done that. My BFF as well. Lorelai's only a few weeks through this. It can take a few months to fully physically heal, btw, depending on how far along someone is. And the extent of damage. Given Lorelai's injury-related issues, she may in fact not yet be near physical wellness.

OK, shutting up now. You definitely evoked a strong reaction, so kudos for that:-)
9/24/2015 c22 LC42
Man that was inenece but i am glad Lorelai is finally relaizing who she hurt when she clled it off with Luke. I am glad Ro finall spoke up. Cant wait to read on what Lorelai would think when Rachel tells her the new. Please continue. I wonder if Chris will stick around for this kid.
9/19/2015 c21 17Austennerdita2533
There's a part of me that wanted to start this review with blubbering incoherence, but the rational part of me decided against it. I have so many things to say about this chapter that I honestly don't know where to begin!

My heart is ripped into a shredded trifecta for Luke, Lorelai, and Rory who are all doing their best to cope with the tragedy of the miscarriage. Lorelai's the one who is suffering most obviously on the outside, secluding herself from everything and everyone, refusing to eat food or drink coffee. That being said, I think it's important to note that Luke is suffering just as much. Not only for the loss of his child, but also for the loss of pure happiness that he and Lorelai shared at the prospect of being parents together. *wails: it's not bloody fair!* In a way, all of the pressure to remain strong and persistent falls to his shoulders. He carries the burden of carrying on with life...despite the fact that I'm sure a part of him wishes he could throw the covers over his head like Lorelai and block out the harshness of reality.

I appreciated Emily stopping by and encouraging her daughter. I always wondered why Emily and Richard only had one child when I watched the show, so I liked how you connected the miscarriage storyline between mother and daughter. I find the parallels between them to be quite intriguing. So thanks for that. ;) Not only that, but I like the idea of Lorelai and Emily finding some common ground, a shared tragedy that allows them to relate to one another better. I actually hope that Emily helps to propel Lorelai back to life, back to herself, so to speak, in later chapters. I think that could make for good relationship development where they're concerned. Just an idea. :)

It's difficult and heartbreaking to picture Lorelai gripped with such hopelessness. She's always the bright, shiny beacon of optimism in Stars Hollow, particularly when paired against Luke's characteristic cynicism. But something like losing a baby can throw anyone into the depths of despair. After she talked to the doctor, I knew she would decide to set Luke free. Despite the fact that the doctor said she could possibly conceive another child, the risk of more miscarriages put her over the edge. She's scared and pushing Luke away, not wanting to afflict either one of them with more pain. *sniffs*

Also, that scene at the end with Rory begging Luke to stay...oh my God! My heart literally bled with tears. I kid you not. THE FEELS ARE TOO MUCH. I don't think Lorelai realizes the ramifications of her actions just yet. She thinks she's protecting everyone; but in reality she's breaking everyone's hearts MORE. Including mine. *sobs and sobs and sobs*

Glue them all back together soon. Please?! *puppy dog eyes* I need a happy Gilmore-Danes family, goddammit! (No threats of my ghost haunting you until you achieve this, but it's still a rather fierce demand haha.) xx
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