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10/18/2016 c31 17Austennerdita2533
Leave it to Kirk to be the one to inform the whole town of Luke and Lorelai's engagement. Ha! I love that he was the one to do it, though. And he would absolutely have to be one of the groomsmen. Luke would be all cranky about it at first, but he would succumb. I loved the scene where he asked Jess to be his best man. I love their relationship so much and I'm pumped for more of it in the revival. *cries and cries*

Also, despite the fact that I am Literati trash (it's no secret I want them to be endgame), I really enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship that you painted between Jess and Rory. It was believable and felt genuine. They get along well, just like they do in canon. Tristan and Rory throughout this whole fic had good development and I liked getting to see more of Tristan's character developed.

The surprise engagement party was perfect! And I l'm so happy that Emily and Richard were there and that L&L plan to get married at the inn. *I'm emotional* Just lovely sweetie. Thanks so much for writing! xx
10/18/2016 c30 Austennerdita2533
So, I totally just realized I forgot to review this chapter. My bad haha. (Also, if it makes no sense, blame my headcold.)

Anyway, I'm so happy that Luke and Lorelai are finally engaged. YAY YAY YAYYYYYY! Loveeee that he gave her his mother's ring. I'm surprised that Luke talked her into calling Richard and Emily so soon, but I'm glad after everything they've been through together that she managed to be frank and straightforward. I also enjoyed how you weaved in some elements from canon into this chapter. Like Lorelai and Emily going away to the spa, the Jess-Rory-Paris (plus Tristan) TV night, etc.

I am all here for the elder Gilmores being accepting of Luke because IT'S ALL I WANT FOR THE SHOW. For them to finally recognize how loyal and dependable and good he is, okay? Lovely chapter. xx
10/17/2016 c31 12Petit97
Duuuuuuude, I've missed you so damn much haha
I'm glad you're back. And I hope you get really better soon :D

OMG, June 3rd? *-* And they're getting married in the inn? Couldn't be more perfect.
I'm glad Luke is warming up to Tristan and I'm looking forward to see how this planning is gonna go (especially with Emily so involved).
Plus, I'm still kind of curious about this Jess-Paris thing haha
10/16/2016 c31 Guest
Hi! I'm sick with a bad cold and so I read this ENTIRE story today. It's fantastic, and you're a fabulous author :) Don't doubt yourself!

Saw that you've been having a rough time personally, just wanted to send you some love and support. I know the days can seem dark, and I'm praying for some light for you.
10/15/2016 c31 Nancy
Good relationship, good progress. Thanks.
10/15/2016 c31 3chloe2007
Yay you updated. Believe me I have been where you were being all depressed. And if you'd like to talk you can Pm me or email me anytime
8/18/2016 c30 FemenistBellaSwan
I love this story! you really need to finish it ahhh, dont stop now you've come so so far!
8/11/2016 c28 1marthapreston4
yea great parenting letting teenager daughter sleep in the same room with her boyfriend. let her repeat your mistakes
8/11/2016 c27 marthapreston4
Honestly yes she should have made him have custody or just leave all together. SHe should have forced him to pay child support she kept making her daughter try to have a realtionship witha a man who didn't want the kid she caused that pain
8/11/2016 c25 marthapreston4
plEase tell me she doesnt get with jess he is basically her cousin
8/11/2016 c22 marthapreston4
she gets attacked which stressed her mom out so much she miscarried and she decided to go out more to make more bad decisions
8/11/2016 c20 marthapreston4
well this took a depressing turn
8/11/2016 c16 marthapreston4
8/11/2016 c10 marthapreston4
noooo why
8/11/2016 c9 marthapreston4
awww emily has a heart
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