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8/10/2016 c3 1marthapreston4
not sure I like the beauty and the beast thing your trying to do with tristian I think to many girls are told boys are mean to them because they like them which leads to girls dating assholes who they think are just misunderstood they men end up treating the women like crap and possibly abusing them. so romanticizing it seems odd to me
8/9/2016 c30 5snowwygirl4
This story was really excellent. I loved seeing having Lorelai and Luke get together earlier than the show does it. I like seeing that Richard and Emily are a lot better about Luke and Lorelai. They are so perfect together. I also really like how you but all the boys with Rory drama. It's interesting seeing Tristan being the one she ends up with. I actually really like how you've done that with them. Also with Jess. I still hate Christopher but I like seeing Rachel as well. Great story! Please more soon! :)
7/28/2016 c30 Guest
I read all 30 chapters of this in one go and it absolutely blew me away. I have never cried reading ANYTHING before and I absolutely sobbed during some of the sad parts. If you have any more to write I'd love to read it.
6/14/2016 c30 92oldmoviewatcher
I just finished this and am really enjoying it! Are you gonna pair Paris and Jess together? Also, I really like the Tristan/Rory angle. They're cute together.
5/26/2016 c30 mjz1978
Love this story! Please update soon.
5/12/2016 c30 virtawiiru
I just got into this story a couple of weeks ago and just now caught up, Im so genuinly happy and excited about this story. You're such an amazing writer and I get so excited every time you squeese in moments from the show, you make them fit so well with this story! You need to stop doubting yourself! This story is amazing and we're here reading it! All I'll ask is please don't do any GG S6 and 7 stuff, I'm still so mad at how they handled the L/L stuff there and especially mad at the loooong fallout between Rory and Lorelai. Oh and I gotta tell you, Tristan is growing on me, I hated him on the show but your portayal is so well constructed that I actually like him! And I'm so glad you're making Dean into the jerk that he was at times and the way your Jess is, PERFECT! You're doing such an amazin job! Keep these coming we don't mind the wait! It's totally worth it!
5/8/2016 c30 3gilmoreintraining
I love this chapter. A sleepover between four teenagers in Lorelai's living room. That's great.
5/6/2016 c30 Droolia
It was definitely worth the wait. The idea of Jess and Paris together? Kinda cute. Especially since it made her happy to be involved. Glad that lorelai had a good time with Emily.
5/4/2016 c22 24ObsessedwReading
I wonder what will happen next... I hope that Rachel won't loose her baby too. If she does then I'll have to stop reading this. Stop with all the Depressing dramatics! If not I have to stop reading this. I already have severe Depression and reading those parts is just making it worse. :,',( I read fan fiction to escape my Depression, to forget about it for a while, to laugh and be happy. My sister said that she doesn't want to read it now because of the Depressing dramatics. I like the Chris and Rachel pairing I think it's new and interesting, but Lorelei's dramatic accident, injuries, coma, and miscarriage, abd Rory's bad experience at and after the party is to much for me. I like that pairing of Rory and Tristan too. I also wish Paris and Rory would become friends like in the show.
5/4/2016 c21 ObsessedwReading
Poor Luke, Fort, and Lorelei! :,(
5/4/2016 c20 ObsessedwReading
This is so sad and Depressing! :,(
5/4/2016 c19 ObsessedwReading
Oh no! :(
5/4/2016 c18 ObsessedwReading
Terrific chapter and fan fiction. :)
5/4/2016 c17 ObsessedwReading
Fabulous! I'm looking forward to reading more of this. :)
5/4/2016 c16 ObsessedwReading
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