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5/4/2016 c15 24ObsessedwReading
(Dramatic music plays) I look forward to seeing what will happen next. :)
5/4/2016 c14 ObsessedwReading
Fantastic chapter and fanfiction. :)
5/4/2016 c13 ObsessedwReading
I'm so happy that Lorelei is getting better. :-)
5/4/2016 c12 ObsessedwReading
Awesome as always. I always thought Dean was a jerk for breaking up with her an because she wasn't ready to say that she loved him. That was also the beginning of my dislike for Dean or as Tristan would call him 'Bag Boy'.
5/4/2016 c11 ObsessedwReading
Fantastic chapter and fan fiction.
5/4/2016 c10 ObsessedwReading
Wonderful fan fiction.
5/4/2016 c9 ObsessedwReading
Yea! She is moving some. :)
5/4/2016 c8 ObsessedwReading
I wonder if Richard and Emily will accept Luke. It looks like Richard is. Hopefully Emily will do the same.
5/4/2016 c7 ObsessedwReading
I hope things start getting better.
5/4/2016 c6 ObsessedwReading
I hope that Lorelei will be okay. (Crosses fingers)
5/4/2016 c5 ObsessedwReading
Wonderful job .
5/4/2016 c3 ObsessedwReading
Terrific chapter and fan fiction.
5/4/2016 c2 ObsessedwReading
Fantastic chapter. :)
5/4/2016 c1 ObsessedwReading
Awesome start to this.
5/3/2016 c30 3KnightInShiningFlannel
Yay! You've updated. Very cute!
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