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for My Deadly Sin

10/2/2015 c5 gregory
Holy smokes, my main man that was fantastic but really painfull i really feel poor for erica and also nice tatics have a good day and here's my email adress
8/14/2015 c8 27TrampledRose
Ah! I cried! I usually don't but at Benny's "death" scene I cried a lot. This was a great chapter!
8/13/2015 c8 58TiredOfBeingNice

My sister was playing a video game on headphones when she started to see me cry. I mean, seriously. I cried. I WAS SO SAD WHEN BENNY [and everyone else] DIED!

I am so glad Benny didn't end up dying, though. Too bad everyone else did though. God, those speeches and everything! Man, was I the saddest person on the planet!

I am so glad everything worked out though! And now that son of a bitch Jesse is dead! HA HA! Ding dong, the bitch is dead! Which bitch? JESSE! Jokes!

Nevertheless, great ending. A Bethan romance, and now I have to finish up my chapter, which will either come today or Monday. I have a busy weekend...

But yay for a great story! I am glad we all had a good ending! Now I guess it's up to me to wrap this challenge up, eh? Jokes! Great story, fanfic buddy :)
8/7/2015 c7 27TrampledRose
Ahhh! Ethan! Poor Ethan! :(
8/6/2015 c7 TiredOfBeingNice

Ethan is being raped by Jesse, who doesn't seem to care about his soul at all. Will the demon win like always, or will Jesse surprisingly enjoy having his soul tortured? I mean, he is so willing to do whatever that demon said...eeks. :(

Poor, poor, Ethan. I am devastated for him. And his family?! Goodness! Too much, fanfic buddy! Too much *cries a bit*

Great chapter though; I am gonna have to get my chapter ready. It might come out before today ends since I still need to edit it and stuff...*shrug* But I'm gettin' it done!

So as Atticus Mitchell once said, "keep on keeping on" fanfic buddy! Jokes!
7/31/2015 c6 TrampledRose
Wow. I didn't think it was bad. Actually, the idea was quite clever. Can't wait for the next chapter. Are you using Jesse? Wait don't tell me! I want it to be a surprise.
7/30/2015 c6 A Very Sad TOBN
Whoops! Sorry bout that; I accidentally clicked post. I am an idiot :/

But when you started coughing my name out, I knew it was coming. It was finally here.


I knew this was to come. I mean, Jesse (or any other villain you are gonna use for Lust) isn't gonna eat his death. Knowing that spellmadter, it has to be Benny. But hey! Thanks for the warning.

I wish I was there to slap Benny. Seriously. I mean, I saw this chapter notification in my email, looked at the title, then started running to the bathroom to just sit there and read it in the dark, tears streaming down my face.

-a bit of an overreaction, but you get the picture-

Nevertheless, great chapter fanfic buddy. I mean, it's not like you killed off my favorite character by having him CHOKE TO DEATH WHILE EATING CHICKEN!

*ahem* I liked how Benny voulenteered at the soup kitchens and stuff! I can imagine that.

This is starting to get too long, and my thumbs bee a break from typing on this small keyboard, so I'll say goodbye and cry on the couch eating ice cream. Sigh.

7/30/2015 c6 58TiredOfBeingNice
*just collapses on the floor and just...dies...*
7/19/2015 c5 18Morning-Star57
I really lkked this chapter, thanks for using my suggestion!
7/18/2015 c5 27TrampledRose
Very neat! I think this is my favorite chapter so far! Keep it up!
7/16/2015 c5 58TiredOfBeingNice
Oh my! Erica actually suits Greed.

I'll admit. She probably a would e a great actress. I can't believe that she would turn into a money grabber and a snobby actress. Sight; yet another innocent soul lost :(

But anyway! Great chapter! I am excited for the next one :)
7/5/2015 c4 18Morning-Star57
It was good and very entertaining. Can you do Lust or Vanity next? Benny for lust or Erica for vanity
7/3/2015 c4 27TrampledRose
Good! Very nicely done! I await greed!
7/2/2015 c4 1123456789vampire
BRUHHHHHHHH this had me on a feels trip. He he... Killed himself :'( and the demon killed everyone else. Why bruh why!
7/2/2015 c4 58TiredOfBeingNice
Oh my. That was...so sad (I have been very emotional lately; all those years of not being emotional is getting up to me :P)

First of all, I hope you know I almost wanted to kick Rory's ass when he gave up his soul intentionally. I mean, come on dude. He even ASKED you. That is not even funny.

Second of all, I almost died when Rory saw Benny got stabbed. I mean, out of all people, you had to make me see Benny get stabbed? You know my weak points, you evil person ;)

But all in all, great chapter. Very creative. Any wait for your next one :)
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