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1/31/2021 c1 Mika233
OMG, your story is so fantastic, can I translate it to another language? I just only post that on my Wattpad and Facebook for my friend. Of course, I will write your link and your name below the story, and If some day, you don't want me to post your story anymore, I will delete it
6/24/2016 c1 Guest
continue~ please~
9/23/2015 c1 X
Well done!
I just saw the comic you drew I few hours ago.
5/22/2015 c1 102Winter Leigh End
Very nice little scene.

It was poignant and I could really get a feel for how Arthur must feel in this situation he is in. I also like how you brought in what Arthur remembered Alfred being like before when you talked about his gaze, it was a lovely line showing how much Alfred has changed from the person he fell in love with.

Now, just a minor thing, but in your summary you put USUK. That made sense to do, once. But now? It's a little silly because you can indicate who's with who in the character tags now. So, it might be better to not waste the space on it and just say Cardverse with a warning! abusive relationships or something.

Nice job on this :)

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