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for Seraph's Reset

3/9/2019 c6 2WhitheredNyux
1/20/2018 c1 Sketchie5
0_o i died LOL...#DrarryLOL
10/14/2017 c5 Anymoose
Because as the story is now, we have almost a basic understanding of each character, but none about thier motivations or how being reincarnated has effected them and in which ways.

Good story tho keep going, I'd love to see how this plays out
10/14/2017 c5 Anymoose
Duude this is some good shit right here. I urge you to keep going, but I have a few questions: will the wands be able to transform into cursed gear (because that would be Badass) also will the feathers be of any significance, and why didn't you mention anything about shinoa being a werewolf, one more thing, how come Yoichi didn't get feathers or special wands if he had had the seraph gene, and what about Shiho, will he get a feather or will both he and Yoichi awaken their seraph forms, annnnd finally will Mirai be important in the story?

There's also room for improvement: You repeat words alot just like I did up there. Your diction is a little bland and basic like mine up there, and don't be afraid to get deeper into your characters, because as the storyis
9/23/2017 c5 VermilionShade
Please update soon! This fic is so amazing ! I love it! o ( )o
6/6/2017 c5 Oc2uber
Aww this is so cute! I can't wait for the next chapter, so I can see Yuu and the gang wreck havoc on Hogwarts.
5/13/2017 c5 1Mashmallow Titan
I just published chapter 12 and see you've updated. I was super busy with studies that I didn't check. BUT I'M SO GLAD I DID I'M SO HAPPY YOU'VE UPDATED. HURRAY!

I'm actually super excited that you've added Krul, and I hope she becomes a massive key character later on; especially Ferid in the war. I know Ferid is a dick (you're hatred towards him actually made me laugh), but he's sadly essentially, even if subtly. Lol.
Anyway, I look forward to you're next update!
4/26/2017 c5 vampireharry the 2
Another excellent chapter! Keep up the great work!
12/17/2016 c4 1ShadowFireHime-Sama
adorable love this story and i am looking forward to more please hurry and post the train meetings, please please please
11/12/2016 c4 1CherepMikhailov
yes. This I indeed new
10/7/2016 c1 Miyu
Hope you countinue to write
8/2/2016 c1 Ghostblossom
please update this story if you get the time
2/21/2016 c4 Marlie
WAIT NOW THAT I THINK ABOYT IT... I think Ferid could be better suited as Dumbledore because both of their personalities are pretty strange and eccentric. But if you do make Ferid Dumbledore ImAgInE MiKa'S rEaCtIoN LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


Also I love the choices of characters so far, but I was kinda shocked when I saw that Mika was Draco! Then again I suppose it was inevitable because Yuu and Mika are supposed to be enemies, but ofc they're not because MikaYuu3 xD And for Shinoa and Mitsuba, I actually would have imagined Shinoa to be Hermione and Mitsuba to be Luna, yaknow, because of appearances, but I guess Mitsuba is a slightly better fit for Hermione in terms of personality so I get your reasoning. :P

OHOHOHOHOHOH ALSO does Yuu have Harry's scar? :D It would be so cool if he did. I know it's a stupid question and I'm sure he does, but I wondered because in this all the reincarnated HP characters look like their SotE counterparts. So "Harry" looks exactly like Yuu rather than... Harry. XD Though Yuu and Harry would look incredibly alike, I'll give you that. XD


Also I almost cried when I read the desc. XD I was like "NUUUUUU WHO KILLED OFF YUU MY BABY3" XD
2/21/2016 c4 Marlie
YeS i WaNt FeRiD aS a MaLfOy


Ooh, is Dumbledore going to be a reincarnation of anyone? If so I can't think who, unless you choose Ferid for that, but tbh I think Ferid is better suited as a Malfoy. XD

EEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH IT'S SO GOOD... Please update soon if you can! :DDDD I can't wait!
2/1/2016 c4 5Shadow Phoenix 16
Please update soon! ! I can't wait until the others meet up again! Oh! Have Yuu Harry react outwardly to feeling Queiemort try and get in his mind and MikaDraco go all "WHO'S HURTING MY YUUHARRY-CHAN!"
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