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10/21/2015 c3 6Lord Nayrael
"So off to bed with you, young lady!" - What a lewd order!

Kana-chan, you should really trust strange people less, ESPECIALLY if they act overly friendly.
10/21/2015 c2 Lord Nayrael
Here comes a stalker :D His wish to protect her might be honest right now, but he is so shady that I expect Rikuo to come and save Kana from his and his buddies in future.

BTW, Kana's parents sure do love leaving town in Kana fanfics XD

Yeah, I can already see that his sister will be quite something!
10/21/2015 c1 Lord Nayrael
Rikuo's agreement is a bluff if I have ever heard or read any XD I am pretty sure that he agreed on it just to delay it until he finds a way out of it (though I guess he might use the opportunity to tease those two girls).
Additionally, there is a hint that the one he is interested in is Kana: he asks his grandfather why Kana is not a candidate. If that is one of his first questions, then I am pretty sure Kana is the one he wants to pollinate ;P
Still, maybe Rikuo should have just gone for a foursome... just sayin'!

What I don't get is Ryuji: why would he say yes? Or did he say it in sarcasm (aka lie) and gramps just took it literally.
10/21/2015 c3 1Dennou Writer
Omg, you really updated it! I think it's good so far, but the length of the chapters should grow a bit.
10/21/2015 c3 1yuzukikuran476
please update :D
9/26/2015 c2 yuzukikuran476
please update am begging you :)
9/26/2015 c1 yuzukikuran476
please update this awesome story :)
9/26/2015 c2 2Carmine Cloud - SilverNoon
Oh my goodness that end part was...FUNNY! I wonder if that is his sister! Haha, how much older is he than Kana I wonder? He has had seven years to think about a mistake - people don't need that long.
Kana, I strongly suggest you run away from here too, tell him if he could let go of you once, it should be easy to do it again. You, girl getting attacked by youkai all the time should not take a risk!
9/26/2015 c1 Carmine Cloud - SilverNoon
Some grammatical errors but better written than expected.
Haha, Rikuo having two wives, now that would be a sight to see. Kana give up on him, he's no good. Nurarihyon again throws things on his grandson with no delicacy...haha classic...
6/25/2015 c2 4Awesome D.T
Rikku and Rikuo . . . . . Double irony. -_-; Didn't change the name to torture Kana, eh, Anubis-chan. XD
But really . . . . . Kana Walker has a nice ring to it. Just saying.
And what's this with her secret family?! *startled gasp* Oh my my my, does Kana-chan have a dark, dark, dark past with lots of horrible secrets?
Come on, just reveal all her secrets! TT-TT I'm dying of excitement!
6/24/2015 c2 1vampireprincess141
This is giing to be one intresting story, pleas continue it :3
6/14/2015 c2 s.m.cute Kana
Yo! i did not read the chapter yet but i will read it and surely review. at least someone is writing rikukana story.
6/11/2015 c2 a random person
This looks great so far and your English is very good!
6/4/2015 c1 2Detectivewriters
Well, I've never seen the fandom before, so I don't know anything about the characters besides what you just told me, so I'm not sure I can give a fair review. I did feel the tension, though. There's quite a few grammar mistakes, so would you like me to tell you them so you can correct them? You can always re-post the chapter with the revisions.
5/29/2015 c1 s.m.cute Kana
love this story. I read ur story before the any other. sorry for the the late reviewing. i'v been waiting for ageeeeeeeeeees for a rikukana story.
looks like everybody has forgotten how to write a rikukana story.
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