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5/25/2015 c1 4Awesome D.T
. . . . . . ANUBIS-CHAN! *glomps*
The plot line is very, VERY interesting. Actually, I think it could fit into canon. Yura and Tsurara's reactions were on-spot and so was Kana's. RIKUO THOUGH! How can you actually say yes?! I'm utterly appalled at this moment.
TT-TT My dear Kana-chan. Don't worry - your fans will always support you!
Ryuuji said yes?! Looks like he acquired brain damage.
5/25/2015 c1 7Rose Rain 7
Omg Crest! I didn't know you wrote a Kana fanfiction! I just stumbled upon it by accident when I was searching for a certain story.


Yes, why?! Why ma girl?

(After the battle with Abe no Seimei 6 months back, and learning Rikuo secrets, it has been their routine to visit the Nura Household every Saturday.)

Oh, so it is after? :3 that's cool! More people in the already overpopulated family.

("Wow, Nura-kun, Even if we're always together and had seen your night form many times, it's still look so cool." chirped Kiyoutsugu happily.)

I know right? It is like seeing a nerd turn into a sexy beast. That's how I feel.

(In fact it only makes them excited -especially Kiyotsugu- to know about their friend secret lives.)

They are so sweet and lol at Kiyotsugu. I bet he is overjoyed for all the youkai material he will get.

("Oikawa-chan" Shima greeted happily when he sees the yuki-onna, but the latter just ignored him.)

How mean! The guy is only infatuated with you T.T spare him a glance.

("I want you to pick one of these two girls in front of you to be your future wife-)

WHAT THE?! OOOH HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! What! He wants him to get married? ._. I need a moment to recover my fallen brain.

(After I got my brain inside my head)

I thought he was cheating on them XD cause they were two... I guess not

(And I also want them to bear you an heir for the next generation of our family. Also i know that this two see you as more than a friend!" Nurarihyon whispered the last part so that none of them heard and winked at them. )

STOP, STOP, STOP! I just caught my breath and you give me a heart attack? Look at how this was worded...

"And I also want them to bear you an heir for the next generation of our family."

Take a moment and reread this. Like Jesus christ, he wants BOTH of them to give him a heir? Da heck? I need to breath LOL I'm pretty sure he meant one but my brain is betraying me. Bad brain!

("But what about Kana-chan dad?" Wakana ask her father-in-law.)

That's what I wanted to hear! Wakana, you are a good woman *wipes a tear* you remembered my OTP.

("Huh? What about her?")

O come on! You know what she is implying! How dare you forget her.

(She didn't want Rikuo to know it like that, she wants her son to figure it out himself who is that he likes among the three of them.)

True. Whatever you choose Rikuo, I'll support your decision *puts a hand on his shoulder and smile creepily*...

(We're in the middle of being extinguished Wakana-san and I don't want my future great-grandchildren can't protect the clan or worse themself. I feel sorry for Kana-chan, even if she had a feeling for Rikuo as well she just won't do. She can't give us a powerful heir like these two can, she didn't have the power to be passed down to their children.")

What the heck is this BS I'm reading? You are insulting your own daughter in law.

('So they didn't hear the last part about Kana' he thought to himself.)

Just how shocked were they to ignore that long ass speech? Even I got over it faster than they did.

(It takes almost 15 minutes before they came out from their shock.)

15 freaking minutes? LOL dayuuum.

(But once his grandfather words sank in, their faces started to redden upon learning the old man's true intention.)

Does Rikuo or Yura like anybody in here?

("Or do you prefer both? I don't mind if you do, you will make me the happiest grandfather in the world!" )

He thought exactly what I thought earlier.

("Wait a minute Nurarihyon-sama, I can't marry your grandson, what will my family say?" Yura panicked her cheeks red.)

We got a servant and a ummm enemy?

("What! How? When? WHAAAAAAATTT?!" Yura screamed, shock that her brother agree.)

My reaction right there. Family accepting it? Okay with me!
Brother accepting this? Who are you and what did you do to Ryuuji?

(Seeing their reactions, made Rikuo mad and yell at his grandfather for his knack to meddle with his love life.)


Chapter review: What the shemurr Rikuo, What the shemurr! How can he say yes that easily? He is only 13-14 years old. I knew that the Nura clan will be desperate for a heir after Rihan's death but not this desperate! He basically want these girls to be his baby machine. I can understand Tsurara since she is in her 20s but Yura? O.o Tsk, tsk, we need like 5 more years before you THINK of marriage. Take it nice and slow... Easy and slow... For my Kana-chan to make a comeback!

Honestly, I can already tell what kind of direction this will go through. Kana meets a powerful, unknown clan and join them. Few years later she is back and can kick some serious butt. Depending on the author, she may even be stronger than Tsurara and Yura. I don't mind this theme but try not to make it generic. Gimme me some more twist like this chapter lol if he let Rikuo marry both, that would be quite a twist.

I'm looking forward to how you will pull this off! I want to see the romance development between these two. Ahhh I can't wait for the next chapter so hurry up with the update! It been a long time since I read a Kana fanfiction and this is bringing back all the feels.

Seriously though? The two of them? Nuraraihyon is so cruel! And my poor Kana... I wonder if Rikuo likes her? Or will he like her later on? How can Nurarihyon do this? How can RIKUO do this? ;-; does he not give a damn about his life? Geez, I hate him. How do Tsurara and Yura feel about this? Do they want to marry someone who may not like them back :(? Too many questions but I'll wait for my answer.

Btw, this was well written so don't worry. There were a couple of mistakes here and there but nothing big so good luck with your story ;)
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