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2/25 c1 Guest
I love this story
2/19 c18 Guest
Welcome back...thanks for updating.
2/19 c18 Marethyu05
I'm so happy to see this story back, I've probably reread it 4 times now.
2/14 c18 1Ellie68
Oh wow, I can’t believe this updated again! Thank you so much! It’s amazing. I can’t imagine how hard that must be for you, just know that for every arse out there who steals your stories there are 10 more appreciating them right from the source, being amazed by you. And even if they don’t know who wrote it there will be people out there amazed by your writing still. I just hope you can make peace with the matter, even if that is by stopping writing.
2/14 c18 Guest
I dont know if some alse ask you but, I will like to now if in some point you will continue the rise of a dark lord? Today's 3 years anniversary from the last chapter u,u
2/11 c18 Lunarkin
you are a great writer love your story not into same sex relationships at all but this story is great hope you finish it
2/11 c18 Came
Soy tan feliz al ver que actualizo su fic, jshdjd estaba leyendo otro de los que escribió cuando me puse a ver sus otros trabajos y note que también escribió este ¡Me alegra ver una continuación!
2/10 c18 graika
Muchas gracias! me encanta tu historia y me hace muy feliz que la continues!
2/9 c18 silentdove93
This whole story is so freakn cute! Funny and adorable and... I just wanna glomp the characters haha.
Amazing writing! Thank you for continuing to post your writing online!
P. S. Jerks are Jerks. Don't let other people's actions distroy your passion for doing what you enjoy!
Much love
2/5 c18 tinaryan29
Thank you for resuming your delightful story! Thank you for all of your hard work!
1/31 c1 2SouruTV
This... this is really good.
1/28 c1 jaimehuizar2005
I dont care it's the first chapter I'm crying
1/27 c18 1Crimson Rouge Rot
thank you so much for the chapter.
1/27 c18 FallenStarBraginsky
I am so glad you came back to writing this story! This story is truly one of the few of this crossover that I actually like and I am very happy that you have decided not to let those people get you down. Don't let them ruin your passion for your work. Just report them and move on with your life because you don't need their negativity weighing you down. Write to your hearts content and enjoy it just as we enjoy reading your words. Thank you for having started this story and thank you for continuing to bring happiness to those of us who like your work. We support you
1/27 c18 TeddyBlake
I like your story, your Lucifer.
They are cute, especially Teddy (but, when isn’t he the cutest ?).

And I like the relationships between the Archangel brothers. And now how Michael and Raphael (who isn’t a right little sh** in here like in the show, which I kinda like a lot) are considering Rebelling, and fighting against the rest of Heaven if it means sidind with and protecting their brother (well, brothers since Uncle Gabby too loves the little wizard ;)).

I hope to read more soon, I’d like to nnow what’s gonna happen next ! :)
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