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7h c18 14Angst-BuriTTo
Well done! I look forward to what happens next!
23h c18 darkpsychoqueen
Im so happy u updated hope u haven't burnt out on the story would love to see what ur mind comes up with next
6/21 c18 Auriane07
I love this story
6/16 c18 Whitelavender
Just love this story.
Wanted to know if there will be more chapters because I am hooked on this book.
5/29 c18 1EverRose808
I am so happy for Harry and Lucifer! I can't wait to see what happens net! I also feel like Bobby would be the type to have some connections to the wizarding world. But anyway I can't wait to see what happens next and if you decide to just post this on a different site instead of continuing it here please let me know so I can go read it there!
5/25 c18 eternaltrekie
I think this is one of the most unique Supernatural/HP crossovers I’ve ever read. I think you have created an amazing world here and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it.
5/21 c18 8Sly the gratsulover117
I just found this gem of a story, i do hope its not discontinued.
5/16 c18 Guitarlover56784
Please update! I love this!
4/28 c2 majikss
their definition is a magical government in the US
3/10 c18 Sherry91
Thank you for the update. It made me really happy to see you didn't gib to on that story. I hope you'll finish it in time.
I was devastated to hear that people are copying your story and pretend it's their own! All that word you put into writing!
I still hope you don't give up! I love your story! It was the one that got me into Harry Potter/Supernatural crossovers! :D thank you a lot!
2/23 c18 1Destiel-winchester22
Please update this book. I love this amazing story.
2/20 c18 Eragon135790
like the ff so far and hope it will be continued, think that some of the archangels are too emotional(nice) when it concerns lucifer. probably partly because my inherent dislike of them because they are hypocrites.
2/20 c4 Eragon135790
hope mc is MoD(as in immortal, the rest isnt really important, not really important at least). like the ff so far though im unhappy that harry is still close with the weasleys as i never liked them, there is a reason bill, charlie and the twins(or well, one of them) left as soon as they could.
2/20 c3 Eragon135790
dont get why harry lies to himself about remus, sirius, i can somewhat get but remus? remus didnt even try to correct his mistakes. at least he is dead and hopefully permanently so. like the ff so far.
2/20 c2 Eragon135790
hope they wont be too close to the weasleys, they are mostly just plain annoying as molly is around.
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