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for A Girl Named Roxie

1/1 c5 106AnimeGirl 144
There's so much to unpack from this chapter and I LOVE IT.

Okay to start, I love that you use both versions of the tutorial. We already saw the Academy in a prior chapter, and now we get the "hero goes to the future" version. It was such a perfect place to introduce Time Squad and the way you executed it was amazing. The whole exchange between the trio and Dexter was funny to read, DeeDee ready to take the punishment was heartwarming, especially what she and Dexter just went through moments earlier, and the hero's return to the bafflement of everyone was just priceless.

Diana and Roxie's discussion about Chester was so endearing to read. It's tragic what happened to him, but it's wonderful that Roxie finally learned the truth about it.

Before I talk about the Bagges, the population sign with the new number was such a nice foreshadowing to Alice's predicament. Very, very clever.

Eustace being on good terms with his daughter and granddaughter is sweet. It reminds me of that one Cartoon Groovie where Eustace and Muriel are depicted as wealthy socialites, and Eustace is considerably nicer. The guy has to have some redeeming qualities, and it's nice to see them.

Alice and Roxie's talk was incredibly sweet, and to see these two who have suffered losses recently talk it out was heartwarming, especially when Roxie was feeling down about her role and Alice encouraging her. Roxie needs a pick-me-up every once in a while.

Amp's back!

Seeing the Plumbers, KND operatives, Providence agents, Candy Pirates and Urban Rangers fighting together is such a fun sight to see. It's a bit tragic that the game doesn't have these organized groups talk or interact with each other all that much, so it's so much fun, for me at least, to see them working together. Plus Rolf is here!

I feel like we should have a "Challenger approaches!" meme for the Rowdyruff's arrival. I love Boomer's depiction in Legacy, but I'm so excited to see the rebellious, little troublemaker Boomer will be in this one (though I will have to lecture the boy about his "unseemly gesture").

Roxie jumping in to save Doyle and Drew gave me such a flashback to Deku running out to rescue Bakugo from the sludge monster. It's nice that Bubbles has her back, even with Ben trying to get her back to the carrier. It's tragic what happened to Doyle, and that Bubbles is suffering from that loss, but I'm happy that Jack and Roxie are safe.

Oh ho ho. Boomer and Roxie having a nice post-battle conversation alone on the carrier. Such a romantic set up.

Amazing chapter as usual, and I am so eagerly awaiting the next one!
8/1/2019 c4 AnimeGirl 144
Yessss. So happy to come back from a quick vacation to see this up! (And the chapter title is amazing. 11/10)

I absolutely love the Book of Prophecy arc. Everything about it was just fantastic, and I'm super pleased to see it here. And the fact that HIM is going to be involved with this is just extra-exciting.

Mitch is such a loser, and I was absolutely hoping Jasper would knock some sense into him (or, you know, just plain ol' knock him out).

Seeing Juniper and Gwen be more active in their search for the book was fun to see. The two make such good friends, and it's great to see June getting some attention. I'll lop this in here too, but I love that you're giving attention to characters that don't get a lot of love (Sheep popping in to be a medic and Alan participating brought a huge smile to my face).

Seeing some of the assembled crew come together to fight at the Space Port, only to lose it made me think of the Battle of Tech Square, but thankfully nothing bad happened (I mean aside from getting Roxie hurt).

Excellent read and I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
5/15/2019 c3 AnimeGirl 144
This was an exceptionally long chapter to read through and I loved every moment reading it.

I like the use of the Academy for this story. It wasn't my favorite tutorial method (because I will live and die by the Future), but it wasn't terrible and just needed better TLC from the team. On top of that, the various mentions of the other Suburban locations and how they're fairing after the invasion was a nice touch, along with the meeting Dexter held. It's probably because I'm a sucker for crossovers, but seeing all of them together discussing the problem was just too much fun for me.

If I had to take a guess on who would appear and occupy the story's universe, the Orion sisters were NOT who I was expecting. I like their addition, though.

Jasper and Roxie's sibling relationship is very sweet to read.
4/13/2019 c2 33SeekerMeeker
Wow, this is serious business.

Your version is a lot darker than Fusionfall, but more realistic as well.

I mean, you already established what Fuse did in the previous chapter, so what he did now makes a lot of sense.
4/13/2019 c1 SeekerMeeker
I really like the way you establish Aku and Fuse's nature.

I can really tell the contrast between Aku as "evil but sapient and sentient" and Fuse "evil but not emotional."

The invasion also shows how treacherous and distant Fuse is, so I like how you characterized Fuse.
3/13/2019 c2 106AnimeGirl 144
YES! So happy to see this back in action.

(My my, is that a Nano Boomer I see in the picture?)

Loved the demon interactions, especially Kilroy. I can't explain it, but like a week ago, he became my new favorite not-Boomer-or-Jack character. I need to pitch his inclusion into the game at some point on the forums. No Nergal though? Shame.

Loved the explanation on where everything is and where everyone is (and I see that reference from the Academy update).

It's pretty cool that Foster's is a safe haven, though it makes sense considering Imaginary Energy's role in the game's story.

Roxie is a joy to read, and Jasper is pretty hilarious.

Glad to see you're back to writing. Super excited to see this story continue!

Side note: I've noticed you're flipping between present tense and past tense periodically, sometimes even in the same sentence. It's a little distracting, but doesn't take away from the overall enjoyment of the chapter.
5/25/2015 c1 6TheCrampReturns
I dig it.

Also, as per usual you have permission to use my OC's. Here's hoping they don't get too nuts.

Like Dr. Carver.
5/23/2015 c1 106AnimeGirl 144
I love the detail that was put into the story, and the establishment for Planet Fusion and it's leader. I also like the fact that Aku interacted with Fuse far before his attack upon the Earth. Perhaps Fuse imprisoned him for fear that Aku would/could stop him?

I can't wait to see more of the chapter! Will you continue to describe Fuse's exploits as he makes his way to Earth or cut to things going on on our blue planet?

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