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9/4/2017 c4 1problematic spiral
*my favorite stockholm syndrome story continue
9/4/2017 c4 problematic spiral
Well, this does have some potential. Twisted and dark romances are the best, so this was really interesting and engrossing. I do would like to see my favorite...
10/17/2016 c4 Azurepheonix
please continue
9/8/2015 c4 2kuribespharaoh
Seto's a jerk! Poor Yami! Please continue! I want to see what's next
8/25/2015 c4 9A-Koibito
Oh no! Sickness?! Do get well soon. :)
As for the chapter... jsfisnekdmsgieo! OMG! An update! Yay! It's been such a long time that I had to go back and try to rmembet what was happening because I apparently forgot where Seth and Atem came from. Lol. But I remember now, and I love it!
Bakura and Yami is soo cute! -sigh- Bakura got Yami's favourite things and put it in the room. Really says something. Ah! So beautiful! Yami's expression was priceless. And as for Kisara... haha! Her comebacks are neverending! So slick, Kisara. XD I'm loving her character more and more, and hating Seto's character. -.- He's such an a**hole, but I am curious as to why he broke it off with Yami like that. Eh, who knows. We'll probably find out later!
Anyways, awesome chapter! I love it and can't wait to see more. Again, get well soon! Bye~~~
8/1/2015 c3 iceprincess reniee
He there
Frist let me start with saying sorry i didn't review the last chapter.
This chapter was good i really enjoyed it and kaiba is such an a hole in this and i totally LOVE the dark ship it's my fave and i love your story and adore you so keep up the good work
7/19/2015 c3 12Orochi-Dragon14
You know, I would have reviewed long ago if I had this on my fav/follow list Lol. I swear. It took me 50 years to put my all time favourite fanfic on it. (Though it was completed years before I read it so that's different). Anyway, this story is very interesting. I like how you're using all three 'Yugi' and 'Bakura'. Yugi as a ten year old is really interesting. I love Kisara in this. She's so kick ass! Okay, Seth needs to beat Seto's ass. He's such a dick! Kinda reminds me of Duke in Phoenix of the Moon (my Yamishipping story).

Bakura was epic. Poor Amane! :'(. Ahhh I'm excited to see the Thief King! I'll just call him Akefia, that okay? *squeeee! Haha yes I have some weird obsession with him. Don't judge :p.

Anyway, love this! Now we both shall die over each other's epicness! Hfgggjhgv
6/13/2015 c3 71The Queen of Plot Twists
Okay I absolutely LOVE pride shipping but I also absolutely LOVE darkshipping but what I love most of all is pride vs dark! (Second only to my to are which is puzzle) and I love it when it's bakura vs Seto for Yami and bakura wins especially when Seto wants Yami and he doesn't want him back this is the opposite but I loved if!
I love everyone and how you portray then eapeciallg bakura and I love how yami's a bundle of emotions and confusion and feelings righ now but he's still our fiesty fighting Yami!
I wanna bunch Seto which means you did an absolute superb job keepin him in character! Kudos!
Kisera is my favorite though! I love how tough and moral ah's sis and how she talked back to Seto! You never get to see her in a strong role and your right she totally deserves more love!
And I love the yugi and atem are brothers and yami's cousins so he's still got family and those who care about him :)
I hope bakura moves Yami from the she's soon though. Normally I'm agaiant Stockholm syndrome stories but in this case it's obvious bakura has no clue what he's doing and he's not being cruel to Yami to make him obedient (Stockholm is when victims mistake their captures NOT being evil for kindness) bakura legitly wants Yami to love him so I'm curious where this is gonna go! And excited! Darkshipping needs more love!
6/13/2015 c3 Petunia-chan
Hello Recette,

I'm sorry that I forgot to review the last chapter, but I don't like to write on my tablet. So now I write from the PC. Plus english is not my native language, I can read it very well but I'm bad at writting. I hope you can understand what I want to tell you.

About the story: I like that the characters are not so OOC and that Seth, Atem and Thief King Bakura have own bodies. Till now the story is very interesting and I'm waiting for Bakura's not-so normal human side to kick in.

Have fun with decoding my message.

Till the next update
6/12/2015 c3 9A-Koibito
Eep! My heart leaped to my throat in joy when I saw that you had upated. -hugs-

Anyways... REALLY?! Kaiba seriously fired his own SISTER-IN-LAW? What the heck...? Kaiba, you're brutal. And that coldhearted message to Yami... OMG. If Yami doesn't wake up and realise that Kaiba is a d-bag, then Bakura will need to slap Yami up a few times. I really liled that bit about Bakura, and the feeding thing was hilarious!

It seems Kisara is the only one -beside Yami's family and Bakura- that cares about Yami. Honestly, love thay woman. If she was real ee would so be BFFs xD

Oh yeah. And who is the mystery friend? Mahad? The is Ishtar family? I have no idea... Is it an OC?!

Anyways, I really loved the chapter! Update again soon!
6/12/2015 c3 19TNckitty
Thanks for mentioning me in this chapter. Sorry for not reviewing. I usually don't have anything to say for it. I hope you post a new chapter soon.
6/7/2015 c2 9A-Koibito
Bless Kisara's soul. I love her. Heck, even I was taken aback by Kaiba's words. You think he would be a suckish liar and Kisara would catch him lie about caring for Yami, but damn. He just let it out... Poor Yami. He loves an idiot like this. Bakura is amazing though! Even if he did knock him out cold, kidnap him and then tied him up... yep! Bakura is still better!

And awww! The ten year old Yugi is just so adorable! And Atem is in this too?! So loving this fic. Can't wait for the update!
6/7/2015 c1 A-Koibito
You know what happened the last time I read a fanfic with darkshipping AND prideshipping? My head exploded due to rage.

I ended up cursing Kaiba throughout the entire story.

My love for prideshipping diminished a lot.

So, I'm obviously very glad to see that in this fic the roles are reversed! Kaiba is the a**hole, and Bakura is the lover boy! XD Very happy. You do not understand how ecstatic I am to see this darkshipping! I love how it's going so far! Yes, I see the other chapter, but I'm a person that loves giving reviews! The author gets positive words, and the reviews for the story goes up higher! :D

Anyways, I really love it! Seriously! I will go read the next chapter now.

And seriously? I thought it was Tea... Who could it be then? *curious face*
5/30/2015 c1 15Miqu
Hic. Is modern darkdhippiing different from normal darkshipping?
Phone is being stupid
5/25/2015 c1 21Luna Loto -LadyBrokenDoll
It was calling me. I have that dirty pleausere when theres some pride and dark in the same fanfic... -even if one of them is oneside or similar-.

Thank you for sharing, hope to know something about it soon c: !

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