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1/8 c50 Toehoe123
uuuughhhhh I love this fanfic soooo much. I'm glad you didn't make them hop straight into dating bt made it so they have to figure out all their baggage first. :)
12/23/2020 c50 Guest
THE ANGST of this chapter! It’s not fair, they’re so close to being together pretty pretty please update this soon I don’t think I can handle even another month without knowing more of them :(
12/17/2020 c50 Bechloe1105
update ASAP! please let the next chapter be it please
12/17/2020 c50 1NickysAms
Omg this has been a journey hahahahha I love this fanfic, this was a great chap, I can’t wait for the next one tho, hoping it will be soon?! Hahahha happy holidays!
12/17/2020 c50 Guest
Oh my gosh this is so emotional. Please please update soon. Like before 2020 is over. Thank you thank you to you and your beta for uploading
12/14/2020 c50 2450 Shades of Pitch Perfect
This chapter tugged at my heartstrings. All the "goodbyes" of the Bellas made me sad. So nice that Aubrey cares about Beca too. I really hope that Beca talks to Chloe about her feelings.
12/14/2020 c50 SoFlaComet
Beca is sooo close! I really enjoyed the conversation between Beca and Aubrey. It really captures the tone of their complicated relationship. You tell there is care, concern, respect and love in their interaction. As always I love your characterizations. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
12/12/2020 c50 96itadakimasu96
Thanks for the early Christmas presents. I'm in love with seeing Beca and Chloe in love. Also this fic... I'm in love with this fic. Always worth the wait! Happy Christmas!
12/12/2020 c50 Lone Enigma
We have to endure the sadness before the happy ending. To make it all worth it. Can't lie though, I really feel for them. Thank you for the early Christmas present in the form of this update.
12/11/2020 c50 K M

K: *Openly bawling into wife's shirt* I cant-*hiccup*-its too much...

M: This was not supposed to make me have feels! I NEVER get emotionally involved! What have you done to me?!

K: *whispers*...Please? I need this...I want to know- if they- and she...

M: This is deliciously exquisite torture and on any other day I would expound upon the skill in your written word, but as my wife and I are currently losing our minds...

K: Please update soon. My wife is saying please update soon. She said 'Please'...Thats a big deal for her...

M: *blinks*...I think Ive been attacked...*frowns confusedly*
12/10/2020 c50 HarlequinA03
hello. did you already see the leaked bechloe kiss scene?
12/9/2020 c50 Sobe29
When you write chapters this good it is well worth the wait! Chloe and Beca need to talk already. The moment at the end was such a nice moment to end the chapter with. Can’t wait to see what happens next!
12/9/2020 c50 esximo
Amazingly written as ever! So goddamn sad everyone's leaving Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
12/9/2020 c50 KendricksWeirdo
Holy shit that was extremely heartbreaking omg. I need this conversation to happen asap I’m big sad
12/9/2020 c50 brc18272
Im not crying, youre crying ...
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