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9/23 c9 DT.A.9.RE
Okie i really really love how the madness blends into the caring side of Kakashi all while preserving the depression and mental instability you have done a great job at writing him thank you
9/17 c48 Guest
That was so sweet!
9/9 c30 3JadeDragon927
Thoughts, questions, concerns, apples.

the story is good so far, the first chapter really hooked me in quick. I loved the dark atmosphere that was presented and how serious some of the characters are. this is my first Shikamaru centric fic as well.

Overall, I'm noticing that the pace feels a bit faster than what I'm used to, and the scene transitions feel very light. throws me off a bit when an action happens in-between dialogue.

love the plot!
8/24 c23 2000karma
hanky panky between ShikaAnko?
8/18 c75 Guest
Ahh u prick ur such a good fanfic writer for insane shit. I hope u have a good life but fuck you and fuck boruto for making u stop
8/5 c75 2xtx-xtx
This was insane! Loved the read! Gotta be one of my favorite I swear! I especially loved Kakashi, LMAO
8/4 c3 Theif Lupin
Damn naruto just got penetrated from behind without consent
8/4 c31 xtx-xtx
8/3 c28 xtx-xtx
Nah foul.
8/3 c28 xtx-xtx
Nawh please don't tell me Kakashi is gonna get mind fucked by Itachi even after Orochimaru fucking his Chakra abilities
8/3 c19 xtx-xtx
Nahhhhh don't tell meee
8/3 c15 xtx-xtx
Bonus 9 is foul play
7/31 c3 yourfoxydope
u must read in manga how kawarimi works.
7/24 c7 miouigarashi
man I hate Kakashi here╩ľ
7/16 c1 Sypho Dias
why did I see a child porn advertisement in the reviews? what the actual fuck...

well, it was certainly a first I suppose.
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