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for My heart belongs to you

6/28/2021 c1 3LillysandRubensMummabear
Continue! PLEASE I like this story, it's cute and perfect!
4/30/2020 c1 9SaucySarah
I love this. I smiled, I laughed, I teared up. Great job! I have no idea if you still write but you should. I have so many questions and would love to read more.
11/9/2015 c1 RookieMyLife
Update, please. We need fics Mcswarek
6/19/2015 c1 2AllMcSwarek
Great start. continue please.
5/28/2015 c1 Guest
I'm intrigued,please keep the story going!
5/26/2015 c1 kate1701
Oh i like the sound of this, keep these chapters coming.
5/25/2015 c1 Guest
Your summary was perfect - this is crap.
5/24/2015 c1 Elle
A great story line and I hope you update constantly. But there are a few things that you need to look into. Andy is going to start academy soon but Sam saw her at the club and thought she was off duty?. The age differences between Andy, Zoe and Oliver does not really make sense.
5/24/2015 c1 Guest
Yes Sam is too old for Andy, not in age but maturity. It's more accurate to say that Andy is too immature for Sam. She is not on his level emotionally or mentally or he's out of her league would be a better description.
5/24/2015 c1 jh126
First, let me admonish that rude guest reviewer who wrote that this story was atrocious. I really am so sick of these anonymous "guest" reviewers who don't have enough balls to identify themselves. To them I send out this challenge. Go write your own fic if you think you can do any better. Then let us review YOUR work!
To you I say ignore that. Yes, I do agree with 'drzmak' that you had quite a few grammatical errors, but I chalk that up to language barriers. The age thing, the difference between Oliver and Zoe, was greater, than that of Sam and Andy, and it did put Zoe at Andy's age. But the Shaws' concern could still fly, by writing it as them just being super over-protective of Andy. As such, I see Oliver as more of an older brother figure to Andy than a father, so him considering Andy like their daughter didn't quite jive, in my mind, but it's nothing that distracting from the story. Surprised that anybody would think four years is too significant, unless Andy were still in high school. Then it would matter, but at 23, I don't think so. There were also some spelling errors, but in spite of all that, it was easy enough to get the gist of your story, and, I liked it. I'm a huge fan of AUs, and I'm anxious to see more, so please update soon.
5/24/2015 c1 Donut Ray McSwarek
There were a few grammatical mistakes (sorry, I'm a grammar Nazi, got word OCD like Juliet Ward). Maybe you could also split up some of the longer paragraphs for easier reading. Other than that I loved it! Also love the bromance between Ollie and Sam. BTW if Sam is 26/7, Ollie is roughly 30, Zoe is 7 years younger at 23, isn't she the same age as Andy then? Sorry just curious. Can't wait for the next update!
5/24/2015 c1 2Rookie Blue for ever
Cool I like it cant wait for more. I would never guess that they are together I hope we get flashback.
keep the good job.
5/24/2015 c1 2meaculpas21
This story is simply I am extremely fascinated by the theme of the this story. It's interesting and definitely something we haven't seen or read. You have a talent for writing Sam and Andy. I loved every second of this chapter and I am hoping that you continue because when I got to the end I just wanted more. Actually I need more. To quote our favorite sexy cop "I can't wait to see where this is going"! Can't wait for more!
5/24/2015 c1 linda p
Great start. I am in.
5/24/2015 c1 Guest
WTF? Stop. This is atrocious.
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