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for Underneath the Underneath

4/22/2018 c14 Guest
When are you posting this on AO3?
4/22/2018 c14 Cruisegirl86
Hi that is too bad, I really enjoyed this story so i catch you at Ao3 right? Archive of our own?
4/14/2018 c14 2tiffanycr
Thanks for letting us know!
8/18/2016 c10 2xbLoOmZx
I hate to criticize about grammar because it happens to all of us, but the only thing that bothers me, is that I feel like the characters act overly polite for the relationship that they have. They've known each other for years; I think they can afford to loosen up on politeness and strict etiquette. But that's just my opinion. Keep on writing!
8/15/2016 c10 Guest
I find the way that they just outright talk about things forces the relationship forward too quickly and is rather uncharacteristic of both of them.

I really the first chapter where you were playing with underneath the underneath and you should have developed that further with her noticing things slower and over time.

As it is the way you have developed their relationship just feels forced and awkward and immature. Not many people would just outright talk about every relationship they've ever been in on the second date. Kakashi also would have known all that about her already.
7/14/2016 c9 rosaaerith
And I just felt the butterflies in my stomach doing flip after I reading this chapter :3
7/13/2016 c9 10cherryflowerblossoms
Th se two are like teenagers. So cute.
7/12/2016 c9 30ForsakenKalika
Damn it, Ino! That was good, though, her interruption. It adds some tension, and we love tension lol have a safe trip, darlin'!
6/30/2016 c8 ForsakenKalika
short but a good set up
6/30/2016 c8 rosaaerith
Weew, it's short. :)
5/29/2016 c7 6avid-reader21
This is really good. Can't wait to read more. I love how you are writing this to sound like real people, in real life situations.
5/19/2016 c7 30ForsakenKalika
Hey, for having end-of-year stuff, this is still a great chapter. I like how Kakashi is willing to put everything out there with Sakura, but, man, she's distractable. I'm a little worried the shinobi objectivism is going to make this conversation a little... cold? like a business meeting. hopefully our two dears don't shut down or nothing comes up before they can really chat. try your hardest on your tests, and we'll see you on the flipside!
5/19/2016 c7 10cherryflowerblossoms
Respectful Kakashi is a hot Kakashi. ;)
3/12/2016 c6 cherryflowerblossoms
*happy sigh* Thanks for the update! Loved it!
3/12/2016 c6 30ForsakenKalika
it's okay, darlin. just take your time and make sure real life is handled first. we understand.
so this chapter started to pick up, which was good, but the beginning seemed kind of awkward again. very direct, very honest, not entirely at ease with each other. they seem almost business-like about dating. the scenes were set fairly well, and the characterization was awesome. it's literally just the dialogue that's weird about it.
in any case, I look forward to your next update! thanks for sharing!
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