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for Collision of Worlds

1/1 c16 Janny092
Please update.
9/29/2020 c16 6Blazblade
Oh Dooku, you have no idea how capable Terrans are when we go all out. Underestimating Earth will be your downfall much like it was for the Chimeran invasion. Hell they mostly won but all it took was one chance for them to defeat the invaders and they succeeded.

I look forward to both him and Sidious being proven wrong and seeing that Earth is more dangerous then they thought. Hell we were able to give the Chimera a good fight when we managed to reverse engineer their tech, let's see if we can't repeat that with CIS tech.
9/17/2020 c16 3cardkill
Good chapter. Maybe I'm taking it too seriously but it kind of irritates me when characters in the Star wars universe like Count Dooku view slug throwing weapons as primitive and inferior. I get why but I don't think they should be passed off as next to usless. I hope you make them regret their viewpoint In later chapters.
9/17/2020 c16 6Vumanchu
Can't wait to see what the next chapter will be like. I'm betting three-way clone wars.
8/21/2020 c15 Vumanchu
Kept us waiting huh? And you didn't disappoint. Keep it up!
5/15/2020 c15 1Deathrex007
it's good to see this story being updated again after a long period of Silence, thank you. Let's see how this story progressed over time, now that it's back online.
5/13/2020 c15 3cardkill
I was afraid this story was dead. Thanks for proving me wrong.
5/13/2020 c15 1RabidArmenian

I thought this fic was long dead but it lives!
5/13/2020 c15 Connor Ohlander
Love it
5/13/2020 c15 ColonelBeanbags
This chapter is definitely something, very well done, awesome to see you back again.
4/16/2019 c14 Hadrian.Caeser
Nice story
3/10/2019 c14 3cardkill
I'm interested to see were this goes.
7/27/2017 c14 1RabidArmenian
More, i want more of this!
1/23/2017 c14 6MEleeSmasher
Recent update. Hmm, I will follow this and see where it goes. How do the UEC counter the lightsaber, Force Adepts in the Galaxy of Star Wars.
8/2/2016 c13 Blaze1992
Hmm this looks to be good but why hasn't it updated for a while. Also why is the cover image for this fic a Reaper from ME3? Currently I have to give this a 8 out of 10 please update.
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