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9/1 c40 follychone
I absolutely just adore your story. Completely without any negatives comments for all chapters. Big kuddos for you.
8/6 c40 BloodLily22
I love your story keep up the great work!
6/13 c40 jwarden
Hope your health is better and you can come back and finish your stories soon
5/16 c1 Guest
love the story, but you use the word mirth way too much, it almost makes it hard to read bc it just repeats over and over again
5/16 c1 Guest
holy shit the word “mirth” is used so much please find a synonym literally anything would be better than reading mirth 1000 times in a paragraph
5/12 c40 lbot1979
This is such a lovely story. I really hope that you finish this. I would love to see where it goes. Also, want to see what happens with Nora.
4/16 c15 Gapch
Yum, the Viking in a Kilt
4/16 c15 Gapch
4/15 c4 Gapch
Is having similiar story ideas even a problem in fanfiction circles?

I've read close to 700 svm fanfics and they all
are a variation on a theme.

So whomever has you worried about having the same storyline as someone else...is missing the entire point of fanfic in that No one's fanfic is original and no one's fanfic is copyrighted or protected. It's all fair use.
4/15 c1 Gapch
Loved that last paragraph especially!
4/14 c40 DalysanneSnow
I just reread this for the who knows how manyth time! I hope you're well, still feel inspired to write and maybe one day come back this. Thanks for the ride!
3/12 c40 3RosettaRoseburn
I love this story and this is the fourth time I've read it. I was wondering when you were going to update again? I guess this is my favorite Vampire!Sookie story and actually my favorite True Blood story at all. I especially love Godric's character in this.

I wondered what you were going to do about Godric's past though. Salome mentions to Eric that Godric used to be a Sangunist and that he told her about Nora being his child. I don't believe the last to be true because vampires seem to keep everything they can manage to secret but the first could be. It seems like Salome to mix a lie with a truth. You seem to go with the "they only killed bad guys" route so it could've been his maker forcing him to be a Sangunist. Godric's brother, Remus, was a Sangunist but he was encased in concrete like Russell before the Great Revelation and escaped in the accompanying comics with the help of one of his five male progenies. Using that it makes sense that his maker could've been a Sangunist and Godric wasn't really in it because in the comics Remus tells Eric that he should've turned him so they could be great together.

I also wondered if you were gonna have Eric turn Willa. I always wondered why Eric (who took making another vampire ao seriously) would just turn her and leave her, not teaching her anything. You could use him feeling the makers pull as an excuse and this time Eric wouldn't abandon her because
1. Nora isn't dead so he has no reason to go off and grieve
2. Godric would call him back and kick his ass
3. We both know that at this point he can't leave Sookie and she would never allow him to do that

You could even make it so that when Godric and Eric bring Nora back for rehab she meets Willa and feels the makers pull and focuses her energy into being a good maker. (I would also love it if Jessica and Willa beome good friends as they would be cousins in either one.)

I'm just making suggestions so that you have ideas to keep write about if you're interested. For another one Pam could turn Tara but instead of it being out of an agreement it could be because they become lovers first (or Pam could turn Willa but I like the idea of Sookie still having Tara, her first friend, even when all her other human kin are gone) as I can imagine Tara taking a break from men for a while after Eggs and Franklin even if his blood will not send her dreams.

I also wonder about Hadley. If the blood really was suppressing Sookie so bad could Sophie-Ann not do this to Hadley too? She could send Hadley to "reconnect" (aka spy) on Sookie but instead Sookie catches a stray thought from Hadley's head about Hunter. Since Sophie-Ann can't have Sookie and Hadley wants to badly to please her Queen Hadley will plan to tell her about Hunter. Sookie could either choose to detox Hadley of the Queen's blood or be forced to let her go back to the Queen because she can't steal one of her pets. Sookie would then have to glamor ths idea of Hadley telling the Queen about Hunter and even make her forget that he might have telepathy in the first place. They could then go see if Hunter was alright and because we know how much Sookie suffered with her parents thoughts take Hunter to live with them. It could either be to protect him and Remy giving his son up for Hunter's safety or Remy not really caring and thinking his son is a freak (he doesn't have to be abusive but we just can't control our thoughts and thinking your son can read your mind is weird).

To add onto this we could have Eric feel the makers pull towards Hunter and deciding to raise his future progeny as Eric would give him father who's mind couldn't be read. (And a mother as we know Sookie would feel motherly feelings for him.)

My personal preference would be for Eric to be both Willa and Hunter's maker. He would meet Hunter first as Sophie-Ann is close to getting taken out of the game and already have been raising him for a while (at least six months) when he meets and turns Willa. Willa could even decide to stay with them for a while before making a decision depending on if you decide to do the Vamp Camp thing or not. Sookie couldn't give them her blood but they could tear it down before it got to the sunroom part.

(And does Warlow even need to be mentioned? How would they translate the contract? Why would the faries help Vampire!Sookie?) Perhaps Warlow could show up because Jason somehow could do a spell with the help of the fairies to find out who killed their parents and Sookie could swear revenge. Then they find the contract and Jason could be their in-between man for the fairies. Sookie could even discover that as long as she is related to the fairy in question she can control her bloodlust or they use a potion to keep their scent hidden. Warlow could plan to kill Godric and Eric and become Sookie's adopted maker. He was very possessive towards Sookie in the show so this seems within his character. (The whole ridiculous Billith thing doesn't need to happen but if it does Bill could use this to be Sookie's "hero" again. I don't see why it would because they're going to take out the Sangunist but something could happen causing it to spiral out of control. It's fun to see your hero's fall, it makes them that much more amazing when they get back up again.)

I hope I gave you enough idea's to make you interested in this story again, maybe even enough to finish this and write a sequel. Even if you don't like them or don't want to use them that's cool too I came to read what you wrote and it's all been excellent so far. You've left me at a cliffhanger for over two years to see how they enact their plan with Russell and what will happen when Nora and Sookie first meet. Will Talbot and Sookie become best friends? Lol just kidding. Although I think you're partially wrong about Talbot, he isn't innocent. Humans couldn't survive for weeks with juat one food and they certainly wouldn't be healthy enough to lend their blood to vampires. At the very least he kills for food even if he isn't getting hands dirty directly. It's forgivable as Russell certainly wouldn't of taught him another way but he isn't innocent.
2/25 c40 kleannhouse
well i will have to check out the WP site and see if there has been any updates on this yet, i was thoroughly enjoying reading your story. i wanted to see how Bon Temps reacted to Sookie and how the Russel thing flushed out. hope you are feeling better and you got eh notebook fixed.
2/17 c40 jfairlee
Your story is so detailed and intricate... I love it! I have a thing for vampire Sookie stories, especially when there are extra special parts to her, like in this story. Please come back!
2/15 c40 2Aya-Wolfe
please updat i love this story soooo much its amazing
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