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1/31 c40 Jeanna Atkins
please please update soon
1/29 c36 GlassMazeGazer
I’m pretty sure that this is the first E/S story that has never mentioned Sookie’s breasts unless one were to count mentioning that she has a matching bra & panty set on. Even in the few love scenes so far, there is no mention of looking at, touching, or tasting her breasts. Not sure it’s significant, but it’s definitely novel for an Eric & Sookie story.
1/29 c32 GlassMazeGazer
Well, bummer. My hope that the AP would turn out to be Godric’s maker in this story just ended in this chapter with finding out his maker was cruel & made him kill innocents.
1/29 c27 GlassMazeGazer
Okay, I’m going to state a couple of personal preferences here that aren’t meant to be critical — just a stating that I see things differently for no other reason than I’m having trouble keeping my mouth shut tonight (keyboarding-wise). The first is the addition of “ain’t” into frequent use by Sookie. I might be remembering inaccurately, but it seems like she wasn’t really using it until sometime after getting back to Bon Temps.

Traditionally, Sookie is a reader, whether just romance & mysteries or, as in some FF stories, ‘higher’ forms of literature. Even without an extensive education, ‘readers’ tend to have better language skills than non-readers &, I believe, are less likely to use ‘ain’t’. Additionally, with the exception of Jessica, she’s hanging with a much more sophisticated group now so I would expect her use of language(s) to improve, not decline. It seems like a lot of FF writers treat ‘ain’t’ like a southern-ism & use it to help convey a southern accent/tone/twang, but it really has nothing in particular to do with the south. Folks with sucky language skills use it all over the U.S. Sorry — ‘ain’t’ is just a pet peeve of mine so I hate seeing it come from a Sookie character whereas it makes perfect sense in dialogue for a Jason or a Sam character.

My second preference is wishing Sookie wouldn’t take on sponsoring or becoming a maker to Jessica even though this chapter makes it sound like it’s definitely going to happen. No doubt you have your reasons for it & I’m not saying it’s wrong. From my perspective, as a fan of E/S HEA, adding yet another distraction from seeing the E/S relationship progress is frustrating. Sookie already has a lot of time consumed by being a new vampire & spending time/training with Godric. Add to that time usage, her new vampire family doesn’t seem to feel much need to allow more than a few minutes at a stretch for E & S to have any privacy & alone time. (We’re 27 chapters into the existing 40 & they’ve only just now had a couple hours for ESN & that right on the heels of Eric being miserable.) Presumably as they settle into Bon Temps life Sookie’s old friends plus Jason will also begin eating into her time. Taking time to train & nurture Jessica is just like a final straw. It feels like the only E/S interaction they will have time for is waving from across the room or, if they’re lucky holding hands while surrounded by everyone else. If Pam were Jessica’s new maker, those two might spend a little time away from E & S leaving some small hope for a more satisfying quantity of time for their relationship to blossom beyond communicating through their blood. I was excited in the early chapters to see that this Sookie actually had a sense of humor, but E & S aren’t getting to play together. I’m selfish — I like a little fun & humor along with the mandatory doom, gloom, & angst.

Okay, done spouting my unsolicited opinion. Ready to go back to reading your story as you see it.
1/28 c23 GlassMazeGazer
Well it looks like this is going to be one of the very few stories that I won’t have to suffer through Alcide coming on to Sookie since he’s both unlikely to pursue a vampire and because (I assume) he won’t have the daylight hours with her out of view of other vampires (‘cuz daywalking is a secret he shouldn’t know, right?). That makes me happy! I’m not sure why, but the Sam, Bill, & Alcide characters have all made my skin crawl from the first time I became aware of them. I’m not a Quinn fan either, but my skin didn’t crawl with him. I just saw him as thick headed & annoying — way too annoying to be attractive enough to cause much damage.

As for all the emotional & psychological interaction with E & S in the chapter, I get they need to have a better understanding of each other & seem to be making progress, but in Eric’s place, I’d be compelled to tell the whole group that if they’d lay off the perpetual cock-blocking so a little lust could actually be released instead of building more & more pressure, he might be able to return to a place of being less distracted & start being able to focus more like his normal self. ;-D
1/28 c21 GlassMazeGazer
Pt 1: My brain is getting knotted up with the blood stuff. First, it seems like Pam should be the one working more with Jessica & if blood sharing is needed, it should be between those two since the original plan was for Pam to be her sponsor/foster. It also seems risky for Jess to have A) much of any one’s blood of their bloodline since she’s still not officially transitioned to them. Doesn’t that potentially open avenues for Bill & Lorena to gain information using Jessica’s blood connections to Godric’s family? B) Jess noticed how much better Sookie’s taste is. The point of keeping everything big just between G, E, & S was to protect Sookie from other vampires/Supes finding out about her different blood & abilities, but it’s starting to look like Sookie’s just handing out free tasting samples now (to everyone but Eric). What’s to keep other vamps from not learning about Sookie’s special brand of yumminess now should the get their mitts on Young Jessica?

Pt 2. My ‘Uh oh” from my last comment from ch 20 was about a MS vampire showing up at Merlotte’s. I couldn’t think why they’d go there except maybe Lafayette’s former involvement with V since Sookie has been thought to be dead for a month. Even if news had spread to MS that fast about Sookie being back now as a vampire, why would Merlotte’s be of interest?

So now at the end of this chapter, it sounds like Fangtasia is about to be flooded by unknown vampires — sounding very ominous. My snag is why a herd would be converging there so soon, especially given that any news that might be the cause — Sookie’s return ‘turned’ — must include that she’s the child of one very powerful vampire & sister of another. I guess I just need to hit the next button for my Pt 2 questions to get some answers, but it seems my Pt 1 confusions will have to wait. **OH! Maybe this is the V plant follow through & the vamps are converging to check out any ‘tip’ from the Queen? I’d sort of written that off as resolved. Still, besides any remaining risks to Eric & Pam, it sounds pretty risky for the Magister to meet Sookie so soon. Chewing nails on one hand & pushing the next button with the other.

You’re messing with my mind!
1/28 c20 GlassMazeGazer
Uh oh.
1/28 c19 GlassMazeGazer
It wouldn’t have broken my heart if Sam couldn’t accept it & drop off a cliff. I disliked the Sam character from his first appearance in SVM & TB. Regardless of which stories he’s part of, I still cringe when he appears & grow to dislike him just that much more.

Will there be an introduction of the change to Mrs. Fortenberry? That sounds like it would be entertaining.
1/28 c14 GlassMazeGazer
I’m confused as to why Sookie is so easily giving bits of her blood to Jessica, but so stingy & defensive with Eric. How would it hurt for her to make him a TB the same way she made Jessica’s like a ‘sweet southern lady/hostess ala Gran? I’m tempted to chalk it up to typical Sookie characters’ bitchiness to their Eric counterparts, but maybe I’m just missing something here in the story. It seems like it would have been a nice gesture to make Eric one to even if she felt the need to jerk his chain a bit when she gave it to him just to keep his ego in check.

It seems like all this secretive communicating between G, E, & S while the others are around could make it pretty hard to keep it concealed. Hmm.
1/28 c13 GlassMazeGazer
Um, daywalker or not, Sookie is a vampire & everyone around will know that shortly. How can they risk her being seen outside in daylight if they are hiding her Fae traits to keep her safe?
1/27 c12 GlassMazeGazer
I have one thing I think you’ve mistakenly attributed to ‘Fae Sookie’ more than once — holding life valuable. From my reading of SVM/TB attributes of vampires & fairies, I don’t think either race/species places much value on life with the exception of their own & of those they care about — usually those they are related to through blood. The valuing of other life/lives *might* be a human attribute, at least a small percentage of humans anyway.
1/27 c11 GlassMazeGazer
Well Godric & Sookie may not have been strengthening their bond by biting & drinking each other’s blood, but it sure looks like they’re doing quite a bit of blood sharing by slurping up each other’s bloody tears. Between laughing, crying, & any other reasons for their eyes to leak tears, seems like it happens a lot.

And I still don’t know if Sookie can fly. Although, since it wasn’t mentioned in all these chapters, I guess she probably did get that gift.

Are we going to see Vampire Sookie introduced to Pam soon? We’re 11 chapters in & these three are still chatting just amongst themselves. It’s gonna be a challenge to pack much action into the remaining chapters when they’ve taken 11 to communicate for their initial ‘get to know’ the new Sookie.
1/27 c10 GlassMazeGazer
It’s an interesting twist on the usual Sookie character’s refusal to own her own shit & blame anyone else — but mostly always Eric — for any situation where she steps over one of her delusional lines. Here she’s identifying Eric’s attraction, feelings, & lust for her as him trying to dominate her then making sure to one-up him every time. It’s just nonsensical. The average male in most species does tend to take the lead more often than not so he’s behaving normally, but it doesn’t look like dominance, it looks like barely reined in lust. He clearly doesn’t seem bothered when she bests him either, just intrigued & even more turned on. She’s also being a typically Sookie-style hypocrite. What the heck was her “Mine” declaration if not a form of dominance over Eric? I hope she gets over this crap soon & realizes that willingly taking turns with who takes the lead (a.k.a. plays the dominant role in the moment) is more pleasant & rewarding than a constant battle to one-up him.

She’s still true to Sookie character in getting her back-up even when (maybe even especially when) someone is trying to get her cooperation so they can help her. This Sookie has some real petty, vindictive moves that she’s all too willing to use to punish the two most important people in her new life (G & E). It’s interesting that she’s so sure in her thinking that Eric doesn’t love her when he has been baring so much raw emotion to her. Even if he hasn’t labeled it as “love” yet to himself, you’d think she’d recognize it, being the emotion based creature she is. After all, Godric was able to recognize it as love.

Ah well, it’s just the usual Sookie BS that makes me wish I could do violence to her hoping she’ll WtFU! Apparently being able to process thoughts & emotions at vampire speed hasn’t made her any smarter. She still a ‘cut off her own nose to spite her face’ twit in relationships.

Excellent play by Godric towards the end there with his comment, “...if you won't share yours with him, why would he share his with you?" Spot on! Guess one can gain some wisdom in 2000 years!
1/27 c9 GlassMazeGazer
AND it takes care of my previously noted issue of ‘the procurer’ living too close to Sookie’s farmhouse while she’s improving & exploring her skills & abilities. Excellent twist!
1/27 c8 GlassMazeGazer
The other fly in the ointment that hasn’t come up yet is Compton living next to the farmhouse. He could easily discover things about Sookie’s abilities living so close to where they plan to practice & spar. Speaking of the douche, I’m anticipating him making a real pest of himself once he sees Sookie was turned. He’ll want her for himself in a big way & have even more incentive to spy on her.
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