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7/15/2015 c8 KyannaLashae
Whaaa? Barry from the future eh? Awesome :)
7/14/2015 c8 dreamitdoit
7/11/2015 c8 1Don'tForgetToBeAwesome
The end of this chapter is SERIOUSLY reminding me of Not What He Seems...
7/11/2015 c8 Guest
Wtf Barry!? Sorry I wasn't trying to be mean but WTF JUST HAPPENED!?
7/7/2015 c7 JustAMemory123
I knew that guy was suspicious
7/6/2015 c7 KyannaLashae
Wow this Aleck mystery is Scooby Doo levels of weird and confusing lol :)
6/28/2015 c6 dreamitdoit
Aleck has more powers?!
6/27/2015 c6 aylel
can't wait the next chapter! good job
6/27/2015 c1 Guest
Like it a lot! I am so worried about Barry!
Please continue asap!
6/27/2015 c6 6ellieboots2810
I love the plot in this story.
Just a bit of constructive criticism. Before you publish your chapters, read through them or get someone to proof read. There's a few grammatical errors and a couple of sentences which could be improved or altered but other than that, you're doing a fine job.
Nice work :)
6/27/2015 c6 walter
awesome chapter!pls continue!
6/25/2015 c5 brulandia
omg who kidnapped Barry?

post more
6/24/2015 c5 Guest
I like it
6/21/2015 c5 234dfg
Oooo cliffhanger. Awesome chapter, can't wait for the next ons
6/20/2015 c5 dreamitdoit
Oh my freaking god! Someone kidnapped barry!?
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