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6/20/2015 c5 walter
wow tht was amazing! cant wait to see wht will happen nxt. pls pls post soon
6/20/2015 c4 brulandia
hm ... wanna see Barry awake soon...

post more
6/15/2015 c4 dreamitdoit
Is Aleck good or bad! IDK!
6/13/2015 c3 234dfg
This is a really cool story, Im excited to see what will happen next
6/5/2015 c3 walter
keep going!
6/5/2015 c3 Guest
Your review
6/4/2015 c3 brulandia
wow...surprise surprise!

but i wanna know... when Iris will realize that she's in love with Barry? i want and need them together
6/4/2015 c3 dreamitdoit
I love it!
6/3/2015 c2 Violet Eternity
Update again please!
5/31/2015 c2 brulandia
like it
5/31/2015 c2 5Monty104
WHO IS HE CALLING?! Love this! Mooooore
5/31/2015 c2 The flash addict
Poor Barry :,( update soon ! Love Barry and iris' relationship (and chemistry) :)
5/31/2015 c2 1ForgottenDreamer98
Who is he calling? WHO IS HE CALLING! Anyways... update soon!

-Ace (p.s. you're not supposed to hold someone down if they're having a seizure because they don't have control of their limbs and if they jerk hard enough while you're restraining them, they can unintentially either break something or dislocated something... learned that from other fics and health class :P UPDATE SOON!)
5/31/2015 c2 dreamitdoit
Nooo barry :'(
Who is cisco calling?!
I love love love your story!
5/30/2015 c2 Guest
Intresting so far. Only critique is when some is having a seizure never put anything in their mouth.
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