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for the son of the golden fruit

7/10/2019 c10 Mp06
Quandometti le altre storie
7/7/2019 c10 9NickSter891
fair enough you do what you need to do
11/19/2018 c9 Anime100
This is truly interesting to read; please update very soon

I wonder if Yuya or Yu will tell the group the whole truth of the future and who he is?
12/10/2016 c9 8D.N.S Akina
Its great to see you again.
12/3/2016 c9 9NickSter891
not bad
2/27/2016 c8 Kaizuka-Michiko
Love ur story, I was wondering r u going to update soon?
11/17/2015 c7 12Toa Solaric
I am curious about what Ryouma going to do Yu's presence. Keep it up.
11/17/2015 c7 9NickSter891
9/25/2015 c5 5Mr.unknow
well i think hase should get an upgrade to shin, and mai having a genesis driver... which energy lockseed would she have or would it be a new one?
9/8/2015 c5 12Toa Solaric
Do you think Yuya could save Lapis?
9/7/2015 c5 170Pikatwig
Okay... pacing is a bit better... but this did ruin some neat tension and drama that Gaim had in this episode. Bit of a complaint... is how you typed out "Strike In The Shadows" instead of "Isheigeki In The Shadows".

This isn't a bad chapter, but just try to stick to the original Japanese...

And about Hase getting the Kurokage-Shin stuff? ...NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO! Kurokage-Shin is a waste of space! All they did was attach a Genesis Driver onto a Kurokage suit.

Mai getting a Driver... do it! Do it! Do it do it!
9/7/2015 c5 12IsoldeAhlstrom
Tee hee, loving Yu's character. YES! Make Mai a Rider! And give Hase Kurokage Shin, that'll stop him from going crazy and becoming an Inves. Well done!
7/26/2015 c4 170Pikatwig
Okay, not a bad chapter but, dear Sonic Booms, you are rushing Gaim's story... the discovery of the Overlords, the knowledge of there being other ways to save the world, you're going a bit quickly...

And Yu claiming he's the son of the golden fruit, while a good title drop, was very out of place... again, it's like last chapter where he claimed his Lockseed's rank. It just messes with the flow.

But, all in all, I do see your writing is improving, but I still think maybe having somebody pre-read or have a co-writer may help you in the long run.
6/30/2015 c3 Pikatwig
Okay... where to begin? I think I'll start with the fact you came up with a good way to tell the kid from the future apart from present day Yuya, which you should have done from the get-go. Also... that whole part with Yu telling Kouta and Kaito he had an X Rank Lockseed, I feel is not needed.

But I do like how he talked with Mai from the future, being honest. But... I don't think Yu shoulda mentioned Ryouma's name where he did.

My advice: have somebody co-write this with you, so it'll flow a bit better.
6/4/2015 c2 Pikatwig
Another, okay chapter. But I think Takatora being told to let Micchy have his space is a bit... uh... to much for him. Just letting him be warned about Ryouma, Sid, Minato and Touka all betraying him is enough.

Also, a big plot hold you left with Guardian's Lockseed... how is it the same Lockseed that was used in Gaim Gaiden, Kamen Rider Zangetsu and Gaim Gaiden, Kamen Rider Baron, when it was destroyed in the latter?

This was decent... but some pacing and explanations are sort of needed.
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