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for The Forgetful Angel

8/19 c10 4andtheny
This was amazing! Including the paradox protocol and Artemis's need to mind wipe months (potentially years?!) of his life away in this endeavor if his is an extra layer of tragedy, but it's so brilliantly done! I love this story
8/19 c9 andtheny
This is so much like The Time Traveler's Wife, but the fact that Artemis /choose/ this for himself, whatever his original intentions with time travel, makes it so much more romantic!
8/19 c7 andtheny
This is tragic! I'd say Artemis DID die a heroic death, just very very slowly D:
8/19 c6 andtheny
I did see it coming but I love the confirmation just the same . Aw and Artemis's nobel attempt at saving lives is just so heartwarming
8/19 c5 andtheny
Because she doesn't know anyone who is still alive far into the future?

Omg it's like Artemis and Holly are time traveling soul mates, I love this!
8/19 c4 andtheny
4/14/2019 c10 10cheesyfreezy
i am very happy to have found your account. your writing is brilliant, and this story absolutely crushed me. thank you, and hope you have the time and motivation to write again soon
11/27/2018 c10 1NeighborsofLove
Hello, old friend! With the release of the AF teaser trailer, I decided to go back and reread my favorite fanfic (“The Book of Ages, of course) — only to be delightfully surprised with two more AF fanfics from you! I favorited you as an author years ago, so I’m a little miffed that ff didn’t notify me when you posted something new. Better late than never I suppose. :) Anyways, your writing is impeccable, your characterization flawless as always, and the pacing of your stories is melodic and very satisfying. I hope you’re doing well! It seems like a lifetime ago since you finished BoA!
8/22/2018 c10 Soren
Its 2 am and I’m crying. Thank you for the beautiful story.
1/18/2018 c10 Alex
Man am I a sucker for bittersweet.
I'm crying right now. I hope you're happy. :)
Very good story.
3/6/2017 c10 20I'veGotManyNames
This is an absolutely wonderful story! I love the idea and you pulled it off perfectly. It's so incredibly bittersweet and a little bit heartbreaking but also a truly beautiful. Thank you for putting this out there. Really. Thank you.
2/27/2017 c10 Amy
This fic is so innovative and touching, loved it!
11/6/2016 c10 13miss-coverly
Wow, thank you so much for recommending this story of yours to me. You were completely right; this story had wonderful time travel, adventure, love, and it made me question everything I know about the world. ;) I hope someday I can write such a masterpiece!

It was nothing short of brilliant, engaging, and beautiful. Most of all, it was full of both intelligence AND heart - the reason I love the original series as much as I do.

I absolutely loved your approach to the chronological elements of the story. That bit of confusion one feels while reading the first few chapters is 100% worth it, because that moment when everything clicks into place packs such an emotional punch. And the entire premise just worked so well with these characters - an angel being an occupation, not a creature is so fitting for Artemis.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my mascara is completely streaked down my face after reading chapter nine... Thank you so much for sharing this story with the world. It is one that I will not soon forget.
5/10/2016 c10 Guest
Omg this is a great and amazing fanfiction. The ending of chapters 9 and 10 almost made me cry.
12/6/2015 c10 Caver Floyd
I remember reading a time travel book that had the idea about how spending time in the future and then coming back to the present resulted in your actual age being more than your date of birth age. Glad it was incorporated.
Enjoyed the story.
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