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for double trouble god slayers

12/10/2019 c3 ljmurdock86
is both naruto and karin be godlike in this story.
10/20/2019 c3 SephirothTrueHeartlessAngel
this is...interesting...next
8/18/2019 c1 Guest
Hinashit hahaha
7/29/2018 c3 1Shadow Wolf 15846
Nice! I hope that you’ll writte some more soon!
8/31/2016 c3 1InfinityHero
8/30/2015 c3 Botsboy408
love the story hope you keep it all the way to the end!
8/3/2015 c3 1crimsonblackjack2741
Hey i just read your fic here and i wanna let you know that it's really great! I hope you dont abandon this story, i like it a lot! Please please please!
6/14/2015 c3 RikudoNaruto1
so cool
6/14/2015 c3 bankai777
Will Naruto and Karin meet Erza and Cana.
6/14/2015 c2 Karlos1234ify
Things are getting good.
6/14/2015 c1 Karlos1234ify
This is very interesting. What you brought up about Naruto's friends IS very true. All of them take him for granted.
6/14/2015 c3 Shiroyasha Gin-San
jiraiya survive rasensuriken ?
6/13/2015 c3 jerome16
Sweet ham mercy that was banging as hell.
6/13/2015 c3 SPark681
Naruto not only now has magic abilities but the rinnegan as well awesome anyways keep up the great work!
6/11/2015 c2 NyaNyaKittyFace
This is a really good story! I'm a little sad cause it seems like Makaza is going to die, but I can understand you doing that if it is supposed to be the trigger for Naruto awakening his Rinnegan. Though I do want to know something. You said Kaguya has the Rinnegan, but in canon she has the "Rinne-Sharingan." Will Naruto have that or just the regular Rinnegan? That just kinda confused me. Thanks for reading!
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