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for KEVEDD: Halo

2/8/2016 c52 2Nofi
This is very good and shows that if you hope you know the anagram for hope hold on pain ends that it all comes together in the end of the pain is only a short amount of time just reach out
1/18/2016 c52 Guest
Ahhggg all the feels! Perfection!
11/16/2015 c52 marineko96
omg! this is perfect. it made me cry of joy. ;ω; you're an awesome writer and story teller. hahha (ゞ
11/15/2015 c52 2Double-Dee Approves
Hiya. My name used to be TootlebugSkaterchick just to let ya know. But that is irrelivant.. Look at me RAMBLE.

BUT... THIS. WAS. AMAZINGNESSMIXEDWITHTHEBESTNEWSEVER! I loved this chapter and think it was the perfect end!
But one question remains. Are you going to write another story?
11/10/2015 c51 Guest
yaaaaaass! loved it. continue please. this is were nat meets rave loool
11/10/2015 c51 Guest
omg i friggin love, lOvE, LOVE this story. i was thinking since nat is alone. im thinking he's mad and jealous. what if he wants to hurts kevin, but not in a bad way. but something went wrong and this time kevin ends up in the hospital and in a coma. idk im in a fangirl state. (/_/;)
10/22/2015 c50 2Nofi
Poor Nat ...
10/19/2015 c50 shelby.shoemaker901
Yay! He's alive
10/19/2015 c50 4KayRose09
Lmao you're a horrible person, but I love it.
10/17/2015 c50 10licilovesanime
Your answer honestly mad me laugh.
Nat suck it up buddy! Even with a glorious booty such as yours you we're bound to lose, I mean it Kevin we're talking about.
I love this chapter and the description of how Nat was sitting! :D
10/17/2015 c50 1Rosa564
Thank you for not ending it like tht ive been a dedicated reader maybe i dnt review all the time but i do luv every chapter even the very short ones. But thats surprising of Eddy to stick up for Kevin and Edd's starting relationship but i luv tht he did now gives up some Edd and Kevin alone time ;)
10/15/2015 c49 shelby.shoemaker901
OMG noooo
10/14/2015 c49 Rosa564
What you mean by that last line? Please tell me you're joking right? He can't die in his sleep after all that's happened to him for him to die like that would be a punch in the face to us readers all this wait for kevin and edd to fall in love then he dies, not cool.
10/14/2015 c49 4KayRose09
Wait, what do you mean he didn't wake up? Please don't play with my emotions
10/13/2015 c49 2Nofi
He didn't wake up? HE DIDN'T WAKE UP? is this the end? ... oh my heart
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