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for KEVEDD: Halo

9/12/2015 c39 FaintWolf
All hail Shiro-sensei for not ripping our feels out
9/12/2015 c38 FaintWolf
The symbolism is beautiful Please let Edd live
9/12/2015 c39 2Double-Dee Approves
No... He can't be dead... I think I'm gonna cry..
9/11/2015 c38 2Nofi
Church bells? Ahhhhh ... I am glad to be your prisioner... do you fallow kevedd groups on facebook? If you do check out the one called nathames
9/11/2015 c37 Nofi
Oh ... em... gee ... *huddle in a corner waiting to see if edd survives*
9/11/2015 c37 9a fanfictioner
GAH! The fangirl feels! Love it soooooo much.
9/11/2015 c37 FaintWolf
(_) ヽ(。)ノ

9/10/2015 c29 a fanfictioner
'Hot guy that tries to win him over, but someone here makes that a bit hard.' Lol love love love
9/10/2015 c36 FaintWolf
Ahhhhhhhh whyyyyyyy?!
9/10/2015 c36 2Nofi
*horror face* noooo my heart breaks *sits waiting for more ... and is probably addicted*
9/9/2015 c36 1Rosa564
2ch in one day yaaay...but why? poor Edd please roll the dice twice in his favor don't kill him off please... i feel for Nathan for once i can just image wat hes feeling right now desperate, sad, angry gosh don't let him die even if a 5store fall is impossible to survive
9/8/2015 c34 FaintWolf
This is a fantastic story, the plot is amazing and I can't wait till Kevin punches Nathans face in. I have never hated Nat this much :/ buy please continue in love the story!
9/6/2015 c33 2Nofi
I am ready for this ride let's get going .. I am ready
9/4/2015 c32 Guest
You are shitty! Whole that story is SHITTY!
9/5/2015 c33 1Rosa564
aah snap if kevin and nat dnt kill eacher from having to share a room ill be surprised lol... cant wait to read more :)
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