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for Kill The Deceiver

5/24 c1 PrincessLinkin1
Just realized the story is abandoned
5/24 c6 PrincessLinkin1
Absolutely wonderful so far, and I truly wish you had completed this fic. Even a short update would be greatly appreciated, and the number of good AGK fics is severely lacking. I'm fav'ing because it's good, and following on the off chance that it gets updated, no matter how slim that chance is.
6/27/2020 c2 betrayed666
4/22/2020 c3 Guest
Still waiting.
7/5/2018 c6 5Raystio
Please continue!
6/10/2017 c6 ALVI SYAHRI
5/13/2017 c6 Spectre God
3/18/2017 c6 Guest
will you ever update?
3/8/2017 c1 Lone wolf aka Black Hawk Omega
Great read! Hoping for some more tatsumi esdeath pairing tho
2/19/2017 c6 4Yamato Minamoto
I just finished reading the last chapter of your story and i think it is amazing so far! Although i am sad because it looks like the story is discontinued and i would really like to know how the story would move on. So if you read this could you please continue writing again? I am sure i'm not to only one that thinks this and wants you to continue because it is such an amazing story so far!

Please continue with your amazing work! :D
1/9/2017 c6 Sun
What do you mean close to figuring it out? At this point I'd she didn't I would question get intelligence.
12/29/2016 c6 Onyx
Hey Dude/Chick Update This Story Will Ya, Cause I Mean You Left It On Such A Freaking Cliff Hanger.
11/14/2016 c6 192 is half of 99
dang good chapter update!
9/3/2016 c6 Guest
The story is very good ,can't wait for the next chapter keep up the good work. Tatsumi x esdeath
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