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for Kill The Deceiver

1/14/2016 c6 1L.B.N
Awesome chapter
1/14/2016 c6 36Natsu is Awesome
Cool, nice to see Akame effected his 'most cherished person' vision, wonder what you'll do to get them even closer together.
1/14/2016 c6 Stratos263
Oh shit tatsumi is almost compromise
1/14/2016 c6 TheOnlyKing
Goddammit, I can't believe Tatsumi let himself be caught off guard...
1/14/2016 c6 7Eramis8
Akame suspects him. Either way the absolute rule of Teigu is going to be scary.
1/3/2016 c5 2TheFancyFox
this is so amazing! Tatsumi in this is the best evil protag ever!
1/3/2016 c5 TravisUmbra
Did you read my mind!? Do you have spectator?
Earlier i was thinking sense like all things blood is asensily water. I thought it should. Be awesome it is. I call it
Blood puppet.
Great chapter well done.
1/3/2016 c5 Meazm
Cool chapter ! I lik e tatsumi teigu's power. Control the blood !
1/3/2016 c5 Guest
Update soon pls
1/3/2016 c5 1L.B.N
Awesome chapter
1/2/2016 c5 2SMxABULM
Very good keep up the good work
1/2/2016 c5 TheOnlyKing
Good chapter, if a little short
1/2/2016 c5 Stratos263
That was an impressive trump card
1/2/2016 c5 1ZaWarudoFan
Let me guess the pairing is Tatsumi xEsdeath X Akame since when I check the new summary
1/2/2016 c4 Meazm
Interesting. Make it akame x tatsumi !
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