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8/7 c15 Guest
This must be the biggest FU kick to the face punched . stomach. kicked. in .the .head. while you’re down the ground I’ve ever been bestowed. The Periods between the words are intentional because I’m trying to emphasize how badly you screwed us over. Fuck you sniveling prick for saying in the year 2020 well you’re gonna update within a week now it’s in 2023 it’s been over a decade and you haven’t made a recent update. The only thing I had to share for is your stupid excuses you disgust me you gelded pony of a stallion
8/7 c15 Guest
Author: lol I couldn’t honestly give two fucks if the reader waited years of their life for an update, but I might as well give a half hearted half assed apology for keeping my adoring loyal idiotic fans waiting all these years

My greatest fans I apologize and will never go on hiatus again, I expect to have a chapter out within the week,(last update, year 2020) ( SpongeBob narrator, 3 years later(2023) still no updates

Me the idiotic loyal fan:wtf you keep people like me waiting for years and you get a basic indifferent condescending apology. It makes you sound like a total ass hat.

And when I mean that I was waiting all these years, I’m not actually referring me. I’m talking about Your fans in general imagine how someone might feel waiting years for an update only to get this big metaphorical gigantic biggest FU
8/6 c15 IM SAD
Author:(year 2020) I’m sorry for keeping you waiting all these years life has been so chaotic for me, I promise never to go on hiatus again

SpongeBob narrator:(three years later)

Readers seeing this started playing Clannad Ost Town people flow of time and yells to their mom;( Mum (the fan weeps for all the years he had wasted waiting for an update) get me a bottle of vodka and a dove chocolate bunny that is deep fried and smothered with even more chocolate and marshmallows stat

Fans Mom : Marion Francis Stu, you are a 45 year old man without a job and are still living in your parents house move out of the house and don’t ever come back hear I disown you. I wish I had a Daughter instead . Seriously? Who waits 20 years for a fanfiction update oh, and hentai?.Disgusting pervert!,Get away from me you creep.

45 year old loser fan… Noooooooooooo curse you author because you made me wait 20 years my parents kicked me out of their house and this inherited me from the wealth now I’ll never be able to buy the $2,000 Hentai I have been wanting to order since I’ve been 30

Me: I’m so done with all these excuses and society’s bullshit in general

But in all seriousness all jokes aside I don’t mean to be rude insufferable, douche bag but pls don’t make promises you can’t keep. You would have been saving people years of waiting and disappointment if you had just been honest and said, I don’t know if I will ever finish this, I’m sorry for making you waste all these years( to your credit you did, but it sounded insincere and indifferent) waiting for me and I appreciate all the support. Honestly if you had said that you had lost interest, I would have respected you a lot more. But to say life has been chaotic for you, ( try moving around the country, living in a small, cramped RV with a sewage tank you have to empty every two days and with no reliable air-conditioning , stressful, long and degrading job? Try having to work eight hours a slaving away in a degrading job for 40 hours a week , working for penny wages, or having to work with weird or rude, and mean people who treat you like you’re an retarded fuckwit, or work for jerks to talk badly about you behind your back because they’re cowards and you happen over here when you’re around the corner. every single day of your life, my computer broke or my job is to stressful and my shift is too long do you think your job is stressful long or degrading? I scrub shit off toilets For $15 per hour hours a week.
8/12/2022 c1 Dissapointed
The first chapter shows this story will be at the peak of idiocy.

Naruto is being not only beaten by a mob of civilians but almost killed while his ANBU guard is just watching and cheering from the sidelines. The Hokage doesn't even punish the ANBU guard.

You know what? Just read it. It is quite funny how stupid some people are so there is that.
7/1/2022 c1 Darth54
waiting for next update? hope you come back soon
5/8/2022 c1 Brother V
This is bullshit
5/8/2022 c1 Brother V
This is bullshit
3/20/2022 c15 Guest
Continue this, please!
2/7/2022 c15 Anonymous
It has been a year since u updated but I hope u can update soon!
2/6/2022 c15 Hi
11/11/2021 c1 brown22
like the story
but not the oc

god job on it

keep up the good work
7/1/2021 c14 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 15.
4/8/2021 c1 2Navi the frog
yeah I'll pass,this is too cringe and unrealistic for me. A 5 year old murdering a group of shinobis while he just awakened his bloodline and talking like an adult. yeah I'll pass.

have a nice day
3/20/2021 c15 demon87
very super
3/18/2021 c15 HyperA2019
Looking foward to Chapter 16.
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