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for Over in a Flash of Red

7/1 c1 Darth54
waiting for next update? hope you come back soon
5/8 c1 Brother V
This is bullshit
5/8 c1 Brother V
This is bullshit
3/20 c15 Guest
Continue this, please!
2/7 c15 Anonymous
It has been a year since u updated but I hope u can update soon!
2/6 c15 Hi
11/11/2021 c1 brown22
like the story
but not the oc

god job on it

keep up the good work
7/1/2021 c14 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 15.
4/8/2021 c1 1Navi the frog
yeah I'll pass,this is too cringe and unrealistic for me. A 5 year old murdering a group of shinobis while he just awakened his bloodline and talking like an adult. yeah I'll pass.

have a nice day
3/20/2021 c15 demon87
very super
3/18/2021 c15 HyperA2019
Looking foward to Chapter 16.
2/7/2021 c3 Guest
And also pair hinata and naruto
2/7/2021 c1 Guest
Make baritone gain the sun and moon mark six paths senjutsu and a sliver 9 or 6 tomoe rinnegan in left eye and EMS
2/5/2021 c15 Amber1shipley
10/31/2020 c5 ibaad
I absolutely love this series. The pacing is a bit slow but overall its fantastic
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