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7/6/2015 c8 BruceLeeNagato
Wow Madara is actually alive I didn't see that coming. (No its not sarcasm, strangely when I read this it sounds like but I'm serious)
Anyways I've got a question ... Will he be able to use adamantine sealing chains too?
This is my fifth review so be gratefull. (Yeah the last part was necessary :D )
7/6/2015 c8 ChoppedHige
For once, I'm not sure what to say but I'll do my best.

The fighting scenes were pulled off excellently. There was an equal mix of plot and technique in them, instead of just a flat-out battle. At this point with Naruto being a student, you can't just have it be a 'simple' fight with no criticism or analysis. So many authors do a battle and a mediocre explanation of it at the end instead of during the spar. Great job.

I suppose the one criticism I can add is that the plot-line advanced WAY too fast in the sense of percentage of the chapter. The drastic leap is not unwanted or unfounded; but it felt like the majority of the future was pounded into our heads in an almost 'oh, btw' after the chapter.

Overall? It was another great chapter, but even if there were details to the advancement of the plot, it still felt rushed or a side note to this chapter's flow.

Thanks for all of your hard work and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. -Chris
7/6/2015 c8 theman1111
Hope Naruto doesn't become evil or leave the Leaf I think Naruto should be on a team with Yamato and Mea and Nana
7/6/2015 c8 frankieu
nice chapter liked the fight
will be interesting to see what the big badguy has planned
7/6/2015 c8 1Serena of the Dawn
Damn, this is an awesome story
7/6/2015 c8 6MEleeSmasher
I cant seem to get to your links to the appearances of Mea Uzumaki and Nana Uchiha. Can you fix the link?
6/22/2015 c7 BBWulf
Pretty good thus far. :)
6/22/2015 c7 Azrael Akuma
I'm really enjoying the story, and can't wait to see how shit plays out.
6/17/2015 c7 Guest
Well this is really getting good so keep up the good work and update soon looking forward to the next chapter.
6/17/2015 c7 ChoppedHige
This was a very interesting chapter.

The continuation of the sharingan training was executed well. It's been done before, but you pulled it off without feeling like it was copied and pasted from someone else's fic. That's a plus. A bit cavalier, but going by canon, it's really the only feasible way to advance your story with a matured sharingan before what might be the massacre.

Sasuke's entire family was slaughtered and all he got was a single tomoe that went dormant for years.

On an unrelated note, how the hell does the amount of mental trauma not cause it to mature faster? Sasuke gets smacked with Itachi's Tsukiyomi and gets zilch (I was completely okay with, I friggin hate Sasuke). First battle at the VoE and his sharingan fully matures. Kishi works in mysterious ways...mainly being the biggest Sasuke fanboy.

*coughs* Back to your fic. The introduction of another Uzumaki is something I really liked. The execution was extremely rushed and I can only hope there is more of a back story (or a more detailed short one; oxymoron I know) since it would seem like you're throwing in an Uzumaki for the hell of it. Considering your stellar track record so far, I doubt that is the case.

Detail given to the Uchiha's status in the village, pre-massacre, was very enjoyable; including more of Naruto's integration into the clan. You've created an Uchiha district with people and land, not just your typical author who writes 'The Uchiha District', mentions Fugaku as a douche in half a paragraph and that's it. You've given the Uchiha compound a personality. Hard to explain, but that's the only way I can describe it.

The allusion to the oncoming massacre (or not? Dunno, you're the author and you've kept this typical reader finding himself wrong in his predictions.) has been written exceptionally. You can truly feel the suspense building even higher in this chapter.

You've taken a less then 6k chapter and made it better then a vast majority of writers 12k.

Thanks for all of your hard work and I can't wait for the next chapter. -Chris
6/17/2015 c7 1sketchtheunicorn
It has taken you quite a while to get to the Academy, but with how strong Naruto is right now, is the Academy even necessary? I'd say Naruto is at least high Genin to low Chunin, and that is just because of his lack of field experience. Wouldn't having him apprenticed to Shisue or someone else be a more logical reaction to his skill level? I mean what is he actually going to learn that he doesn't already know? Aside from that, the story is playing out well and I have seen Very few errors in grammar and spelling. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read the next chapter.
6/17/2015 c7 5narmulti
Good story keep it up and UPDATE SOON
6/17/2015 c7 Shadow-Shinobi666
Great chapter, can't wait for the next. But there is something that I don't understand, why do you put "read and review" at the end of the chapter instead of just "please review"?
6/17/2015 c7 kamui5
Damn danzou. wonder who else will survive. I'd hope Shisui will
6/17/2015 c2 1sketchtheunicorn
I just followed this story for the sole reason of the Third pointing out that the Hidden Leaf is run by the Hokage, not the council, which most stories on this site seem to think is the opposite.
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