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7/29 c4 Guest
I’m with Clare. This is genius!
6/1 c3 Denie1943
1/3 c4 Guest
Truly wonderful. You captured the innocence and lightness of Maria and the splintered strictness of the captain perfectly. Deliciously indulgent read. Thank you.
1/4 c4 reisova
Very good story
9/20/2020 c4 nanajojo
This chapter was so funny. I almost choked laughing. I just love Max.️
5/21/2020 c3 Clare
A super AU fic, very smart! And I love your conversation at the gazebo much more than the one in the movie ;D I love Maria's sassy attitude and that she just doesn't give the Captain an easy ride. You rock!
8/15/2019 c4 Mrina810
I really wish you’d continue this story further. I love happy drunk Georg ️
6/29/2019 c3 ShadowWhisperer12
ahh... so deliciously romantic and sweet...
3/5/2019 c4 Emily
You are an amazing writer. So happy I found you. Reading through your stories. Maria is wonderful, funny and vulnerable and spunky. But so funny; I am laughing out loud, that almost never happens for SOM fanfics
11/22/2018 c4 10bloomandgrow
Such an ingenious 'telling the children' scene - a kiss is worth a thousand words. I loved how Georg improvised.
I do love the way you portray the interactions between newly engaged G and M - so hot and delicious and playful.
I laughed over Max's version of Elsa's exit, as well as the Captain drunk with happiness and too much scotch, and then being caught by Frau Schmidt and Maria. It was too funny and too adorable.
Gorgeous, gorgeous story.
11/17/2018 c3 bloomandgrow
Oh so wonderful in so many different ways. The heartbreak and angst was brilliantly done but even then you sneaked in laugh out loud lines that had me chuckling (Maria burning down the barn for instance).
I think that I prefer this proposal scene than the one in the film. It was gorgeous and delicious. You write Maria and Georg incredibly well and their dialogue is always so flawlessly perfect. I love the way you characterise the two of them.
Fabulous story.
11/17/2018 c2 bloomandgrow
It's amazing the way you gave a tweak to a vital scene and changed the whole scenario and made it laden with greater emotion and depth. Poor Maria opening her heart to Georg only to have it shattered into a million pieces by Elsa's words. That was so painful to read but brilliantly done.

I'm probably facing a lifetime ban from the BFC myself for the way I have treated Elsa in some stories but I do have sympathies for her. Despite your masterfully crafted dialogue between E and G - which was so perfectly in character - I still felt for her.
Gotta say again - geez, I miss your writing.
11/17/2018 c1 bloomandgrow
Oh so delicious! I have missed your writing so much but it is great to go back and savour your older stories. This was fabulous. I loved the inner thoughts of both G and M - so spot on, and adds such richness, insight and humour into that pivotal scene.
Ok, I'll admit to a sneaking sympathy for Elsa. She was just fighting her corner, watching the man she loved fall for a younger woman right under her nose. Fair enough Georg was angry at her for her words to Maria but still, he should be angry at himself for being such a prat and leading two women on. Just my 2 cents worth. But how I loved this beginning of the story. It hooks me in every time. Your writing is amazing.
11/13/2017 c4 7Hanzura
Heyo! c:
Ahahah, the last part is absolutely brilliant! I can't stop laughing, it's really funny, thank you for making laugh!
This is a great fic, and I loved how you portrayed the "boys cracking a cold one" and everything in this, ahh, I really love this fic! Especially Max, I love him as the chaperone! c:
10/12/2017 c3 Scot
I LOVE this fic - it's so funny - genius writing. I like Elsa's jealous schoolgirl behaviour - I always enjoy that - and I LOVE the bit at the start of the chapter 3 - the description of Maria's crying fit - absolute genius again. I also enjoyed the reference to the Baroness's hanky at the start - BRILL! THE BEST SOM fanfic of all time! You are a genius - really enjoyed this. Wish we could meet up so I could let you know what a fantastic writer you are! Best regards - Scot.
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