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7/25 c48 Libsify
I love this story, it is so good.
It reflects the characters very well and I just love stories set before half way though season 5.
Season 2 was, in my opinion, one of the best seasons before Densi became a thing in season 6, it was just so funny.
I love how you've written this.
Maybe one day you will return and finish this story. If you do, know I will be enjoying every word and I wait anxiously for that possible day!
7/21 c48 56writergirl99
I have loved this for a long time now and continually re read it. I understand real life gets in the way sometimes and things change, but id really like to see this one updated.

On a slightly more personal note, I'm sorry for your loss and hope your doing okay.
7/7 c1 wadmac
Thank you for sharing your storytelling gift with us. You are a talented writer.
5/24 c48 1MerDerMagic911
you really should continue this story it's really good
5/23 c48 Jennifer Meechan
Are you going to post any more chapters of this story? I really hope so because I really enjoy it. :)
5/1 c48 2doglover500
Amazing story truly beautiful. Please continue please
2/17 c32 evelynmarie1
I know you've completed the story but just to comment I love it just the way you did it.
2/8 c1 4BritishHades
is there a flashback scene where kensi and deeks meet. I can never seem to find it
1/27 c48 Olicityforever
Will you continue with this story?
I hope you're doing well.
1/21 c19 BritishHades
I like your idea of the oneshots
1/17 c48 12Lister4eva
I love this work so much. It is one of my favourite Densi stories! I hope you feel better soon and i am truly sorry for your loss. I patiently await any further instalments. This is amazing and so funny at times.
12/27/2019 c48 sg1star
Really enjoyed this story..well written and once started didn't want to put down
12/15/2019 c48 Guest
I really love this story and hope you continue it soon. This is one of the only stories I constantly check to see if it's updated and can reread it without getting bored of it.
11/10/2019 c48 Guest
Love this story. I'm sorry for your loss and understand. Sometimes the ones that are not unexpected are worse than those unexpected. I hope you have had a better year.
11/10/2019 c42 Guest
I hope you want to continue and are just on a long break. I would love more back story with kensi and her mom. Also how she reacted to deeks.
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