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11/22/2016 c7 3JustJolola
Goodness. Glad that Haruka's not more badly hurt.
At first, I wondered if everyone really needed to accompany Masato to the hospital, but then I remembered that he's not the only person she's important to. XD

Hope she recovers quickly!
3/22/2016 c1 arashi1hana
9/23/2015 c15 JustJolola
Wowee, what tension.
Gosh, Masato's own father making him feel so uncomfortable. Tch.

Another great chapter! I suppose we'll meet this Kana soon?
8/26/2015 c14 JustJolola
When I saw the rating change, I was all :o, but those parts are easy enough to skip, (and I like this story too much to not read it!) :p
That was a close one, though. What are they gonna do now?

And I wonder if Mayumi's going to divulge the info she got from Shining?
8/24/2015 c14 12ShadowX-Over.Writer
Well...that was certainly...awkward. XD Like always, really enjoying this story though I did feel a little disoriented from the transition between chapter 12 and 13. It almost feels as if some parts of the information are missing, unless you're doing it on purpose to reveal it later. But yeah, this chapter definitely made it clear why it's rated M right now.

I really love Masato's mom. You really did a great job characterizing her as I can almost see her as an actual character in the series. Hope to see more soon~ :)
8/22/2015 c13 3JustJolola
Masato, that sneaky guy. I wanna know what he changed in the song, too. XD

And I wonder what Mayumi wants to see Shining about...
8/22/2015 c12 JustJolola
Man, Masaomi should really keep his suggestions to himself. Tch.
8/10/2015 c11 12ShadowX-Over.Writer
Masato wants to what?! o_o Well then... I'm definitely looking forward to when Masato and Haruka talk since it's been so long. I really like your style of storytelling and I can't wait to read more. :)
8/9/2015 c11 3JustJolola
It's interesting how Haruka starts crying for no apparent reason. I just finished re-watching the first season of utapri, and man, she cries a lot. And I thought I was emotional. :p

But dang Masato, with your flower messages and whatnot. ;) It's great that Haruka knew the meanings behind all of them; I'd have just thought it was just him being creative. XD

I really like Mayumi-san. She's great :)

I hope Masato gets everything sorted out! And I wonder what Shining is up to...
8/4/2015 c10 JustJolola
I'm enjoying this story!
(I should have reviewed right away, but I left it a day or so and forgot what I was going to say! :o I think it was something about the way the characters interact with each other?)

Anyway, good job; I read it all in one go. XD looking forward to the update! :)
7/21/2015 c9 12ShadowX-Over.Writer
Hopefully everything goes smoothly with the play and all. I would hate for something to happen to Masato now after everything that just happened. I totally awed at how Ai was being Haruka's eyes. Such a sweetie~ But Masato is definitely the mvp of sweetness considering everything he's done. Ahhhh, can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work! :3 (Hopefully Heavens doesn't try anything sketchy)
7/15/2015 c9 BlackCheetah
7/4/2015 c8 ShadowX-Over.Writer
Every chapter so far my feels just fall on the floor and puddle around my feet. I loved the little Masaharu moment. But the part I absolutely loved the most was how supportive Masato's mother is to him and how she stood up to Masaomi. That part was great and I couldn't help but shudder at her last sentence.

It may be my love for Kuroko talking, but I kept picturing Takao from Kuroko when your Takao was mentioned. Can't wait to read the next chapter~
6/30/2015 c7 MAC624
amazing as always :-) pls. continue
6/29/2015 c7 Soundtrack-Fanatic
Ok, squeal for this chapter because angst and love! I've always wanted someone to write something in this fandom where Haruka gets seriously hurt and then the guys freak out over it...maybe that's messed up but I love my angst. Thanks for your wonderful writing! I love this story and the romance, and Haruka's characterization is everything but boring (Thumbs up). :)
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