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for A Werewolf and a Veela Walk Into a Pub

3/10 c18 A German guest
Although this story became a little rambling in the last few chapters, it is a pity it has not been completed. Perhaps things will eventually settle down enough that you can re-focus on your writing? I should certainly hope so, for we seem to approach a turning point here. I like your unconventional take on the werewolf and wolfsbane angle - it would fit right in with the policies of some of the more reactionary wizarding politicians. Not so sure about the involvement of the Greek deities with Veela. As far as I know, Wila (upon which JKR did build the idea of Veela) are characters in Eastern European folklore, not so much Southern, so I would have expected a Slavic god or goddess to be "responsible" for them. But perhaps I'm approaching crossover territory here. I found it intriguing that Krum seems to unbend a little in the last published chapter. Something is in the works there, I'm sure, and I guess you have got an interesting backstory for him. I'd also be interested to read what you make of the case of Ginny and the basilisk, it surely is not as straightforward as some reviewers of earlier chapters thought. In short, my best wishes to you, and I sincerely hope to read more of this (and other) stories!
3/8 c1 jesoos

He looked at her worriedly, "What if I attack you?"

"I think every fiber of your being wants to protect me Harry," she answered.

Awfully presumptuous of Hermione.
3/9 c3 Schmaing003
This story is so weird, Ginny has the forethought as an 11 year old to try and kill Hermione for Harry's sake?! Dean and Seamus are suddenly close enough friends over just a few days to warrant being told Harry is a werewolf yet Ron (who I admit I dislike immensely) who has been their friend for 2 years is just dropped like a sack of potatoes?! Hermione is a super genius who can also interact perfectly fine with regular people and gets special tuition from every teacher at Hogwarts but she kept it a secret from everyone ooooh. I am just not into this at all, I was super excited when I found you had a story with Harry as a werewolf but it makes no sense and is so hard to find enjoyment in... I mean you have Ginny as a cold blooded murderer but Dumbledore is somehow a good guy yet at the same time Harry is pissed because Dumbledore hides shit at the castle and yet he is doing the same?! F off with that level of silliness.
3/6 c9 19Kallanit
Re your A/N about Quidditch, Harry doesn't follow the professional sport because he doesn't have the opportunity to go and see matches and so choose a team. At this point in his life, he's either at Hogwarts or with the Dursleys in the Muggle world. However, in Goblet of Fire chapter 2, he does show a love for the sport, and I quote: "Even Quidditch – in Harry’s opinion, the best sport in the world – couldn’t distract him at the moment."

I noticed you haven't been around for quite a while, so I hope you're keeping safe, well and healthy.
2/25 c18 Guest
Great hope your muse keeps returning glad it can be fed with Converse sneakersThankYou
2/19 c18 Dakdak2016
really enjoyed this hope you come back to it
2/17 c18 karmakarma2001
Really enjoying this story
2/9 c1 Mia Zabini
AMAZING JOB!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) KEEP IT GOING, I AM ENJOYING IT SO MUCH!:)
1/13 c18 6Inu-bitch
This story is great. I hope to see it updated soon. I have enjoyed reading and rereading this story over and over but I really can't wait to see this updated and completed
1/4 c18 K
This is a great story, and really does need to be completed. A three year hiatus to date is somewhat overlong! I sincerely hope that it hasn’t just been abandoned permanently, as it is far too good for that.
12/5/2020 c18 Auntiebib
I read this story after it was highly recommended on a Harmony group on Facebook
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this very entertaining and very different fic. It was well written with some quite original ideas and use of minor characters in more important roles.
It is a pity it is unfinished but I am very happy that you wrote so much, and have not taken it down. I would recommend it to anyone.
11/28/2020 c2 4The Geeky Folkteller
It didn't try to exert control of Harry because it couldn't. The process of control takes time and Harry wasn't in possession of it for long before Ginny stole it back. If she hadn't, it probably would have possessed him instead after continued use because he was a stronger magical source plus it would have killed two birds with one stone by killing him and gaining a new body.
11/28/2020 c1 The Geeky Folkteller
Your logic with Harry thinking Ginny needs to be punished for the Chamber of Secrets fiasco is flawed. Ginny wasn't a willing participant, she was possessed by Tom Riddle and forced to do things against her will. Malfoy, on the other hand, willingly and knowingly murdered people out of a stupid and misguided superiority complex.

If you want to set up Ginny for bashing, fine, but do a better job next time and try harder.
9/22/2020 c18 christjp05
I was so skeptical of this story when I started it but now I need the ending. I totally thought it would be over since voldy was done but you kept going. You did very well with this. Keep it up.
9/1/2020 c8 2Lordlexx
That's a really terrible reason for him to quit. That was the one thing he had for himself and she gets whiney that he could get hurt. They can get hurt doing potions but they still do that.
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