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1/27/2019 c1 5F14M3RZ
I'll be honest, I'm not too sure what's controversial about the whole sex thing. Maybe if the tentacle beast actually started molesting Ranma, then sure, but it never got to that point before the GM intervened. Although I am a touch surprised the GM didn't mention anything about the 5th sexual taboo: incest (insert Kuno joke here).

Anywho, even though this fanfic was last updated three-and-a-half years ago, this is looking to be an interesting Ranma One-half fanfic, especially in terms of being inspired by The Gamer. A lot of untapped potential, it looks like. See ya later.
1/4/2019 c1 46Hikari Nova
revive and update this please it's really interesting
12/27/2018 c1 1GandalfTG
Interesting take on The Gamer. (there's another Manhwa comic I found recently called Solo Leveling that's similar but also very different.)

I think exposition like this is a cardinal sin of fanfic, but as this is Ranma, who has no experience with video games, I can understand it, though, Gosunkugi, Hiroshi, or Daisuke would have likely been able to explain things without resorting to "God" stepping in to explain things. Also, "God" stepping in to save Ranma is very disappointing, it's a major let down. I really hope that "God" isn't going to be a recurring character, that'll get old, real fast, since the story should be about Ranma overcoming the challenges set before him, not "God" fixing them for him.
3/7/2017 c1 KrisB-71854
I hope that you've read MistofRainbows scobby gamers and build by numbers over at tthfanfic org.

It seems like you are biting off a lot which is actually fine. You've got some life as a game going on, the gamer, and youngling builder.

The Gamer ability doesn't do save points. That's a LIAG thing where you can die and reload and keep trying, and trying, and trying until you figure something out.

I'm actually rather happy that you are tossing in youngling builder as well. That's just as or even more over powered long term as the gamer ability. That's fine with me. It depends on what you cross it with and just how you actually use it.

This being Ranma, I can see him using it to do the speedy repair of after battle damage. All those martial arts construction workers would be glaring at Ranma as he out does them in quality and quantity. The builder thing is something that Ranma could easily miss at first. He spent weeks ignoring his gamer pop up messages.

Crafting is usually underdeveloped most of the time. I'd actually like to see Odd Job Ranma. Ranma is the perfect series for a gamer cross just because he does so many varied things and tries to level them up to a rather usable level in a week or so.

I'd hoped that you would have started his gamer powers earlier, but I'm fine where you have them. I was fine with his actual level being one, but I like scobby gamers way with stats. Your average human can get 10s in everything without any real issue. 20s are athletes that really work at something 30s are Olympic levels verging on super human. Anything 40 and you are in the super human range for stats.

I'd have no issue with Ranma having some 20s in str and dex to start out. Heck, his might be at 40 or so in both stats. It would easily be in character.

I so encourage you to get inspired and add a few more chapters to this! I like how you started things off. I was skimming the reviews. You explained why he was in girl form. It was raining and he went to the shrine to get out of the rain. That's when adventure happened. Come on it was too late at that point and he didn't have a chance until after adventure was over to even think of looking for hot water.

Fighting demons and not becoming an unwilling demon bride would have been far more important to him.

I can understand why folks were miffed with the GM. It's straying form the gamer trope. It's not really a thing in LIAG fics either. That's fine, because they both do tend to have snarky, ironic dialog that tends to poke fun at the player.

I somewhat like the AMG idea for a kami as his assigned god. I've read far too many Ranma crosses where AMG jump in though. I'd actually be fine if it was some neutral demigod level person assigned to look after and monitor Ranma. AMG sort of works as they do have the entire world computer so having the gamer be some sort of odd gaia interface into it is believable.

That's more if you want to develop the GM as an actual offscreen character that chats with his peers on his assigned project/Ranma.

I'm not sure what the best sort of near higher being or series would work best. Meh, its an idea.

I actually don't mind how this starts out to much. You've got him at the tendos. He was just out walking about or trying to explore and got lost in the rain trying to find his way back. That's all fine.

Gos makes a good exposition character and starter companion for him. I agree that his two guy friends are lame and are cardboard cut out placeholders at best. They don't do anything for or with him other than drool over his female form. They don't help him train, chat with him about the foe of the week, or much of anything other than hey that girl is hot, which includes you Ranma. It's amazing that they remain friends with him. It's more like he doesn't usually have a choice.

You have so many options and paths that you can go with this. There are a few fics like MaxFic's Naruto: The Gamer Files that are rather good at using the relationship system. Naruto has lots of factions and chores that he can do to build those relationships.

The same applies to Ranma as well. Seeing it presented in a plain number score that his relationship with Akane starts out at Hated would change everything. Especially if he noticed that Kasumi or Nabiki are at dislike with him.

I'm more of a Nabiki or Kasumi shipper. It really depends on how the story is going. I detest Shampoo and tend to be meh on Uyko. Uyko would be a fine match in RL, but in Ranma land? Nah, she wants him to work in food service for the rest of his life. The handful of times that happens to him quietly prove to him that would just be a life of utter hell for him.

Oddly, working at various shops, doing chores, and just odd quests are great things that you could do with this. You don't need a straight up magic shop with the aybss auction around. You could have him find various cheap semi magic items with observe though.

It'd take while before he figures out that scanning / blue printing/ and crafting items would work for items, potions, weapons, and armor. He likely wouldn't really think of using weapons that much at first.

Thinking about it. He might since his first win was by a sword getting change to a one off specialized weapon. He lost what would be a good day to day sword, but better that than dying on his first tutorial fight.

I'd actually love to see Ranma and Gos actually develop a real friendship. Ranma needs someone to whine to. I just want him to unload on Gos that Akane doesn't really do anything for him and she utterly hates him. That he'd change this so-called engagement in a heartbeat if he knew how.

Ranma may be utterly confused why everyone else wants to chase after Akane so much, but I could oddly see him supporting folks courting her properly.

I liked your fast, clean, straight and blunt intro to sex for Ranma level oblivious idiots. That should clear up various bases issues like just why all the guys seem to try to grope him or the other girls.

You've got a ton of potential here. I'd just love to see more of it.

Some fun bits is that Ranma would endup storing everything that he has in his inventory. He usually only wears the same outfit daily or themed ones. I'd love to see him get some sort of tailoring job, skill, or quest chain.

I don't mind that you unloaded with the full status screen. It needs to be done every now and than. At the start works well. After this, you just need the occasional 1 or so earned doing such and such activity or increasing various skills. The more that you toss up the numbers, the more important that they'll become. They aren't at all. Numbers in fics are vague and are totally up to the writer. ;)

You can level as slowly or quickly or oddly as you want to. Being Ranma, I can actually see him not raising his exp level much except for the occasional ID. I can see him raising things through Training. I could see him unlocking entire lists of things and getting them to about level 10-15 before he needs to do something else.

Ranma really is a jack of all trades. You need to have him really make use of that.

I like the idea some one mentioned of Ranma exploring town and having various cross over quests. Ranma has been crossed wth all sorts. Even if it is only a camo background name and setting here and there would be enough. I'd find it fun if you had Ranma transfer schools so he isn't going to the one that his Dad had signed him up. I don't think that I've ever actually seen that done.

Hmm, it would be fun if you had Ranma and Gos buy their own summonable combat maid and/or bulter from the AA.
2/8/2017 c1 73Tjin
any more?
1/27/2017 c1 RoseRavenWillow RandomFangirl
Finally! A gamer!Ranma fanfic, I feel like, even though Ranma most likely doesn't know shit about video games, he would be one best characters to make use of the ability. How is he going to explain to Gosunkugi about his curse though? Throughout the whole demon-slayer ordeal, Ranma never gave about his curse or true gender, even though Gosunkugi would more than likely believe it. I just can't wait to see how Ranma deals with the rest of the NCW now that he somewhat understands his gamer powers.
1/13/2017 c1 Sapient Pearwood
I enjoyed this one as well. It's such a relief to find an author who doesn't cast the GM as a sadistic prick. A GM's role is to tell the story. Helping new players get used to the game system is what a good GM does. Sadisim and mad cackling should be reserved for the player who knows how the system works but still insists on making the stupidest decisions possible and whines about it once their character contracts a demonic S.T.D. (Usually the Bard)
7/10/2016 c1 1ryomy
i like you history
6/8/2016 c1 Guest
How could you abandon! this it's glorious!
6/2/2016 c1 1LightnigJack
This is kick ass
5/23/2016 c1 Arawn of the lost
This story deserves far more review then you have been given it’s amazing.
A few things though wouldn’t Ranma get a stat boost by being a half elf, like have a regen in an area of strong nature, or stronger magic then again most elf’s have high dex.
Just an idea don’t feel obligated to listen to me but, maybe an ability to channel mana to enhance his/her attacks which could later be upgraded into an elemental variant, you know fire for burn damage, wind for cutting attacks, stone for raw strength, water for an increased to dex, lighting to add electric damage.
Please update soon from your loyal reader Arawn of the lost
3/20/2016 c1 Rydan fall
In a way it is interesting.
In a way, I think you mist the mark.
99 procent trained in the catfist, die.
Of the 1 procent to survive, 99 procent are beserkers.

The Gamer STATS give a Gamers Body AND a GAMERS MIND.
It could explain why Ranma even survived the Neko Ken in the first place, while also explaining why he still goes crasy when faced with a cat, to low basic stat points, like int, wis, str, end, vit and mana.

You just mist a great way to let canon go mostly as canon, with Ranma leveling up all the while.
Then after the Shaffron Arc, you can break away completely.
The non canon parts would happen off screen, thus we not knowing a thing about it, like Gamer typo quests.
Which DOES neatly explains ALL of Ranma's hunts for a cure for that curse of his, the experience points and loot are just that good.

With Akane hammering Ranma for being a pervert all the time, I expect her to one day hammer Ranma-chan when Ranma-chan is using the bathroom and Akane walked in on her, in the evening or so.
Too bad about FF it's lemon filter (skirting to close and...), else you could have had a way to get her to start wearing latex, leather and so on, outfits, because Ranma did not have money on her and the place only had that typo clothing for her, to pay for by working.
Think of places like a sex shop and other such related places like clubs and hotels/motels, ect, ect.

But that is more BEA or AA, then FF.
Which is too bad, since their are quite a few outfits that just needs something added in order not to come across as that kinky.

Are there other options?
Probably, but with the GM being kami sama, you have O My Goddess, meaning Devils and Succubea are on the lose as well.
How big would the change be, for Ranma chan to end up working in the hotel of a succubus as a maid, with a uniform made from leather or latex?
With Ramna his luck?
I would guess it would be quite high.

So lets go on another track for a moment.
If the Neko Ken is a status effect, what for other ones could Ranma have gotten from Genma, either directly via teaching or non directly by being cursed?

Anyway, this seems like a interesting story, do continue it.
3/19/2016 c1 Funguy2015
really good hope you bring out another chapter
2/23/2016 c1 Rain Shigu
... I was hoping that Ranma would get a demon tentacle. Maybe make it into a whip, or one of those finger guard things to use as an extendable whip. Either way, good work. Hoping to see more.
1/23/2016 c1 1pax-draconix
I'm really liking your take on this crossover. I hope you continue it someday. I can imagine all kinds of situations with a Ranma that has the gamer abilities with a builder subset. And the idea of having him befriend Gus from the beginning is unique.
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