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9/18 c29 searge
Excellent chapter, as always! Good drawing out and extrapolating the interangles and depths of loyalties and correlative relations with each character, and the smart approach for both sides in the recent clash is a continued joy to read.
8/26 c29 6GlaringEyes
Oh, the fallout that will ensue this incident... I can only imagine the others' reactions (mostly Ryoko and Mihoshi) next chapter. Not to mention all the ripples that it'll send through Jurai and Seniwa's politics. I admit I wasn't expecting the abduction to go as well as it did. I was almost expecting Tokimi to pull something during the operation and leave Nagi to the wolves. But again, it wouldn't have been prudent, for Nagi knows far too much about Kagato's plans to let her fall into enemy's hands. And Misao better watch himself. Investigations about the abduction will certainly reveal that the perpetrators had inside help (otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to inflitrate the party so efficiently as they did). And with the remaining four Gundam pilot's wits, it won't take long for them to narrow down who could have leaked confidential intel to Kagato.

Heero and Ayeka have the overdue heart-to-heart talk to smooth things over. It's good that Ayeka accepted relatively well how things between her and Heero will be from then on. But fortunately for her, she didn't stay heartbroken for long, for she and Quatre finally 'seal' their relationship. Wufei and Kiyone also make the next move in their own relationship, just as Trowa and Sasami. Trowa still doesn't seem to have romantic feelings towards Sasami, but it's clear that he already has a strong bond with her, one that might evolve into something else in the future. Now all the five Gundam pilots are officially paired for the story.

As I mentioned in my previous review, everybody wants a piece of Heero, even in the villains' side. Nagi and Ragyo we knew already, but now Tokimi as well LOL. Kagato better start to watch himself too, for Tokimi might eventually fall to Heero's charms and change sides herself...

"Seizing the Array might cow the galaxy into submission, but the situations in which its power may actually be used should, by necessity, be limited. Most occasions will call for a defter touch, where finesse and skill are key. This young man already has both in spades" My thoughts exactly about the wider picture in Kagato's plan. Having an weapon of mass destruction may help in discouraging large scale war, but it wouldn't help in a guerilla warfare. A sane ruler wouldn't destroy an entire planet just to neutralize small pockets of rebellion. It'd be akin to burning down an entire house just to get rid of a cockroach infestation. Much better to call a pest control professional (and, in Kagato's mind, Heero is this professional).

I'm too looking forward to see the future dialogues between Heero and Kagato, and how their philosophies will clash with each other. Of course, we all know that Heero won't be swayed to Kagato's side no matter what, so I'm also curious about what other plans Kagato has in mind for Heero just in case. Maybe use him as a distraction for the others while he goes after the third repository... Hope you update it soon!
8/25 c29 15Rhaza3517
Yet again, you dazzle your faithful readers with your writing prose, my friend. Another very well-done chapter, full of intrigue, politics, daring do, and suspense! Heero in the arms of the enemy! Oh no, what shall we do?...

Oh, please, like he hasn't been captured and taken behind enemy lines before. This is Heero we're talking about here. Shoot, he blew up his own Gundam to keep the bad guys down! If Kagato really thinks that he has the know-how to convince the ultimate user of the Zero system to side with him and Tokimi against his friends and family, then he's in for a rude awakening... Gundam style!

Looking forward to the next chapter, my friend! Best wishes, and Ciao!
8/24 c29 3coldblue2015
Wow!...So many things changing, but the story written so well!

Heero has Ryoko and Mihoshi as his girls/love interests. I almost feel like Nagi belongs in the group given the reluctance for working for Kagato in this chapter and both Tokimi's.

Quarte and Ayaka are NOW a couple, which is cute and great! Honestly, I never thought Ayaka being in the same 'harem' with Ryoko was destructive/toxic at times for poor Tenchi.

Wufei and Kiyone are becoming my 2nd couple group. Honestly if "The Pirate's Soldier" has sequel inspired by "Tenchi Muyo GXP!", I could read the title being called "The Dragon Solider in the GXP" with "Tenchi Muyo GXP!" girls falling for Wufei and we read Kiyone deal with other's seeing Wufei better qualities.

Trowa and Sasami are cute. Not creepy, but cute. I guess it also Sasami/Tsunami given that they BOTH might have feelings for Trowa. Something that I think would be interesting for Trowa to go more into Jurai and being Preventer that gets a idea on Jurai politics/power BESIDES Heero.

Nagi...I feel like she is hating her situation with NO MATTER the money she recieves, it not worth it. But she very professional and committed to finish her contract...Kind of remind me of Heero in various regards.

We also have to remember that the Gundam Piolets/Preventers made mistakes as well in "Gundam UC/Wing", which does not make them the best people. They are human or can make mistakes. Serious mistakes with consequences like Nagi part of now.

Kagato and Heero dialogue is going to be good. It like the part in the "Gundam" Series we read the dialogue of differing views and philosophies to point that CONFLICT is inevitable but it just good to read/listen to.

Can we expect Nagi to find redemption to save Heero from Kagato forces?

Any chances of a sequel to "A Pirate's Soldier" where we read Wufei join the Galaxy Police Force similar to "Tenchi Muyo GXP!" but different with a upgraded Altron Gundam?

How likely will Heero develop another Light Hawk Wing when he fights Kagato during the meeting/dialogue scene in the next chapter?

When will Tokimi realize her mistake with Kagato and Kiryuin by forging this alliance and this high dimensional goddess gets humbled by being trapped by LESSER beings?
8/24 c29 224Fox McCloude
Okay, another long wait for another long chapter, and as usual, you did not disappoint. Ah, the dreaded FFN purges: they don't come often, but when they do... better just be on the safe side.

Nice to see some advances on the other couples, especially with Heero giving them a nudge on the right direction. Much as I find hilarious to see Ayeka lose her temper with Ryoko, I also like when she shows her more mature side, in this case accepting that Heero cannot reciprocate her affection romantically, but accepting that he loves her as a friend and part of his family. The buildup between her and Quatre definitely paid off (though I have to say, damn, they surely jumped pretty fast into each other). Oh, is that jealousy I sense on Sasami? Rest easy, girl, Trowa only loves Catherine as a sister, so he's not taken yet. And at long last, we get to see some REAL romantic tension between Wufei and Kiyone, we've been long overdue for that. These events are always great to build romance.

But alas, the peace and quiet was not mean to last, and now Heero's been captured. I was hoping the attempt would fail, but I can't deny I too enjoy seeing villains trying to get the hero to join them, only to get completely rebuffed and pay for it. Aside from the inevitable "Join me" interaction between Heero and Kagato, I'm also looking forward to see how he'll react when he finds out that it was Mihoshi's own brother who sold them out. Pretty sure he's going to get very, VERY angry, and Mihoshi will be heartbroken about it too. How long before Nagi finally realizes that no amount of money is worth having handed over Heero to Kagato? Not when it could potentially spell doom for the whole universe. It's not too late, but here's hoping she will turn over, if only to save herself.

Speaking of, since you ended up engaging Mihoshi and Heero even though it was not your original plan, I'm now wondering if there's a chance Relena could become a potential wife in the future. I mean, the start of the story made it clear they drifted apart, which to me is a bit sad because I ship them together, but at least you didn't break them off in a horrible manner like many authors do. However, since it seems inevitable that Jurai and Seniwa will form an alliance with Earth in the not-so-distant-future, perhaps there's a chance they could rekindle their relationship, even with Ryoko and Mihoshi being okay with it? It's just a thought, of course, you don't have to go through with it if you don't want to.

So, I guess that's all I have to say. I'll sit back and wait until next time and see what comes next. As always, take care and keep up the good work.
8/22 c29 17Shinigami Miroku
Perfectly executed, allowing for the necessary moments with the Gundam pilots and their respective ladies (congratulations to Quatre are in order) while also setting up for the classic "Bespin" confrontation. I'm excited to see how Heero escapes the clutches of Tokimi and her pawn Kagato (because as much as it seems like Kagato is the main baddie, fact is Tokimi could undo him in the blink of an eye for no reason at all, and the only reason she hasn't is because he aligns with her ideals and is committed to them). I feel bad for Ryoko and Mihoshi; the latter especially is going to be practically inconsolable... either that or ramping up for a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, given how passionate she is; I'm actually not terribly concerned for the alliance between Jurai and Seniwa because, not only do they have their previous friendship as a base, but because both the Emperor and Grand Marshall will be far more focused on tracking Heero down (the main issue is going to be, as per usual, the high society pricks who can't see past their petty plots of "land"). Washu will definitely pull out all the stops with her unparalleled genius, but who knows what sort of ways Tokimi could block her. Out of all the Gundam pilots, I think that Duo will probably have the most faith in Heero's ability to get himself out of this jam simply because of all the missions they had together, and poor Trowa and Quatre will have their hands full with the Juraian princesses.

Great chapter, as per usual, although there's one tiny bit that I feel like I have to point outwhen Heero shakes off Tokimi's praises, he should say "I couldn't care less," because he really has zero interest in anything she has to say. Anyway, hope you're doing well, and am excited for the next chapter!
8/22 c29 Videoman8
Hey great chapter as always. I have some opinions regarding the chapter. The main focus is Heero, Ryoko and Mihoshi’s new relationship, the dance and Heero’s capture. For this chapter It would’ve been nice to know how the conversation actually went, with dialogue, Perhaps in a flashback. Heero’s talk with Ayeka “, excellent. The scenes regarding Kyione and Ayeka flirting with Wufei and Quatre (respectively) felt out of place in this chapter. Those feel like reactions to Heero’s kidnapping. The gang are in a false sense of security, believing they can’t be harmed in friendly territory. That shock stirs Ayeka to confess to Quatre. Kagato “stole” Yosho from her and Sasami and now Heero too. That’ll push her into Quatre. A similar effect for Kyione in regards to her “feelings” for Wufei. We’ve barely seen anytime with those 2 so it “feels” semi out of place here. The scene with Trowa, Sasami and Yokimi is great. Tokimi”s capture of Heero pushes the plot and Sasami being a vessel for Tsunami and her reaction seeing her forces further conversation between Washu and Sasami regarding Tsunami. Overall fantastic work 8/10. My only opinions are that some material felt they maybe better AFTER Heero’s abduction not before. Looking forward to updates, and till next time.
8/21 c29 13chidoriprime
Even though Kagato's attempt will violently crash & burn?
8/21 c29 twisterblake2015
Awesome chapter
8/21 c29 Anthony
Another great chapter, I wood like to read more chapters please.
8/21 c29 13Beowolf 43
Well the five have found their girls, and in the case of our favorite blond tycoon, now has to worry about a overprotective papa bear who controls one of the galaxies biggest war machines. But in othsr news Tokimi is out to play and heero is out for tea with the Tenchi muyo equivalent of the Joker in term of mad genius... well shit.
8/21 c29 JumpingToaster
Well, it certainly was a good time to strike as any in terms of taking advantage of an opening.

The chapter is fine though with the curveball I had to remind myself that you are not author Parcasious who loves to do stuff like this in almost or all of the fics. Kinda drove me nuts and no other author have I followed (even favorited) and then un-followwd the fics on a consistent basis. Not saying this fic is like that bit I have a little less thick skin in stuff like that You know, the hero is progressing in events and relationships and suddenly gets sidelined for a long period of time due to a sudden unexpected bu... curveball. Again, I know this is not the case here.

Never a dull moment.
5/11 c28 Guest
Awww man now I gotta wait 6 months for the next update
4/20 c28 6GlaringEyes
A Mihoshi-centered chapter, as expected, since the setting is her family's home planet. So, there was a reason Mihoshi, of the five initial girls, wasn't paired with anyone so far. You were saving her for this occasion. Who would have thought that Mihoshi, along with Ryoko, would be the one to have her 'dream world' (from the dream machine Washu had invented back at the Earth arc) come true? It's a nice approach that you let the story adapt to the circumstances, even if it deviates from your original plan, for it makes the plot more believable, more real.

That was a very thrilling chapter to read. Lots of interesting events here. Mainly the bombshell that was Moriko's proposal (which left me wondering what Heero's answer would ultimately be) and, of course, the other characters' reactions to it. Seems like everyone wants a piece of Heero... even Ragyu, according to Kagato. I hope you show us a scene of Heero talking with Ayeka later. It'd be interesting to see how she's dealing with such a revelation, and how Heero will work things out with her.

On the villains' side, it seems that even Moriko and Funaho, for all their skills and experience, ended up severely underestimating Misao's sister complex, and Kagato is more than willing to capitalize on such opportunity. Let's see how the adbuction will turn out. And like Washu, Tokimi decided to take a more hands-on approach on the game. As I said, lots of interesting events here!

And finally Heero and Ryoko say the long awaited three-words phrase. I just recall Itachi and Yoruichi, in 'Eyes of the Soul', also said them, in an update not long ago. Coincidential timing?

On a side note, after reading your works for so long, I can't help but notice the plot parallels between your two works, 'Eyes of the Soul' and 'Pirate's Soldier'. The ones I can recall at the top of my head:
Itachi Heero (the handsome, brooding outlier MC, who suddenly finds himself in new territory)
Yoruichi Ryoko (the badass hottie, who brings the MC out of his shell and becomes his girlfriend)
Aizen Kagato (the manipulative, megalomaniac big bad, who disguises his real ambitions under the pretense of 'bringing progress to the stagnant current order')
Soul Society Juraian Empire (the long-standing, ossified and stagnant society, which the big bad claims to want to change)
Visaelya Ayeka (the once narrow-minded, aristocratic girl, who gets her eyes opened to reality by the MC)
Shisui Quatre (the nice, best friend of the MC, who pairs up with the aristocratic girl)
Jiraiya Duo (the goofy friend, who loves to flirt around and poke fun at others)
Mikoto Yosho (the MC's close family, with whom he hasn't spoken with for a long time)
Urahara Washu (the crazy scientist, who always wants some 'help' from the MC)
Soi Fon Kiyone (the hard-line enforcer, who once had reservations about the MC, but eventually warmed up to him, and even found companionship on someone from the MC's inner circle (Mikoto / Wufei))
Neji Wufei (the no-nonsense friend, although Neji is yet to become Itachi's friend, who has a somehow competitive streak towards the MC)

Hope you update it soon!
4/12 c28 JumpingToaster
I don't remember details as much in this fic compared to the others primarily because I have to remember new info more as so much of the story is non-canon with primarily new content so somehow I missed Mihoshi getting close the Heero. Maybe it's time to reread this. Not that I am complaining. More new stuff is a good thing.

Well, thinking about Mihoshi made me think back to reading that one-shot fic where Mihoshi is sent to hell and drove Satan insane or something.

I know you are good at avoiding it but just in case please minimize diabolus ex machinas please.
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