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7/16 c26 6GlaringEyes
Two (big) bombs have just been dropped; Sasami's real identity and Heero's true role in the war. The latter was revealed only amongst a restricted group (Heero, Washu, Yosho, Azusa, Funaho and Mayumi), so it's still contained information. But the former is certainly still going to cause a stir, since almost everyone in the group knows by now. I'd like to see how Sasami is dealing with it from her POV. Maybe she trying to have a inner chat with her 'guest', and a heart to heart talk with Trowa about it (I find those two so cute together).

Interesting that the third repository is also a large zoo and botanical garden. I wonder what kind of internal defenses it'll have. I also find interesting the depth and level of detail in these meeting talks, ranging from war ethics to political scheming. Again, this is one of the traits I admire the most in your works. Hope you update it soon!
6/30 c26 216Fox McCloude
Sorry for the lateness. I've been too busy to comment before as I was busy with schoolwork. I'll make this one quick since I'm at the cellphone right now.
Well, the revelation of Sasami being Tsunami came as well as it could be expected. My respects to Heero for standing up to the emperor like that, never losing his cool or being disrespectful, though I guess being family doesn't hurt in this case. I didn't expect they'd bring up a potential marriage with Ayeka this soon, though we know that won't come to pass. Hopefully the emperor will find Quatre a suitable son in law instead.
Last but not least, not surprised that Ryoko jumped the chance to be part of Heero's royal guard, it's a win-win for her as she won't be pursued by authorities anymore, and she stays close to the guy she loves.
It's gonna be a long wait for the next chapter for sure, but it'll always be worth it. Take care and keep up the good work.
6/30 c26 Blaze1992
This will be fun, wonder what their reaction will be if Ryoko does something really heroic that requires a medal ceremony.
6/30 c26 Guest
Will Mihoshi reveal her feelings to Heero? She admitted to herself that she loved him before they left earth.
6/28 c26 twisterblake2015
Awesome and keep it up.
6/26 c26 Guest
I've been reading this for I don't know how many years now yes years and honestly I can't figure which story I like better this one or your seed crossover.
My one gripe you take forever but the quality is there I will keep reading.
Till next update I'm still waiting.
6/26 c26 13Beowolf 43
Im honestly becommimg of two minds with this story op. On the one hand the storytelling is solid the characters are fleshed out and seem very much compatible with their cannon selves but on the other hand you're not really straying so much on the established mold of tenshi muyo at least as much as I remember of it.

But the other mind like I said I'm honestly wondering what you'll do for heero's tree ship The ideas you probably come up for are definitely gonna be once to watch out for although I'd be lying if I said that i hope we see some other characters from the Tenshi muyo world. Maybe a couple of GXP cameos.
6/26 c26 wrightdylen21
Looks like the next chapter is going to be a cloke and dagger type of chapter also love the current chapter keep up the good work
6/26 c26 Hiding In Plain
Thanks for the update
5/24 c25 6GlaringEyes
Once again you're doing a wonderful work! I decided to read this together with Eyes of the Soul and, boy I wasn't disappointed! It took me quite a while to finish both, but they were worth every chapter.

I wasn't much familiar with Tenchi Muyo, but decided to look upon it after starting reading this fic. It was very interesting how you merged two very distinct universes; the serious and dark atmosphere of GW with the more light-hearted one of TM. And you were quite thorough when addressing the questions that such a merge would arise; for example, how would Heero and the others react when confronted with the idea that Earth is but a small speck in the great galaxy civilization? What would they think when they find out that the majority of the galaxy is ruled by what ammounts to be an absolutist (albeit mostly benevolent) monarchy in comparison to the democratic government of Earth?

I particularly like how detailed the scenes and dialogues are. You don't leave anything out; the character interactions and dialogues are very believable, just like one would expect in a real life talk. That seems to be a trend, for your other stories share the same trait (which is one I highly appreciate in your work).

There are just a few small details that I'm still wondering; what happened to Relena? So far, Ryoko and the girls don't seem to know about her, but how would they react if they learned that Relena was once Heero's 'girl'? And Wufei is going to be paired with Kiyone sometime? That small interaction they had on the way to the first repository left me with hopes. Hope you update it soon!
4/27 c25 Blaze1992
While no one on both teams died it is a shame just how many people did just for that draw, also the enemy shows Heero that earth isn't safe.

Right now they were fine with just spying but how long will that content last before a bomb or bio-weapon is used on his world.
2/19 c25 wrightdylen21
Well things are about to get dicy in the next chapter
2/19 c25 twisterblake2015
2/19 c25 216Fox McCloude
Long wait for a long chapter, but hell if it wasn't worth it! Really, it was hard to keep up with the action with all the fights going on at once. Guess I'll go to the points that stood out the most to me.

First off, I was wondering when Kagato and Ragyo were going to make the "you can join us" offer to Heero, though it was obvious he was gonna refuse. Still, credit to them for actually giving Earth some thought, realizing how the Earthlings have great potential instead of dismissing them as a backwater planet. Hopefully the Jurai Empire will take notice of that. On the Ryoko vs Nagi front, the latter seems to be realizing she'd gotten herself into a bigger mess than she thought. Wonder if she's gonna consider turning on him after she realizes she won't get to enjoy her paycheck if he succeeds with his plans. And drat!, not only Washu gets the memories copied again, but now she's gonna be in hot water with the Emperor for taking Sasami away. Last but not least, the lap pillow scene between Quatre and Ayeka was really adorable. How much longer before the princess falls for him?

Well, after so much heavy action, a reprieve is well-earned. Will be looking forward for the next chapter, keep up the good work as always.
2/19 c25 13Beowolf 43
Check list for the next chapter. Popcorn. Soda. Blooper real filming camera. And an attempt to use Heero's under used pretty boy powers of persuasion to calm the raging mama bear about to explode.( last two were jokes but still, gonna be a hilarious cluster next time _)
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