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7/9/2018 c14 Omega
where is the other gundam pilots and will they use them mobile suits
7/5/2018 c14 Blaze1992
Ehh kinda iffy on her joining him cause I can easily see the girls running after them, though surprised on each of the girls have their own plans for the dense soldier.
7/4/2018 c14 Gast
Another great chapter. But I'm wondering if you're considering building a few Gundam battles would be cool if Wing Zero showed up.
Heero needs a big performance.
7/4/2018 c14 3Mart-kos99k
Again I find myself saying; KiyonexHeero FTW! I realize that Ryoko has essentially already won but still I just want her to have a win for once. I also feel like Nagi could've had a shot with Heero but I imagine that'd be near impossible. It would add another interesting level to the rivalry she has with Ryoko though. Who knows if the beach episode becomes a chapter then maybe we'll see some of that or maybe Nagi tracks down Heero for help with a job in exchange for leaving Ryoko alone for a while. I'm hoping that we do get to see some more Mobile Suit action now that we're at the point of no return. As always thanks for the chapter and I look forward to the next.
7/4/2018 c14 8SolarisAce
Who needs artillery support when you have Ryoko? Also, you have Pequod in there, but can't be bothered to reference Queequeg or even Starbuck? What Moby Dick reference is complete without those?
7/3/2018 c14 12chidoriprime
7/3/2018 c14 3Reishin Amara
Oh good...while I liked the political power the OVA Kagato jurai could use,i far preferred his white haired incarnation and his calculated sadism and flare for dramatic...not to mention his theme music...dear god he was you combining them makes it amazing.
7/3/2018 c14 216Fox McCloude
Well, Ryoko and Heero make a pretty good team out there. Hopefully this won't be the last time they get the chance to do that. I also enjoyed Ayeka and Kiyone's scenes, it's clear those girls are a bit more willing to use their status or connections to try and get closer to Heero. Wonder how they're going to react when they drop the bomb on them.

The last scene, I was kinda expecting Kagato to show up, but him calling Nagi directly? That I did NOT see coming. It's gonna make quite an interesting development for the Space Arc. I admit, I have no idea where the middle name comes from, so I'll just wait for the reveal.

Keep up the good work.
7/3/2018 c14 blake015
Its has been a while friend and by the way this chapter is full of Surprises and fine job you done here bro with this Chapter and can't to see what new threats like Kagato comes for Ryoko I assuming and how Heero can take on this new threat and plus Heero learns his own powers as well on top of that as well.
7/3/2018 c14 wweTheBeast2015
Man what a chapter here just as much action and lots of bonding and loved and Ryoko and Heero are a force to be reckon with in this and more as well. Plus I noticed kiyone as well and she blushing at Heero and I think a harem needs to be form this story since Tenchi muyo was a harem classic from the past and with all these Girls are connected to Heero. It be biggest challenge for Heero possible and if you make that happen Heero own Harem plus Ryoko as the main girl as well at the top.
And a bad guy Kagato is coming and it be interesting to see how Hero handles this powerful foe as well. Until the new updated
7/3/2018 c14 twisterblake2015
Enjoyable chapter really and love Hero and Ryoko working together and Ryoko brings a lot to the table and helpa hero.a lot and both those two
7/3/2018 c14 Blake2020
Awesome chapter and exciting for the next one as well.
6/1/2018 c13 8SolarisAce
D'awww, so Washu DOES care...NO ONE hurts her future son-in-law...

Ooops...eh, we're not there yet. When comes the moment when Ryoko sees the footage of Heero detonating the Wing Gundam? And when does everyone else barge in during that same footage? Meh, whatevs. It was good to see action in the chapter after eleven chapters of teasing, not to mention THE magical moment of Heero and Ryoko.
6/1/2018 c12 SolarisAce
HeeroXRyoko...I ship it SO hard, man.
I got to admit, the implication that Washu hacked intelligence and looked up Quatre in advance, and her quips had me curious about a QuatreXWashu ship, but I gotta admit: QuatreXAyeka sounds more appealing to me.
True crack shipping for this tale? ZechsXWashu.
Reason I've been laughing harder than I should have at times for this chapter: I was reading every single one of Duo's lines in Scott McNeil's voice.
5/31/2018 c9 SolarisAce
Ouch...after what she saw at the stadium...Ayeka and everyone else will HAVE to find out eventually. Also..."hyper-lethal"? Are you serious? You had to slip in a Halo reference, didn't you?
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