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2/3/2019 c16 R reyes
coool man but i wonder what kind of weapons is washu making ... oh GOD please let it be THE BIG GUNS PLEASE
2/3/2019 c16 HolyKnight5
Washu recovered everything from the damaged and destroyed Gundams and used as the basis of the first Galactic version of the Gundams?
2/3/2019 c16 2Gundamvid
HAHAHAHAHAA! The time has come! The Gundam pilots and Tenchi heroes are galaxy hopping!
2/3/2019 c16 224Fox McCloude
The Judgement Array... boy, does that thing make Starkiller Base look like a slingshot.

Well, like they say, history is always written by the winners, and they'll always keep the less-than-savory details about war to themselves. Can't wait to see Ayeka calling her dad out on that.

So the Gundam pilots now go galactic? This is gonna be great. Now's when the real fun is about to start. Keep up the good work!
2/3/2019 c16 JumpingToaster
As long as there is not going to be this fic's version of the Flood (Halo) all is good. Seriously. No.

...and it seems there is a good chance that Heero is going to get involved in a Idol/Zinv(from GXP)-level mecha as well. I'm guessing but that seems to be a possibility.
1/30/2019 c2 71F-14 Tomcat Lover
Just to note, Ryo-Ohki sounds more like a Battlecruiser than a Gunship. Well, technically Gunboat.

Gunships are aeronautical craft, like the Lockheed Martin AC-130, Mil Mi-24, and the Fairchild AU-23 Peacemaker. The term Gunship was actually coined more after the AC-130, but is also used to refer to aircraft going back to the Second World War that were heavily uparmed for everything from Escort to Interception to Ground Attack roles. Most were refurbished and altered designs such as the YB-40 which was a heavily upgunned B-17 variant. Others were just variants of other aircraft like the A-20 Havoc and B-25 Mitchell which sacrificed their bombload for being able to launch CAS attacks or strafe the hell out of a something.

The first recorded B-25 attack in a 'Gunship' role was an unmodified B-25 early model used in the Philippines in 1942. Ironically, the air group it belonged to arrived in the Philippines AFTER the Surrender of the Philippines, but was under command from Australia and so the aircraft commenced operations. The Japanese were so surprised, one defending Fighter actually flew alongside the B-25 in question with the Japanese pilot reported as just staring at them in utter shock in a way described by the crew as 'Where did you come from?' before he was shoot down before he could regain his senses.

The term that is more associated with ships is Gunboat. Now contrary to popular belief, these weren't exactly slow ships. Gunboats were their own distinction. They've been around for centuries actually and are not something new. Their use, as defined since the 19th Century, though, was for Shore Bombardment as they weren't really meant to mix it up with other warships, though this did happen on occasion.

Gunboats were typically the lightest actual combat ship available, under 2,000 tons at their largest (nearly as much as some WW2-era Destroyers), but more typically weighed in only the mere three digits area. Some barely even displaced 50 tons and it was actually the Gunboat that gave rise in many ways, to the Patrol Boat. Though a great number were also of the Monitor variety.

Ryoko's explanation hints more at a Battlecruiser, though.

Unlike what is popular, Battlecruisers are not Cruiser tonnage ships with heavy firepower. Battlecruisers were as big as their counterparts, the Battleship. They also carried a Battleship's level of firepower, up to and including armaments used by Battleships. The Battlecruiser only lacked the armor of the Battleship, namely the Dreadnought Battleship, and had more powerful engines to give them an additional acceleration and speed increased.

Battlecruisers, naturally, due to lacking the heavy armor of their counterparts, had lighter tonnage, but not by much (relatively speaking) and it was dependent on class at the height of their use. But their dimensions were typically close to that of a Battleship in terms of size. They were massive ships with large crews and were never meant to fight a straight up battle against anything of rivaling design and/or tonnage/size.

Their thin armor was sufficient to stop a Heavy Cruiser from causing them serious harm. Anything under Heavy Cruiser would struggle to pierce the hide of a Battlecruiser. Unless they used torpedoes, but they'd have to be able to aim straight and true to hit the quick Battlecruiser.

Which was the entire point behind the Battlecruiser.

A ship swift enough to get into harm's way, yet have the speed to get out of danger in a hurry, yet be able to challenge all it could fight under such limits.

Though, if you want to complicate things a bit, the Fast Battleships were already appearing as early as the First World War, but afterwards, there was a general desire to move from Battlecruisers to Fast Battleships.

The reasons were pretty much not just Jutland. Yes, the British lost three Battlecruisers at Jutland and HMS Lion (1910) was seriously damaged, but the flaws were a combination of factors rather than the concept of the Battlecruiser. The most notorious was the unsafe stacking of munitions and powder in unsecured locations for increased Rate of Fire in direct violation of Royal Navy Safety Regulations.

Apparently, HMS Lion (1910) escaped the fate of her fellow Battlecruisers thanks to not only a stalwart Royal Marine ordering emergency actions being taken, but she had received a Gunnery Officer who was a stickler for regulations and ordered all munitions and powder back into safe keeping.

Even then, the hit that wrecked Q Turret, had damaged safety systems and in the aftermath of the hit, loose powder bags detonated killing everyone in the turret. Later, it was considered a Design Flaw that nearly cost the Royal Navy their ship, if not for the flood magazine. The weight of the seawater the only thing that saved the ship.

HMS Lion (1910) had also been serious damaged at the Battle of Doggar Bank in January 1915. Other Battlecruisers also took a pounding, but only in the Royal Navy. The Imperial German Battlecruisers had thicker, tougher armor and so survived much better than their British counterparts. German gunners were also better trained, the irony of it all, than their British counterparts and used a better targeting system, so despite having faster firing guns, the Germans fired more accurately than the British.

But the Fast Battleships present at Jutland had performed well and walked away with less damage. It was pretty much the death knell for Battlecruisers. Only a few were made after the First World War and the Washington Naval Treaty put the final nail in Battlecruisers.

Though the Large Cruiser was attempted, design flaws and a lack of seriousness coupled with Air Power, saw the effective end of Battlecruisers.

Yet, if one got serious by today's standards, a Battlecruiser would fill many niches that navies the world over are trying to fit. So we can see how the world will look in the near future.
11/10/2018 c15 Videoman8
For the love of god, heero better get his damn light hawk wings! Final battle epic ness
11/10/2018 c15 3coldblue2015
Sorry for not reviewing for while with this story.

Heero activating Tenchi or the Master Key, sort of reminded me of "Bleach" where energy created a pressure with a bit of light show.

Kagato, I find that it is interesting to have BOTH genders. For all we know Kagato from "Tenchi Universe" and we get Raagyo Kiryuin looking Kagato. Most likely, this Branch member family of the Juria.

Quarte might be tagging along for this adventure and get romantic with Ayeka Masaki Juria in the future.

I just wonder what other Gundam Pilots or all them will come along for Heero and his group of girls adventure.

I hope we get more Mobile Suites and perhaps Earth and their Colonies can surprise everyone with their Weapons/Military tactics.
11/7/2018 c1 Azura Yue
Can't wait until the next chapter!
11/7/2018 c15 Axccel
I hope this goes into the government getting pissed that a Gundam pilot(s) was attacked and decides "screw these alien attacks, lets make Gundams and kick the crap out of the next bozo to come along".
11/6/2018 c15 224Fox McCloude
Can't believe I missed out reviewing this yesterday, but here I am now.

Wow, this chapter had already began as pure awesome, but the moment Heero grabbed the sword... well, that was what we all expected, wasn't it? Washu knew it all along, didn't she? Now she's gonna have to give a lot of answers for everybody.

Wonder what Kagato's looking for in Washu's memories. Though I can't help but have the feeling that, whatever it is, there's a slim chance it is on the smaller bit Nagi missed out on copying, and he's not gonna be happy about it.

So, it's time to bring the Gundam gang back together. With them along things are sure to be A LOT more interesting. Keep up the good work!
11/6/2018 c8 13TheJSmooth
Heero took a few hits but he should be able to bounce right back. Great chapter.
11/5/2018 c15 13chidoriprime
Damn, things just got really. Kagato and his sister are starting to make their move, Washu's memories got stolen, and Heero turns out to be a member of the Juraian Royal Family!

Katsuhiko and Washu have a lot of explaining to do, and a Gundam reunion is about to be called. This is gonna be fun!
11/5/2018 c15 17Shinigami Miroku
Can't wait to see the looks on Une's and Sally's faces when they find out their star player is royalty. XD

Great chapter! An interesting idea, that mind scanner device... I do recall Kagato needing Washu for something back in Tenchi Universe, but not specifically what. It'll be interesting to see how they manage to get off of Earth - not to mention if any of the other pilots go with (Quatre would be the most likely, despite his duties to his company).
11/5/2018 c7 13TheJSmooth
Once a Gundam Pilot... always a Gundam Pilot. I miss Wing Zero...
Anyways, there goes Heero with a precision strike to the liver for a well timed KO.
On top of that, Washu with Kiyone makes the house a hot mess lol Heero needs a raise ASAP
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