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for The Pirate's Soldier

8/10/2017 c5 blake015
Very good as more girls add to Heero collection here and fun time seeing him dealing with his new guest as they come as well.
8/10/2017 c4 blake015
Most Entertaining and loving the chapter as well as Heero time his spending with these girls what thrill.
8/10/2017 c3 blake015
OH man what a thrilling of a chapter here
8/10/2017 c2 blake015
Man what a chapter so well detail so well very close to to both shows I used watch as kid and very good with heero and the situation with the girls as well.
8/10/2017 c1 blake015
Oh cool A nice Crossover with Tenchi muyo and Gundam wing here and I love both shows that used to come on TV a long time ago and finally there a good story on both this shows and now a crossover of them is like a dream come true now and been very long time fan of both these shows and now on fanfiction. Great action and Excitement here for the start of this story
7/31/2017 c11 1drake202
Alright we got to read the entire all the Tenchi girls dream worlds are pretty par for the course although Sasami's was kinda weird but oh well but Heero's suprised me the most using a weapon that doesn't kill similar to Kenshin but considering how many soldiers he had killed and the little girl it's not suprising he would choose to use a weapon that doesn't kill and the sword fight between him and Yosho at the end was just pure magic overall a great way to end the dream world arc please update when you can
7/25/2017 c11 twisterblake2015
Incredible chapter and liking the worlds Heero and his group visiting too and heero world as well was pretty wild and amazing too and until the next chapter and loving the story and a golden story yours really is and support you and this story and very fun and looking forward to what happens next with heero and his gang as well? So much potential and so exciting and until the next future chapter?
7/25/2017 c10 twisterblake2015
Liking the chapter and everything going on here in this chapter as well.
7/25/2017 c9 twisterblake2015
I enjoying this chapter and boy this story is a gold mine of fun and incredible story here as well.
7/25/2017 c8 twisterblake2015
7/25/2017 c7 twisterblake2015
7/25/2017 c6 twisterblake2015
Oh epic chapter here and another tenchi character as well and Yoshi as well
7/25/2017 c5 twisterblake2015
Most sweet chapter here
7/25/2017 c4 twisterblake2015
Glad to see heero and ryoko bonding here as well and maybe heero bond deeper both ayeka and ryoko as well.
7/25/2017 c3 twisterblake2015
Glad to see the girls getting along with heero and both of them seem to have a crush on him which is very tenchi muyo like and love it as well? If possible I could see heero having a harem with them
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