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for The Pirate's Soldier

7/25/2017 c2 twisterblake2015
Great chapter here as well and heero working with ryoko and ayeka as well in this chapter and trying to understand them and get alone with them heero is doing here?
7/25/2017 c1 twisterblake2015
Oh good chapter here and I caught my eye on your story and been looking for a good tenchi muyo and Gundam wing crossover and found it in your story as well? Love first chapter man?
7/21/2017 c11 wweTheBeast2015
Wow splendid chapter indeed and very similar to the tenchi Canon and the heero world was very amazing my friend and exciting for what you have store for heero next as Well?
7/21/2017 c10 wweTheBeast2015
I been a tenchi and gundam fan a long time and you do a good job with character's as well and all the chapters and this one as well?
7/21/2017 c9 wweTheBeast2015
I have to say this story is truly impressing story
7/21/2017 c8 wweTheBeast2015
Interesting chapter
7/21/2017 c7 wweTheBeast2015
Enjoying the chapter
7/21/2017 c6 wweTheBeast2015
7/21/2017 c5 wweTheBeast2015
7/21/2017 c4 wweTheBeast2015
Thrilling chapter
7/21/2017 c3 wweTheBeast2015
7/21/2017 c2 wweTheBeast2015
7/21/2017 c1 wweTheBeast2015
Great chapter and great start as well
7/14/2017 c11 Blaze1992
Finally the dream arc is over and it's now back to the real "Plot".
7/13/2017 c11 3spartaleox
great Himura Kenshin cameo XD
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