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1/31/2017 c10 Nivek Beldo
I knew we going to get the Highschool AU Universe and was Sasami(reference to magical girl sasami?) of all people, Mihoshi was weird at begin but cute, she want a normal life she is not a clumsy and Ayeko was any Chanbara Shojo ever made, not bad, not bad at all.

So the cat is slowing escaping the bag...from who parent is Heero of Jurarian heritage? the most common would be the mother, Lady Aoi(who her maiden name was a mystery, unless is true she was heero yuy bastard daugther) Clark..or you will throw a curveball and was Odin Lowe the one of Jurarian Heritage?

Well pretty nice update and we're waiting what world would heero imagine...that one will be fun and interesting.
1/31/2017 c10 2Venas
Seriously?! Dang it~! XD
I really want to get to Heero's world...But I already figured his was probably gonna be the last one. 'pout'
The wait is always worth it when it comes to your updates but g darn it if it doesn't test my patience to the extreme!
I actually don't remember this arc from the show, but then again it's been years since I've actually watched a Tenchi series.
It's interesting that in Sasami's world she doesn't see herself as Ayeka's sister...The others will probably just assume she's been watching too many magical girl shows, which she probably has honestly, but how many of them would even think to contemplate on the oddity of the two Jurian princesses not being related?
One episode that did stick out to me in the Muyo series (mostly because it was the only ones I had on VHS) was the episode that revealed what happened to Sasami when she was a child and how she was "saved" by Tsunami. Because of this incident, Sasami is convinced that the "real Sasami" no longer exists and that she is not Ayeka's sister, not fully comprehending what happened to her she fully believes she took the "real Sasami's" place... Not believing when told that she actually is still Sasami just that her her life force is now tied to Tsunami, and eventually the two will sort of fuse together into one being.
This was one of the saddest episodes for me just for the fact of you can see how terrified Sasami is of losing Ayeka for "lying" to her all this time (although how they never noticed her reflection before is just screwy anime logic, or how having a baby around the house triggered her but honestly I think it had nothing to do with the baby and more like the stress of the situation just finally broke the dam she had on those feelings and thoughts).
Sasami has always been my favorite of the Tenchi series (Washu is second, I love cracky geniuses like her) but it wasn't til this episode that I really felt a connection with Sasami. I guess as a child I admired how she sort of became the house mom despite her physical age, because technically the girl is several hundred years old if I remember right, now looking back... I realize that Sasami was a little too perfect before, she was an enjoyable Mary-Sue but still. This episode gives her character a lot more depth and makes you question a lot of the things she has said or done in previous episodes.
...Also, as an adult, I can't help but question why NONE of the adults in the house could freaking cook but a Jurian princess could! Seriously! Y'all treat her like she's a child but you put her in charge of cooking? At least in your story the way you went about it makes sense, and Heero is always there to help her too as well as Kiyone it seems. But all I remember from the original series is that Sasami shows up and takes over the kitchen, that's it. The episode before the Sasami reveal showed that Washu knew how to cook (though I can understand why they'd not trust WASHU with the job), some of the others had to know how as well dang it and at least take the burden off or HELP the girl.
Sorry for my little rant, it's probably even worse since I barely remember a majority of the plot(s) involving any of the Tenchi series. Been getting over being sick and my brain is a little fried.
Either way, great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
1/31/2017 c10 216Fox McCloude
A great start for the Time and Space Adventures. As usual, Heero makes things A LOT more fun than Tenchi (which is saying a lot). Even though I already had seen the worlds of each of the girls in the original series, Heero's presence definitely adds a twist that still makes it feel fresh, no matter if I already know how things are gonna go down in each of them. I specially loved the way you expanded on Kiyone's world, giving more insight on her thoughts, and showing that, unlike with Tenchi, she's actually showing genuine interest in Heero. I always felt she was underused in the series, so I'm glad you're making up for that here.

Going back to the early part of the chapter, so Washu already took a look at that fateful time, when Heero self-detonated his Gundam. Looks like you're not pulling any punches with using the events of Gundam Wing too for this story (let's face it, it's a REAL miracle that he survived that, no ordinary human would have done it). I'm looking forward to know what else she saw, and what ideas she might get from that.

All in all, another great chapter. Can't wait to see the remaining worlds (especially Heero's, I'm trying to build up in my mind what it will be like, let's see if I'm correct). Keep up the good work.
1/31/2017 c10 21Zero H Gundam
Nice job here handling this, but well they find out Heero's past in his?
1/30/2017 c10 SephirothTrueHeartlessAngel
love the new chapter though I kinda wish you you had put all six worlds in one chapter...either way...still love the chapter and witing for the next one
1/30/2017 c10 2Cardinel
If Heero's world doesn't have gundams and mobile suits fighting in it, I'm going to be so sad. I honestly think part of Heero is still in tune to the endless waltz.
1/30/2017 c10 17Shinigami Miroku
I hope this isn't how they find out about the details behind Heero's status and actions during the Eve Wars (which, by the way, is a really stupid name for the events of Gundam Wing). I can't imagine how Sasami and the others would react to seeing Heero blow up that one military barracks during Episode Zero, or the complete slaughter he doled out in the Gundam Epyon...
1/30/2017 c10 10BattleshipFusou
Well that was quite fun. It's stil...weird if I'm honest to read about Heero being in a situation such as this. It's a good sort of weird to be sure, but it's still weird to me. Like pulling on an old shoe that's still comfortable but doesn't quite fit right...

...I dearly hope you aren't offended by that rather silly analogy and I apologize if I did offend you. I just can't really find the right words and that's the closest I can get. *shrugs* All the same, I certainly enjoyed the update, thank you for writing it and the timespan between updates was no issue.
1/11/2017 c9 Guest
i liked this Story. When's the next update? I really can't wait.
11/23/2016 c9 coldblue
I love the concept of your story and how well you have written it!

With this decision, I decide to review and hopefully more in the future.

Crossover of "Gundam Wing/AC" and "Tenchi Muyo" Series/Universe crossover:

I was skeptical, but as I read and re-read the story. I made sure to read the characters carefully along with the Author Notes for each chapter. I have to admit that it has turned out very well and I'm glad to have continue reading this. The reason I read this story is your GREAT works with "Gundam Wing: Journey to a New Battlefield" and the sequel to that "Gundam Wing: Destiny's Call". Both a great stories and shown your great concept of the "Gundam" Universe. Personally, I'm into "Mobile Suite Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans" currently and appreciated "Gundam 00" series as well. My gate way to "Gundam" Universe was "Gundam Wing/AC" and "Gundam Seed" was great to continue to expand the "Gundam" Unvierse to me. "Tenchi Muyo". Well, the funny thing is that I LOVE "Tenchi Muyo" and when I watched this show I watched it along "Gundam Wing/AC" when Toonami showed at a EARLY time during Monday through Saturday in the 1990s and 2000s. Good times. I do love almost all "Tenchi Muyo", but there still some I have to watch. Luckily I know "Tenchi Muyo", "Tenchi Muyo Universe" and "Tenchi Muyo GPX". The movies were great as well, but something tells me I did not watch them all. With "Tenchi Muyo", was my first parody of a Harem along with TWISTED/Wacky adventures to read for the main characters.

Heero Yuy taking Tenchi Masaki in "The Pirate's Soldier":

I have to admit that it interesting. Heero a lot more commanding and experience. From what I gather or guess that Heero Yuy is Tenchi Muyo, but has bloodline of Jurai and deals with Girls that he lives with. The experience with Military, War, and every Tragedy that came with it. What I can't figure out is what happen with Relena Peacecraft/Darlian? What happened with Heero and Relena? Did they ever marry, tried to start a family, and it ended tragically? I feel that is a MAJOR plot hole with Heero Yuy character, so please let us know in future chapters. Heero using Tallegeese is interesting and makes sense with MOST the Mobile Suites being destroyed at this time and it unknown if they are being rebuild or modified. I'm curious is to how you will have Heero deal with "Tenchi Muyo" and the "Tenchi Muyo Universe". The ideas of Kagato or dealing with the Galaxy Police or even Jurai Empire in all this. Not to mention how this will affect Earth in all this with the Preventer Organization, because I don't think this can keep quite about Aliens and all the chaos of "Tenchi Muyo" Universe. Still, the "Gundam Wing/AC" weapons such as the Mobile Suites and recently getting out of a MAJOR War should make Jurai Empire, Galaxy Police and anyone thinking they can mess with the Sol System a DANGEROUS enemy to make. Even if it consider backwater planet.

Heero Yuy pairing with Ryoko and Harem:

I like both. Ryoko always strike me how "Tenchi Muyo" as Tenchi Masaki main love interest and sympathize. The other girls did not get that unless in "Tenchi Muyo Universe" where I believe they did a better job in depth and description for the characters. With "The Pirate's Soldier" we get that and more. We get in depth emotion and feelings of not only Ryoko, but the OTHER Girls. The only real LACKING character development is Sasami, which has not have major character development. Nagi got more development than Sasami and I find that sad and very interesting. "The Pirates Soldier" has more chapters to go, so that can be fixed. It took me a while to read EVERY Author Notes from Chapter ONE to NINE to realize while the PAIRING is Heero/Ryoko it is also a Heero/Harem, which makes sense with the vibe/crossover of "Tenchi Muyo" in general. Harem Pairings can be tiresome because NO ONE does it write with the development of the MAIN character with the FEMALE Characters that wish to form a romantic interest and how it gets to compromise such as a Harem to form. In "Tenchi Muyo" it goes unsaid that Tenchi Masaki has a Harem. "Tenchi Muyo GXP" has Seina Yamada sort gets the GIRLS in the end that he marries them. I don't know what you plan for Heero Yuy, Ryoko and the other girls, BUT I can't wait. Each chapter developed a strong emotional connection for most of them.


1) Will we read Sasami perspective and her connections with Heero Yuy?

2) Is the Tallegeese Mark III the only mobile suite that Heero Yuy will use or does Washu own experiment/weapon will appear in a form of mobile suite?

3) Are Heero Yuy biological parents different in "The Pirate's Soldier"?

4) What major enemies/antagonist that Heero Yuy and the Girls will face? Are these characters going to appear: Doctor Clay, Tarant Shanks, Kagato, Kain, or Z?

5) Have you thought of Azaka and Kamidake coping their personalities memories to a Mobile Suite/Doll or even have Azaka and Kamidake remotely pilot Mobile Suites? Maybe have the mobile suites Mercurius and Vayeate for Azaka and Kamidake to use in the future?


1) Seriously, get us more of Sasami. I love what you done with Ryoko, Ayeka, Washu, Mihoshi and Kiyone. I mean the character perspective and development are great. Right now we have mostly Ryoko, Ayeka and Washu being major perspectives besides Heero Yuy. I would love to read more Mihoshi and Kiyone in the future, BUT Sasami needs to be worked on more.

Sasami major with her connection with Tsunami and I hope to read a mixture of Sasami/Tsunami perspectives towards Heero Yuy.

2) Love the Tallegeese in all it glory. The first prototype Gundam and a absolute bad ass machine. The Mark Three/III is personal favorite with how bad ass and how many capabilities it has for the suite to use. It very great to read how "Gundam Wing/AC" or more "Gundam" Series had the prototype Mobile Suites such as the Tallegeese.

In "Tenchi Muyo" or in "Tenchi Muyo GXP", the only mobile suite that can overpower and be some similar to a Gundam is the Idol, the one Seina Yamada pilots and becomes his own. Personally, I can't wait to read what Weapons that Washu had created when you introduce her character. In fact, I could read Washu creating the Idol or calling it the Idol, instead of what the Galaxy Police and Scientist Classified.

3) It not that hard to think of it happening. Still I believe Heero Yuy biological father, Odin Lowe, should be the same in a sense. Sort of shapes Heero Yuy character in "Gundam Wing/AC" we all come to admire. I think the BIOLOGICAL mother should be different. I don't want to drops hints, but it has to do with Katsuhito Masaki and the connections he has Heero Yuy.

4) Out of all the "Tenchi Muyo" Universes or branch Series, these villains really stand out. Doctor Clay would be great to read as Villain and be more serious of a threat from "Tenchi Muyo Universe". Tarant Shanks, I felt he deserved more and could have been a great rival/enemy for Heero Yuy from "Tenchi Muyp GXP" with how driven Tarant Shanks is to fight his enemies by becoming Cyborg. Kagato, the one from "Tenchi Muyo Universe", is great and I figure it would turn the Jurai Empire into a Enemy BUT that up to you. "Tenchi Muyo! In Love" movie, Kain was a great enemy and I sort of wish that he so dangerous that he appears again and again from time to time to be a REAL threat. Z, I feel that in the END that Z would be the real enemy that Heero Yuy would face and connect because Heero and Z are both War Soldiers that dealt with pain/tragedy that to difficult to bare to drive them insane.

5) I loved the mobile suites, Mercurius and Vayeate from "Gundam Wing" because they are like Gundams but also not. Then I think of Azaka and Kamidake to make them into LARGE characters or more important support characters. Part of me wants Washu to find out and hack her way to designs to RE CREATE these two Mobile Suites, but BETTER! Mercuirus would be piloted by Azaka and Vayeat would be piloted by Kamidake or that Azaka would be Mercuirus and Vayeat be Kamidake. It just would make Azaka and Kamidake more bad ass, even if the "Tenchi Muyo Universe" did justice to their characters to revive their MORTAL forms of Jurai Royal Knights. Kamidake and Azaka are copies of the LIVING forms, so I could read Washu putting their personalities in Mobile Dolls of Mercuirus and Vayeat to be useful for what troubles Heero, Washu and group will face in "The Pirate's Soldier".

Keep up the good work and thanks for this wonderful story!
11/22/2016 c9 SephirothTrueHeartlessAngel
love this story...when's the next update?
9/19/2016 c9 LL
I liked this chapter thanks! Ayeka think Heero is a noble soldier... Should be interesting to see her reaction upon learning about his past and Ryoko to learn about him too and it look like Little Washuu is going to be the first to find out even through it isn't going be pretty and I bet she isn't going be happy to learn about the Zero system given that Heero did go insane for a bit from using it.

Heh wonder how she is going react to learning about the Mobile Suits and the Gundams even through I wouldn't be surprised if she want to get her hands on the material that the Gundams is make of for science.
9/19/2016 c9 JMK2
I can't wait for the reveal in the future and for when the girls find out Heero's past.
9/18/2016 c9 2Venas
It's really interesting to see the differences between your two Heeros. In one story he's like a fictional war god given flesh to those around and a guardian/avenging angel to those close to him. In this he's pretty much the underdog striving to protect those who are stronger than him in ways he can't really compete with right now. They are in almost polar opposite situations as well. One thrown into a completely new world while the other has people from different world's thrown at him! It's fun to think about where you are gonna take both of them and how different (yet the same) they actually are from one another.
And dang it I know I've stated I have about as much patience a kid but you are really pushing it nuuu~! Next two chapters are promised to be a blast by the looks of it. w
9/18/2016 c9 5Orchamus
About time, now comes the part I've REALLY been looking forward to, one of the ladies finding out even more about Heero's past, and possibly leaking it to some of the others. It'd be kinda awesome if there were video files of some of Heero's missions in his file and some of the girls walked in on Washu watching them.
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