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11/6/2022 c27 6GlaringEyes
A very nice, relationships development-centered chapter. Duo the Matchmaker is probably going to release the fireworks, now that all his Gundam buddies seem to have been hooked up.

For starters, Sasami is finally being more forward with Trowa. She demonstrated her feelings for him more times in this chapter than in any so far. The talk they had at her secret place was a very interesting one too, for it brought up a common trait between them; Sasami's self-identity doubts (is her personality her own or Tsunami's?) somehow reflect Trowa's past ones (since he adopted the original Trowa Barton's identity). His past experience will be important in order to support Sasami along her journey.

I'm curious though about how their relatioship will work in the future; Trowa clearly sees Sasami only as a child for now and we don't know how long it'll take for her to become an adult (she's been a child for centuries by now). Trowa doesn't have Juraian blood like Heero, so he may be an old man (or even dead) by the time Sasami becomes an adult. Unless, of course, somewhere in the future Tsunami makes Sasami go through a growth spur and Trowa may start seeing her under a different light.

And I knew it! Kiyone does have some interest in Wufei. It took a while to show up, but it finally happened. Knowing Wufei's action-seeking personality, he's more likely to accept Kiyone's offer to join the Galaxy Police than Heero. Kiyone has this 'tough action girl' look that seems to attract Wufei (just like Sally did in canon), so I think those two would get along.

I also like the depth of Quatre and Ayeka's talk. The parallels between Earth's old regime and the Jurai Empire, and the fact that Ayeka is thinking of future reforms shows how much her time at Earth has changed her. I just feel sorry for Quatre due to the enormous responsability Ayeka is asking of him. To think they're supposed to be taking a relaxation day and all of sudden she drops such a bomb on him...

His mention of Relena brings up an interesting future scenario; by the time the revelation of extraterrestrial life is made to Earth (and the plot shifts back to our world), Relena will probably make her appearance. And that's when Heero will have to introduce her to a very jealous and possessive Ryoko :) Hope you update it soon!
10/27/2022 c27 224Fox McCloude
Long waits for long chapters, but they never disappoint. The downside is that I'm busy with college and work lately, plus many stories I follow updated this week, so my read was slower than usual. Apologies for that.
But anyway, the chapter was great, and you never cease to amaze me on how much you put in a single chapter. Starting out with Heero and Ryoko training together, I think it's a good way to bring them closer, on top of helping each other draw more of their powers, which they'll definitely need in the near future. Of course, they're not the only ones who're getting closer, and while Quatre and Ayeka are still my favorite secondary couple in this story (loved their chat, it's their best one so far), it's nice to see some sparks flying between Trowa and Sasami, as well as Wufei and Kiyone. Those two could definitely use a relationship that brings out their better sides. I don't think Catherine will be disapproving of Sasami, barring potencial age-gap issues, but given Wufei's past story, he may be much harder to open up to Kiyone. Only time will tell.
Last but not least, I have to admit I'm a sucker for beach chapters, and this story was long overdue for one. Even if it came after a failed assassination attempt (a laughable one, granted), the cast sometimes needs to chill out and relax. A break before the conflict resumes will do wonders for them.
Now Mihoshi's family comes into the fold too. The next chapter is surely going to be interesting. Keep up the good work, and until next time.
10/25/2022 c27 twisterblake2015
Awesome man and glad to see this story going after so many year's but anyways take care brother and will continue to support this story to it's completion.
10/25/2022 c24 Axccel
Mobile suits are dramatically superior to fighters and if they rely on electromagnetic movement systems like servos, then they are not too much more expensive.

Their main advantages are their ability to rotate in place swiftly, especially in void combat, and their limbs’ ability to move independent of the body’s orientation like on a real person. This allows for extremely rapid alignment of shots to any direction and very high evasion capability. As well as their armor and ability to carry physical shields, booster packs, and mounted weaponry. Plus, they are just as viable in air, ground, sea, space, and even inside space colonies all without needing to buy significantly different war machines and therefore heavily alleviates the cost of production and logistics. Though specialized mobile suits exist, they are for this reason used as a sort of elite reserve rather than a primary force.
10/23/2022 c27 Guest
Great chapter can't wait till next
10/23/2022 c27 17Shinigami Miroku
I know what you mean by needing a vacation... working two jobs, streaming, and university keep me very busy. Wishing you the best, though, and hoping you'll get some time off soon.

It was definitely nice to see the crew get a moment's rest, especially at this junction since not only do they have to raid one more repository (which is about where I expect Tokimi to manifest herself and power up Kagato) but also have the final, climactic clash at the Array itself. Doubt they'll get a chance to rest between the two events beyond the few quiet moments they'd be able to get on the ship in lightspeed...

I wonder if Heero truly doesn't realize that Cathrine is Trowa's sister, though. I doubt Trowa knows for certain, but he definitely sees her as family nonetheless. I'm curious as to how you will write his relationship with Sasame, though; I think that, in one of the stories, she was asleep for a number of centuries, so she didn't even get to experience life and mature how one might expect from that much time.
10/23/2022 c27 13Beowolf 43
On the one hand Sasami and Trowa is cute, on the other His higness might enter papa wolf mode and send the royal guard after the Gundam pilot... Omake fuel aside, I have a very funny feeling that things arent going to go as smoothly here as in the canon, and we both know that 'smooth' was the last thing that comes to mind with that train wreck.

So popping the popcorn and the soda cans, this is gonna be good
10/23/2022 c27 Videoman8
I’m sensing an arranged marriage between Mihoshi and Heero from Mihoshi’s family. I was wondering when Mihoshi’s feelings for Heero were going to be addressed. She admitted her feelings to herself mentally although briefly back on earth.
7/16/2022 c26 6GlaringEyes
Two (big) bombs have just been dropped; Sasami's real identity and Heero's true role in the war. The latter was revealed only amongst a restricted group (Heero, Washu, Yosho, Azusa, Funaho and Mayumi), so it's still contained information. But the former is certainly still going to cause a stir, since almost everyone in the group knows by now. I'd like to see how Sasami is dealing with it from her POV. Maybe she trying to have a inner chat with her 'guest', and a heart to heart talk with Trowa about it (I find those two so cute together).

Interesting that the third repository is also a large zoo and botanical garden. I wonder what kind of internal defenses it'll have. I also find interesting the depth and level of detail in these meeting talks, ranging from war ethics to political scheming. Again, this is one of the traits I admire the most in your works. Hope you update it soon!
6/30/2022 c26 224Fox McCloude
Sorry for the lateness. I've been too busy to comment before as I was busy with schoolwork. I'll make this one quick since I'm at the cellphone right now.
Well, the revelation of Sasami being Tsunami came as well as it could be expected. My respects to Heero for standing up to the emperor like that, never losing his cool or being disrespectful, though I guess being family doesn't hurt in this case. I didn't expect they'd bring up a potential marriage with Ayeka this soon, though we know that won't come to pass. Hopefully the emperor will find Quatre a suitable son in law instead.
Last but not least, not surprised that Ryoko jumped the chance to be part of Heero's royal guard, it's a win-win for her as she won't be pursued by authorities anymore, and she stays close to the guy she loves.
It's gonna be a long wait for the next chapter for sure, but it'll always be worth it. Take care and keep up the good work.
6/30/2022 c26 Blaze1992
This will be fun, wonder what their reaction will be if Ryoko does something really heroic that requires a medal ceremony.
6/30/2022 c26 Guest
Will Mihoshi reveal her feelings to Heero? She admitted to herself that she loved him before they left earth.
6/28/2022 c26 twisterblake2015
Awesome and keep it up.
6/26/2022 c26 Guest
I've been reading this for I don't know how many years now yes years and honestly I can't figure which story I like better this one or your seed crossover.
My one gripe you take forever but the quality is there I will keep reading.
Till next update I'm still waiting.
6/26/2022 c26 13Beowolf 43
Im honestly becommimg of two minds with this story op. On the one hand the storytelling is solid the characters are fleshed out and seem very much compatible with their cannon selves but on the other hand you're not really straying so much on the established mold of tenshi muyo at least as much as I remember of it.

But the other mind like I said I'm honestly wondering what you'll do for heero's tree ship The ideas you probably come up for are definitely gonna be once to watch out for although I'd be lying if I said that i hope we see some other characters from the Tenshi muyo world. Maybe a couple of GXP cameos.
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