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6/26/2022 c26 wrightdylen21
Looks like the next chapter is going to be a cloke and dagger type of chapter also love the current chapter keep up the good work
6/26/2022 c26 Hiding In Plain
Thanks for the update
5/24/2022 c25 6GlaringEyes
Once again you're doing a wonderful work! I decided to read this together with Eyes of the Soul and, boy I wasn't disappointed! It took me quite a while to finish both, but they were worth every chapter.

I wasn't much familiar with Tenchi Muyo, but decided to look upon it after starting reading this fic. It was very interesting how you merged two very distinct universes; the serious and dark atmosphere of GW with the more light-hearted one of TM. And you were quite thorough when addressing the questions that such a merge would arise; for example, how would Heero and the others react when confronted with the idea that Earth is but a small speck in the great galaxy civilization? What would they think when they find out that the majority of the galaxy is ruled by what ammounts to be an absolutist (albeit mostly benevolent) monarchy in comparison to the democratic government of Earth?

I particularly like how detailed the scenes and dialogues are. You don't leave anything out; the character interactions and dialogues are very believable, just like one would expect in a real life talk. That seems to be a trend, for your other stories share the same trait (which is one I highly appreciate in your work).

There are just a few small details that I'm still wondering; what happened to Relena? So far, Ryoko and the girls don't seem to know about her, but how would they react if they learned that Relena was once Heero's 'girl'? And Wufei is going to be paired with Kiyone sometime? That small interaction they had on the way to the first repository left me with hopes. Hope you update it soon!
4/27/2022 c25 Blaze1992
While no one on both teams died it is a shame just how many people did just for that draw, also the enemy shows Heero that earth isn't safe.

Right now they were fine with just spying but how long will that content last before a bomb or bio-weapon is used on his world.
2/19/2022 c25 wrightdylen21
Well things are about to get dicy in the next chapter
2/19/2022 c25 twisterblake2015
2/19/2022 c25 224Fox McCloude
Long wait for a long chapter, but hell if it wasn't worth it! Really, it was hard to keep up with the action with all the fights going on at once. Guess I'll go to the points that stood out the most to me.

First off, I was wondering when Kagato and Ragyo were going to make the "you can join us" offer to Heero, though it was obvious he was gonna refuse. Still, credit to them for actually giving Earth some thought, realizing how the Earthlings have great potential instead of dismissing them as a backwater planet. Hopefully the Jurai Empire will take notice of that. On the Ryoko vs Nagi front, the latter seems to be realizing she'd gotten herself into a bigger mess than she thought. Wonder if she's gonna consider turning on him after she realizes she won't get to enjoy her paycheck if he succeeds with his plans. And drat!, not only Washu gets the memories copied again, but now she's gonna be in hot water with the Emperor for taking Sasami away. Last but not least, the lap pillow scene between Quatre and Ayeka was really adorable. How much longer before the princess falls for him?

Well, after so much heavy action, a reprieve is well-earned. Will be looking forward for the next chapter, keep up the good work as always.
2/19/2022 c25 13Beowolf 43
Check list for the next chapter. Popcorn. Soda. Blooper real filming camera. And an attempt to use Heero's under used pretty boy powers of persuasion to calm the raging mama bear about to explode.( last two were jokes but still, gonna be a hilarious cluster next time _)
2/19/2022 c25 Guest
Not complaining great chapter and I really did want to get a follow up on the orbital conflict.

That being said I thought we were getting a destiny calls chapter.

Oh well hopefully you won't take forever to get that one out.

Great chapter, can't wait till the next installment.
That being said it looks like the fecal matter is about to hit the ventilator unit.
Or the s**** about that the fan
2/19/2022 c25 17Shinigami Miroku
Of all the outcomes, this is probably the one I expected the most but hoped for the least. I'd feared we hadn't seen the last of that damnable brainjack device, and tagging her with it at that exact moment was the best way for Kagato to regain the advantage. On top of that, there's no way Washu isn't going to face some severe repercussions; if the Emperor rescinds military support on the next leg of the race, it will be all but impossible for Heero and the gang to keep up with Kagato, Lighr-Hawk Wings or no. Speaking of which, it's definitely nice to see Heero continuing to improve like he is while still paying the price for his gambles... At some point he's going to need a solid plan for taking on Ragyo and, eventually, Kagato, if he's going to defeat them instead of relying on gambits.

Also loving the slow-burn romance between Ayeka and Quatre. They're a really cute couple and already care quite a bit for each other, and seeing how it progresses will be interesting to see.
2/19/2022 c25 Darkknight1227
Is there going to be any gundams at all? That’s where the boys truly shine.
12/14/2021 c23 Axccel
I think Washu doesn’t understand loyalty to one’s home and people because she has no home or people. Even in the show she doesn’t seem to have such an understanding. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is one thing, but abandoning one’s people to put yourself in a position where you must put the interests of a foreign, literally alien, civilization before your own is something else and I’m not sure you realized that’s what Washu is pushing Heero towards.

Don’t forget about the Leo IVs. Mars probably still has a lot of them. Come to think of it, Washu could probably make a Tallgeese IV and likely improve its controls and inertia absorption so it could be used as a general issue mobile suit.

All the Gundam pilots, heck all the soldiers, have earned a lot.

Virgo II and Mercurius did have complete coverage planetary defensors and could focus them to block extra powerful attacks and could deploy them as weapon drones that used their energy connections to cut through enemies if I remember correctly. And the defensors could handle extremely powerful attacks. Though using the right weapon could pierce. Not sure why lasers penetrated since they blocked particle beams and therefore would be using electromagnetic fields. I guess the writers didn’t know magnetic fields are made of photons.
10/29/2021 c24 wrightdylen21
Brovo man brovo
10/26/2021 c24 twisterblake2015
10/23/2021 c24 224Fox McCloude
Couldn't read the whole chapter in one go, so I had to split it in three days. Still, after the previous one, I knew the real deal would be awesome to read, and a few surprises here and there.

Gotta admit, it's a nice touch to make Heero's Master Key that way (yeah, I immediately thought of Count Dooku when I read the description), makes it more unique. And the three Goddesses get their overdue reunion. Boy, sisters' spats are always terrifying, it's even more to think how much they can be when said sisters are cosmic beings whose power escapes our understanding. And Heero and everyone else got caught in the middle. Given how I recall that in canon Nagi at the last minute ended up helping the heroes, I can't help but wonder if her evident attraction for Heero will prompt her to betray Kagato at some point. If only because she doesn't want to lose her prize.

As usual, great chapter. And much as I enjoy space battles, I can't wait for the ground one, since it's just as exciting to see the characters duking it out without ships, mobile suits or what gives. Keep up the good work!
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