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1/13/2021 c20 Blaze1992
Ah noble politics as hard as it is too believe yes there is a worse version of politics and that is it.
1/12/2021 c20 17Shinigami Miroku
Another great chapter! I was really curious about the whole Light Hawk Wing bit, since while my memories of the original show are sketchy at best, I did recall that they were supposed to be linked to the Royal Trees somehow, which obviously Heero had never linked to. I'm glad that there's some down time here, which everyone needs, and I hope that this furlough on the planet will provide Heero with some more inner peace and stability.

There were a couple of places where a name was misspelled (so far Masaki has two and Kamidake has one) but those are just minor nitpicks that stand out simply because of how good of a writer you are.
1/12/2021 c19 Tedditron
Dude, this was so amazing; I missed the update about this one. About to go read 20. personal Headcannon I have now is Heero's 'wings' looking like Wing Zeroes.
1/12/2021 c20 216Fox McCloude
Happy 2021! Sorry your year hasn't begun that well. I for one have mine good so far, but you're right, the virus is still out there and we can't let our guards down.

So, a long wait as usual, but always worth it. I've been rewatching some of the old Tenchi Muyo series to refresh my memory on some details. Tsunami and Sasami, that i could see it coming from lightyears away, but I was kinda fearing the crew was going to be hunted down and chased by the Juraian Empire and the Galaxy Police thanks to Kagato's influence. Glad it wasn't the case and they could reach there before things got too complicated. Oh, a matchmaker granny, that's gonna be good here, I don't wanna miss it XD

Not much else to say, but it was a pretty good chapter overall. Heero seems to be taking meeting his Juraian family quite well, so let's hope it continues just as smoothly. Keep up the good work!
11/3/2020 c19 Guest
Nobody Stlyes here.
Hey look i know you probably just want to stick to tye main tenchi stuff. Yet I can't help feel it be incomplete without elements of gxp and the origin dual parallel trouble adventures in the mix. I mean who's to say the giant robot zinv aka jinbu was used as a base for the gundams. Also if you do have heero meet all his juraian family then the family that are in gxp should show up. Not to mention the ladies, now they don't have to fall for heero, cameos would work. Anyway I'm ready for here comes jurai gundam style.
Nobody Stlyes out.
10/13/2020 c3 1Xynth
It's weird being an adult and reading this because all I could think during this chapter was, "You had them spend over 2 hours at a mall and then go to a faire for the afternoon with groceries in the car...everything frozen would have completely thawed and any dairy likely would have spoiled if it was warm out." My wallet cries for all of the wasted food in this chapter.
9/30/2020 c19 R reyes
Nice dude i was on the edge of my seat also when the girls will know what kind of battles heero and the other fought in the gundams they know of the rebelion and ryoko and ayeka saw the tallgeese III so when will they tell them
9/26/2020 c19 Blaze1992
Aww no counter attack scene/soundtrack.
9/20/2020 c19 5Orchamus
Truly excellent battle chapter. All the individual fights were spot on for pacing and the characters involved, and the secrets lurking about are making things even better. Glad I finally got caught up on this.
9/8/2020 c19 12chidoriprime
The next chapter is heading for Jurai? Already? Okay, that is a pleasant surprise, since I had been assuming the crew would go after the repositories first. Welp, time for Heero to be on the receiving end of all the antics his Juarian relatives get up to. Heero, you'd better brace yourself for a certain Devil Princess ;)

Heero: What's that supposed to mean?

Ayeka: Oh dear o_0

Ryoko: 0_0 ... What the hell? Was that a chill down my spin?
9/8/2020 c19 Guest
There’s Metal Gear vibes in this chapter!
9/7/2020 c19 Shikyo no Kyoufu
He did the thing! Now he only needs to pull off some Wing Zero EW bullshit and it will be complete.
9/7/2020 c19 twisterblake2015
9/7/2020 c19 17Shinigami Miroku
Getting another excellent chapter for this story is always worth the wait. I'm always impressed by your action scenes; your descriptiveness never hinders the flow of the story. The only things I noticed are a couple of typos, including the first time you explicitly name the Light Hawk Wings (the 'k' is missing).

Funnily enough, I had actually forgotten completely about the LHW, but the moment you described it appearing I remembered.
9/7/2020 c19 216Fox McCloude
Man, this chapter was full of Star Wars vibes all over. A plus for me, of course.

For a moment I almost imagined Heero as a human Wing Zero. It'll be great to see him when he gets both wings after he gets to control his Juraian powers.

Keep up the good work as usual!
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