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for The Pirate's Soldier

2/25/2020 c18 17Shinigami Miroku
Another great chapter! I can see the work you put into designing the bases and how the group would have to put in to get to their goal. Kinda figured Nagato would catch up with then, since you were basically foreshadowing it (especially with the Star Wars references). Which makes me think you'll subvert it in some way, although I can't imagine the group getting out completely unscathed...
2/24/2020 c16 Axccel
It's amusing (in a good way) how the gang has grown to refer to Earth as though it is their world, too. Shows how attached they're becoming.
2/24/2020 c18 Axccel
Earth is going to need to rebuild its military strength and the Gundams soon. Relying on wishful thinking and optimism that they won't eventually be attacked would be insane. Especially with such marvelous targets as royalty on their world. In fact, the debt the royals would owe Earth would itself also be a danger as it means attack Earth would be an easy way to distract that family's nation.
2/23/2020 c18 216Fox McCloude
Wow, this chapter was action-packed all the way, and I loved that. Yet I feel we're about to hit the absolute best part. This story gets more and more exciting, and despite the long waits for the chapters, in the end they're always worth it.

Lucky for me I still check on my favorites every once in a while, otherwise I'd have missed this update. Keep up the good work!

P.S: Might as well check your Bleach/Naruto crossover when I have some free time.
2/23/2020 c18 twisterblake2015
Awesome and it's been long time and glad your back friend.
2/23/2020 c18 12chidoriprime
... oh Lord, this is like running into the final boss early in a game, and you can't even hurt him T_T
2/22/2020 c18 Raventus Dracoria
Fun chapter, on a sidenote are we ever lying to any other mobile suits again? I do know in the gxp series that there was that one mech discovered close to the very end,.so that can be used as a basis to give the gundam crew new machines as it is one of the forms of combat they can show their full potential at.
8/29/2019 c1 7Te Ne'tra Mand'alor
LOL Heero is gonna need to stock up on aspirin.
7/6/2019 c17 17Shinigami Miroku
I'm so sorry that it took me so long to read this; my life has been rather hectic as of late... Anyway, I'm glad to see that things are progressing well. Knowing what I know of the Tenchi Muyo material, it's not surprising that you would bring the Light Hawk Wings into play (and given the sort of mythos that this universe builds off of, it makes logical sense). I learned something new, thoughthe name of the third "Goddess". In all my time involved with the Tenchiverse, that was one of the few things I didn't know.

I really enjoyed the small interactions between the Pilots and the girls. Duo is as lucky as ever, though Hilde is still good at reining him in. My favorite conversation was between Kiyone and Wu Fei. She's right about the Pilots having a knack for getting others to question their strongest beliefs. Personally, I have no doubt the Galaxy Police will do their best to obtain the weapon or at least interfere; I could easily see them in Kagato's pocket.
7/6/2019 c17 Blaze1992
Aww I was hoping she was making man sized version's of the guy's Gundam suits and their unique weapons.

Also I have a feeling that talk with the big guy will not go the way the heroes want.
6/13/2019 c17 29jetslinger333
It’s an interesting story that reminds me of Gundam 00 trailblazer.
6/3/2019 c17 216Fox McCloude
Those armors are essentially compact versions of the Mobile Suits, aren't they? Hey, size doesn't always matter, and the smaller the package, the better the stuff anyway.

Wow, the Gundam pilots are in for the adventure of their lifetime. Sure things are going to be more interesting with them along with the alien girls. And they seem to be getting closer too. Probably a good thing, somebody needs to take a bit of the load off Heero, right?

P.S: Could have sworn I had already reviewed this chapter XD
5/29/2019 c17 3coldblue2015
Love the work and lore your building.

Obviously, besides "Halo" Armor being put in, Heero Yuy is going to be working on his Jurian/Alien DNA to bring out his power more than Tenchi Muyo could.

Still, I just want to float a story idea to you.

Have you consider this crossover-

"Vandread"/"Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans"

Something about that seems right.

Maybe more men of just Hibiki, Duelo McFile, and Bart Garsus.

We get the Iron Blood Orphan crew, preferable Tekkadan!

They're some running them you can still use from "Mobile Suit: Iron Blooded-Orphans"

1. Tekkadan crew are children/teenagers that are consider to be derby/soldiers and Third Class citizens by Taraak.
2. Alaya-Vijnana System is applied and deadly surgery, but the latest that Taraak medical/military surgery.
3. Barbartos, is the secret prototype weapon in a Mobile Suit that Taraak plans to mass produce Mejeiru/Planet of the Women.

Maybe this isn't clear or I'm mixing ideas together too much.

I sort of like the idea of stories mixing.

We have a crew with more men and they are children, but I hope that it rather interesting how TWO Genders meeting, but both come from different worlds.

I kind of hope the Pexis and if Mikasuki Argus does fuse with some Dreads, then it makes various different forms of Barbatos that fit and follow "Mobile Suit: Iron Blooded Orphans".

Maybe even the Dreads fuse with different Mobile Suits/Gundams.

It just a idea that I've been thinking about, but I don't think it follows your theme.

There is a Genius that Main Character with Dark/Tragic past, but get another chance.

Mikasa Argus and the Tekkedan crew deserve a BETTER ending, then the one they got in their own Gundam Series.

Though in that Gundam Series, I didn't expect a lot of character death, which shows a lot of maturity and darkness to the idea of Child Soldiers and violence of War having grim result of Death. Even if they are the main characters.

They died, but they were fighting for a dream of Mars and for themselves to belong and be something more than just who they are. Search. Surviving. Trying to find that place they call home with each other.

Anyway, thanks for the update and respond when you can.
5/29/2019 c11 1eecobeo
I was so hoping here will get a peaceful space Colony life
5/29/2019 c17 12chidoriprime
What?! No Lady Seto? How could you forget the Devil Princess of Jurai, haha?
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