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1/25 c9 Makimass
why bother going to class if orion's going to be usless? orion never really helps sarah and is a hot-headed idiot, it's like he doesn't know occlumency to control his emotions..
12/17/2021 c15 OmegaUltima
Dang it, of course it ends there...
11/14/2021 c15 Spellflame
… better odds then nagini
10/21/2020 c15 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
7/4/2020 c4 frisbeeg70
So, I've just traveled dimension and given you all the information needed to kill Voildemort. Obviously, the next step is I need to go to school! Forget about destroying horcruxes or that I am actually seven years older. It's off to school we go!
7/3/2020 c9 jon reeve

/This is the primary reason I'm still reading this fic. This line just set off my funny-o-meter when I read it in the earlier chapter.
6/19/2020 c15 3Spidey-phd
Good use of Skeeter
9/9/2018 c15 PasiveNox
Hehehehehehehehehee great
9/8/2018 c11 PasiveNox
Hmmmm yeah great
9/8/2018 c10 PasiveNox
Hmmmmmyes yes great
9/8/2018 c9 PasiveNox
Yeah great job
9/8/2018 c8 PasiveNox
Hehehehehehehe yeah great
9/8/2018 c7 PasiveNox
Well great
9/8/2018 c6 PasiveNox
Yeah great
9/8/2018 c5 PasiveNox
Hehehehehehehe yes yes give me more it's great
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