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for A Little Tied Up

5/23 c12 Liz
Don't think I'll listen to that song the same way again...
5/23 c9 Liz
Standard issue spy diapers... That's hysterical!
5/23 c5 Liz
Laughed most at poor Preston. We've all been there, mate.
5/23 c2 Liz
This was a hoot! Obviously there's more, so onward I go.
1/18 c13 2zachgoodet
3/14/2017 c13 Ineedaname
Yay! A update!
3/14/2017 c13 18aruvqan
Love that song ) And it is hard to beat Planet Caravan for a romantic encounter under the stars ) had an ex that had a small planetarium sort of projector that he would use as a nightlight, it just filled her room with stars )
2/24/2017 c12 Kelly
Awww how cute
2/24/2017 c11 Kelly
So does Zach have to change the colour of his car?
Great writing
2/22/2017 c12 Claudette miller
That was cute, and funny,
2/22/2017 c12 aruvqan
ROFLMAO what a mental image )
2/22/2017 c12 2zachgoodet
yay thanks. can you like a really cute zammie Clifford? unless ur not into that cause I know some people aren't
2/22/2017 c11 zachgoodet
that just made me laugh... and now my brothers are looking at me strangely...great
2/22/2017 c11 18aruvqan
LOL so does he have to paint his car pink ) Enquiring minds want to know ...
2/22/2017 c11 Claudette miller
Funny and kute,,
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